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Dow over 13,000

The Dow is hovering over 13,000 again this afternoon, after slipping into 13,000 territory just for a minute (just to see how it feels) this morning. If the Dow closes over 13,000, it will be just 188 days since the Dow first closed over 12,000, on October 19 of last year. The Dow would rise 1,000 points every 7 months or so in the boom days of the mid-90s, although this represented a much greater % increase in the expansion of the market. Before the 2,726 day gap between the Dow rising from 11,000 to 12,000, the Dow was rising 1,000 points in just 219 days on average (since it hit 4,000).
Here’s a closer look at when the Dow first closed above each thousand, since it hit 4,000 in 1995:
Feb 23, 1995: Dow closes above 4,000
Nov 21, 1995: Dow closes above 5,000
Oct 14, 1996: Dow closes above 6,000
Feb 13, 1997: Dow closes above 7,000
Jul 16, 1997: Dow closes above 8,000
Apr 6, 1998: Dow closes above 9,000
Mar 29, 1999: Dow closes above 10,000
May 3, 1999: Dow closes above 11,000
Oct 19, 2006: Dow closes above 12,000
Any predictions on when the Dow will close over 14,000?
Dow Reaches 13000 on Profits, Alcoa – [WSJ]
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3 Responses to “Dow over 13,000”

  1. Texas Energy says:

    Can we have recent comments back?
    Also, inflation concerns anyone?

  2. C says:

    I’m no math genius like the rest of you super-smart HF traders out there, but please note that the PERCENTAGE move is now a lot less with each new 1,000-point move in the DJIA …. as in from 12,000 to 13,000 +8.34%; 11,000 to 12,000 +9.1%; 10,000 to 11,000 +10% etc etc
    thus the 1995 4,000 to 5,000 move (+25%) was of far greater significance so it’s probably NOT safe to say “This may be a sign that the market is back to its mid-90s expansion days”
    even though I am bullish and think we go higher, 13,000 is just a number, OK?? the only people who seem to care are the press!

  3. RTH says:

    C – Great point. Its a shame the media and politicians don’t understand the concept of percentages. If the Dow grows by 8.03% for the rest of the year, it will finish at 14m. Its already grown a little more than that since 10/19/06, the first day it closed above 12m.