ABN Amro, Barclays, Jews (or lack thereof)

Barclays Eagle On Endangered Species List

barclayseagle.gifIntent on making its bid for ABN Amro a success, Barclays is claiming to be seriously considering dropping its eagle logo, over concerns by ABN Amro that the large bird of prey may remind clients of the Nazi regime. The insignia, dating back 300 years, has been redesigned several times, to what some people believe now resembles the German eagle holding a swastika used as a symbol by the Nazis, two people close to both banks (Senior Anti-Anti-Semitism/Swag Correspondents) told the Times. The British bank would apparently switch to ABN Amro’s green and yellow shield, when/if the attempted acquisition is successful. (If it’s not, Heil Hitler, and viva that eagle).
Barclays May Drop Symbol [New York Times]

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3 Responses to “Barclays Eagle On Endangered Species List”

  1. great post says:

    good show bess
    ironically barclays has been doing business in europe for hundreds of years and have not had this problem since that fall of national socialism. really doing all they can to win this deal (aside from paying up)

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