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Partnership Day: Goldman Sachs Names 115 Partners

Today is the day. Goldman Sachs named 115 partnership managing directors, according to an internal memo obtained by Reuters and DealBook. (Hey, send us a copy!)
Partnership managing directors, or PMDs, get an increased base salary, the opportunity to invest in Goldman deals, a discount on Goldman stock purchases and a share in the partner compensation pool, among other perks. These latest PMDs join the firm’s existing 287 partners.
Last year, the group received more than $2 billion in bonuses, about 20 percent of total compensation paid to some 25,000 employees. That works out to nearly $7 million per PMD on average.
And based on the $36 billion in revenue analysts expect Goldman to generate this year, the expanded pool of PMDs could receive nearly $9 million each.
There’s really no equivalent to anything else like a Goldman partnership in the modern business world. It’s almost archaic in the vast elevation of wealth and status it can bring to those who receive it. Some have compared it to the equivalent of getting “made” by the mafia. But that seriously underestimates what it means to be a Goldman partner. It’s more like being knighted on the battlefield by King Arthur, only this time the battlefield is the global financial market and the Holy Grail is, well, money.
After the jump, read the names of the 115.
[Bonus: If you know what any of these folks do at Goldman, send us an email or leave a note in the comments. It should be interesting to find out which groups at Goldman did well in terms of partnerships.]

Goldman names 115 partner managing directors

New Goldman Partners

Mark E. Agne
Gregory A. Agran
David M. Atkinson
Elizabeth E. Beshel
Mark R. Beveridge
Leslie A. Biddle
Jan Boomaars
Jason M. Brown
Melissa R. Brown
Steven M. Bunson
Nicholas F. Burgin
Mary D. Byron
Jin Yong Cai
Valentino D. Carlotti
Lik Shuen David Chan
R. Martin Chavez
James B. Clark
Peter H. Comisar
William J. Conley Jr.
Colin J. Corgan
Jean A. De Pourtales
Giorgio De Santis
Katinka I. Domotorffy
Donald J. Duet
Jason H. Ekaireb
Peter C. Enns
James P. Esposito
Carl Faker
Douglas L. Feagin
Luca D. Ferrari
Mark B. Florian
Timothy B. Flynn
Elisabeth Fontenelli
Silverio Foresi
Colleen A. Foster
Orit P. Freedman
Matthew T. Fremont-Smith
James R. Garman
Kevin S. Gasvoda
Joseph H. Gleberman
Lorenzo Grabau
Michael J. Graziano
Kenneth L. Hirsch
Simon N. Holden
Alastair J. Hunt
Zubin P. Irani
Andrew J. Jonas
Andrew J. Kaiser
Richard A. Kimball Jr.
Koji Kotaka
J. Douglas Kramer
Jonathan A. Langer
Gregory D. Lee
Ronald Lee
Tim Leissner
Todd W. Leland
Allan S. Levine
Brian T. Levine
George C. Liberopoulos
Peter J. Lyon
Paula B. Madoff
Puneet Malhi
Simon I. Mansfield
Allan S. Marson
James A. McNamara
Bernard A. Mensah
Julian R. Metherell
Michael J. Millette
Timothy H. Moe
Thomas C. Morrow
Ken N. Murphy
Arjun N. Murti
Kenichi Nagasu
Gavin G. O’Connor
Peter C. Oppenheimer
Robert W. Pack
Konstantinos N. Pantazopoulos
Sheila H. Patel
Kenneth A. Pontarell
Dioscoro-Roy I. Ramos
Krishna S. Rao
Buckley T. Ratchford
Sara E. Recktenwald
Gene Reilly
David M. Ryan
Ankur A. Sahu
Guy E. Saidenberg
Susan J. Scher
Clare R. Scherrer
John A. Sebastian
Peter D. Selman
David A. Shiffman
Kunihiko Shiohara
Theodore T. Sotir
Christoph W. Stanger
Laurence Stein
Chase O. Stevenson
Morgan C. Sze
Thomas D. Teles
Daisuke Toki
Peter K. Tomozawa
Lucas van Praag
Robin A. Vince
Alejandro Vollbrechthausen
Casper W. Von Koskull
Theodore T. Wang
Alan S. Waxman
Nicholas H. Weber
Martin M. Werner
Andrew F. Wilson
Samuel J. Wisnia
Andrew E. Wolff
Neil J. Wright
Shinichi Yokote
Sanaz Zaimi

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31 Responses to “Partnership Day: Goldman Sachs Names 115 Partners”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I know Richard A. Kimball Jr. His father’s a doctor who was framed for killing his wife. He became a fugitive from the law before proving himself innocent.
    (Actuality his father is a money manager, but his father-in-law is the Chairman of Blackstone! Good ol’ Peter Peterson!)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Susan J. Scher – better known as Susie, is in Capital Markets.
    Peter Comisar – investment banking.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Cai from the HK office is a jerk but does have good family background which comes in very handy for a firm like GS in cracking China deals.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Tim Flynn is co-head of leveraged finance in London. Simon Mansfield is head of European distressed debt trading. Lucas van Praag is global head of PR. (must be the best paid PR in the world!!)

  5. Anonymous is synonymous with COMPLETE PUSSY

  6. Anonymous says:

    – Simon Holden is a banker in the telecom, media and tech group in London.
    – Luca Ferrari is an M&A banker covering northern europe
    – Lorenzo Grabau is an M&A banker covering the financial sponsors in Europe
    – Morgan Sze is part of GSPS team in London (goldman’s hedge fund)
    – Carl Faker is in the hedge fund and central bank sales team in London

  7. Anonymous says:

    Ron Lee is head of financial sponsors in Asia.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Marty Chavez-Strategies (quant)
    Sam Wisnia- same thing
    Kevin Gasvoda – subprime/alt-a and conduit mortgage trading.

  9. n says:

    Jean de pourtales, JAmes Garman and Jonathan Langer are from the principal real estate investments side
    Zubin Irani is head of real estate lending in Europe
    David Atkinson is a financial services analyst in Japan

  10. s says:

    Jean de pourtales, JAmes Garman and Jonathan Langer are from the principal real estate investments side
    Zubin Irani is head of real estate lending in Europe
    David Atkinson is a financial services analyst in Japan

  11. p says:

    Mark Beveridge is the head of international equity investments for GSAM. Hired 2005 from Franklin Templeton.

  12. p says:

    Silverio Foresi – Fixed Income Quant – GSAM New York
    Andrew Kaiser – Head of the newly formed Goldman Sachs Private Bank. Ex FIB Banker.
    Ted Sotir – COO GSAM Europe
    Arjun Murti – Oil & Gas Analyst
    Doug Kramer – GSAM Manager Selection
    Name: Val Carlotti – Global Head of Human Capital Management for the Equities Division

  13. Anonymous says:

    On the subject of bonus pools ….. word on the street is that CSFB have been hit by a huge loss (have heard #s as high as 900m) in derivatives that’s going to take a huge chunk out of bonuses!

  14. J Dubs says:

    Anon, are you referring to the Korean derivatives hit, which was only reported at $120mm, or did something else happen?

  15. Anonymous says:

    William Conley – Global Securities Services, New York – Securities Lending

  16. Anonymous says:

    Sheila Patel – equity derivative sales

  17. anon says:

    Nicholas F. Burgin – FX Options London
    Mary D. Byron – Technology NYC
    Jason H. Ekaireb – Credit Derivatives London
    Bernard A. Mensah – European Special Situations Group – London
    Robert W. Pack – Swaps Trading London
    Konstantinos N. Pantazopoulos – Swaps Trading London
    Krishna S. Rao – FX London
    Guy E. Saidenberg – IRP Trading London
    Peter K. Tomozawa – FX Sales London
    Robin A. Vince – Money Markets NYC
    Sanaz Zaimi – FI Sales London
    Samuel J. Wisnia – Strategist (IRP) London

  18. Anonymous says:

    the posting above is not entirely accurate. Please double check….

  19. anon says:

    Andrew E. Wolff runs Principal Investments for Goldman in Asia.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Casper von Koskull, Chief of Goldman Sachs Nordic Operations

  21. Me says:

    Casper von Koskull, Chief of Goldman Sachs Nordic Operations

  22. anon says:

    Tomozawa is in New York

  23. anonymous says:

    Jonathan Langer is a Whitehall guy (RE opportunity fund)

  24. Anonymous says:

    Mary Byron – technology
    Bernie Mensah – credit trading
    Guy Saidenberg – exotics
    Mark Agne – equities
    Daisuke Toki – GSAM
    Shinichi Yokote – FICC
    Gene Reilly – prog trading
    Tom Morrow – equities
    Jason Brown – ASSG
    David Chan – FX
    Allan Marson – commodities
    Matt Fremont Smith – OF&S

  25. AG says:

    Dioscoro-Roy I. Ramos is a research analyst in hong kong

  26. Anonymous says:

    Ted Wang-UT McCombs MBA ’96, U.S. shares, convertibles and single stock options trading

  27. Anonymous says:

    Ted Wang-UT McCombs MBA ’96, U.S. shares, convertibles and single stock options trading

  28. Anonymous says:

    Colin Corgan – Interest rate products trading

  29. Anonymous says:

    Bess Levin – Partner Rotation Program

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