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Write-Offs: 09.29.06

$$$Gay Banker crunches numbers. [Things I Can’t Tell Boyfriend Number 1]
$$$Married Wall Street’r seeks similarly attached for a relationship “without BS.” [Craigslist]
$$$Trump on drugs . [The Trump Blog]

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  • 29 Sep 2006 at 4:21 PM
  • Amaranth

No Citigroup Bailout for Amaranth

amaranthHQ.jpgCNBC is reporting that talks between Citigroup and Amaranth have fallen apart. It had been reported that Citigroup was considering a large stake in the fund. The collapse of these negotiations—and the possibility that they collapsed because Amaranth is in even worse condition than its managers have let on—is likely to prompt even more redemption notices from investors.
Amaranth continues to claim that it plans to stay in business but many employees are reportedly not even showing up to work. One friend of ours at a prominent Wall Street firm tells us he’s already had two Amaranth resumes cross his desk.

Daniella Cicarelli Video

A couple of our readers complained that they were being deprived of the Merrill banker getty down and dirty on the beach with Daniella Cicarelli video because their firm blocks the website hosting it. So we’re embedding it right here for even easier access. We apologize in advance for the terrible soundtrack.
One thing we noticed on our second viewing is that Daniella seems to be wearing the same bathing suit bottom in the video as she is in the picture we linked to below. Shouldn’t her investment banker boyfriend spring for a second suit?

The Pirate Capital Investment Letter

Pistol Pirate Bust.jpgNot surpisingly, Thomas Hudson doesn’t mention a word about the SEC investigation that many reports indicate prompted this weeks mass resignations at Pirate Capital. Instead, he makes it sound like it was a decision he made to bring the fund back to its “roots.”
Click here to download a pdf of the whole letter Hudson sent to Pirate Capital investors.
And thanks to the folks at for hooking us up with the letter.

  • 29 Sep 2006 at 3:05 PM
  • sex

Daniella Cicarelli (Hearts) Merrill Banker

We deplore this kind of privacy invasion. What is happening to the world when a super hot brazillian MTV personality cannot have sex with her boyfriend on a public beach in privacy?

The hottest topic on many Brazilian voters’ minds isn’t this weekend’s presidential election. It’s the video of a Merrill Lynch & Co. banker having a sexual encounter on a Spanish beach with an ex-girlfriend of Brazilian soccer star Ronaldo.
The video showing MTV host The hottest topic on many Brazilian voters’ minds isn’t this weekend’s presidential election. It’s the video of a Merrill Lynch & Co. banker having a sexual encounter on a Spanish beach with an ex-girlfriend of Brazilian soccer star Ronaldo.
The video showing MTV host Daniella Cicarelli, 27, a triathlete and model, with Renato Malzoni Filho, 33, a private banker at Merrill in Sao Paulo, has crashed computers on trading floors in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The topic dominates office and party chat more than the future of President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who is forecast to win a new term, said Brazilian gossip columnist Ricardo Boechat.
“This has become a sensation, and it’s much more exciting than the election,” Boechat said. “In Brazil, people find it hard to resist anything with a rich, handsome young man and a gorgeous young woman.”
The video, shot by a paparazzo, appears in many versions, including some with soundtracks or subtitles. It begins with the couple kissing on a beach in the resort town of Tarifa on Spain’s southern coast, then slowly moving away from sunbathers and surfers toward a more secluded spot. There the couple — he in a green, tight Speedo-style swimming brief and she in a string bikini — stand by the water’s edge and engage in a range of sexual acts as they enter the ocean.

Just kidding. Here’s a link to the video.
Sex Video of Merrill Banker, MTV Host Eclipses Brazil Election

H-P: Passing the Buck All The Way Around

DealBook this afternoon provides a good guide to who blamed whom for the excesses of Hewlett-Packard’s leak investigation. You get a good picture of why lawmakers seemed so frustrated yesterday by just comparing what Pattie Dunn said to what the executives at the company are saying.

Patricia Dunn
Position: Chairwoman
Still at the firm? No
What she says: Said she did not supervise the investigation and that, until six months ago, she believed that private phone records could be obtained legally by simply calling the phone company and asking for them. Suggested that she relied on Hewlett-Packard chief financial officer Bob Wayman for his “recommendations as to how the security issues at the board level […] could best be handled.” (See Bob Wayman, below.)

Bob Wayman

Position: Chief financial officer
Still with the firm? Yes
What he says: An H.P. spokesman told Reuters that “to the best of our knowledge, Bob Wayman had no involvement whatsoever in this leak investigation.”

He Said, She Said, and They Won’t Say

Voodoo Economics

voodoopc.jpgOpening Bell this morning mentioned that Hewlett-Packard somehow managed to get a deal done amidst all the leak investigation hoopla. In case you missed it, they bought the luxury gaming pc company Voodoo. This morning, Voodoo’s founder put up an item on his blog describing how the deal got done.
Project Vampire is about to Fly… [Rahul Sood’s Blog]

Hewlett-Packard: The Day After

patriciadunn2.jpgIf yesterday’s non-stop DealBreaker coverage of the Hewlett-Packard hearings didn’t quite satisfy your needs, you can hop on over to C-Span’s web presence for these two videos. Here’s the first clip. And here’s the second.