Energy trader’s version of pump and dump?

fire.jpg A reader tipped us off to the following energy market shake up this afternoon regarding oil prices. US crude prices shot up 40 cents when a Tulsa, Oklahoma television station reported on its website that a regional refinery was on fire from a lightning strike. The only problem – there was no fire, save for the pants of the KOTV webmaster (Brain Hunter, as part of Solengo’s new macro event-driven strategy).
Web site error rocks global oil markets [Reuters]

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2 Responses to “Energy trader’s version of pump and dump?”

  1. pete says:

    I thought we were witnessing the beginning of a great relationship between dealbreaker and Solengo. Sadly, we’ve seen no solengo news in weeks.

  2. Jason says:

    The funny thing is a refinery fire should lower oil prices and raise the price of the refined product, presumably gasoline. If a refinery can’t run there is less demand for the input. And they make millions with this expert analysis…