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Caption Contest: Bridge Collapses Are Hilarious

You know the drill. Submit your ideas for better ad copy or a caption for this glorious piece of bridge disaster humor from State Street. Entries using the word “conduit” will get extra credit.
Could we maybe now ease up on the bridge disaster humor? [Copyranter]

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9 Responses to “Caption Contest: Bridge Collapses Are Hilarious”

  1. MS says:

    Spiders: like gap insurance for your car (your life and your portfolio).

  2. David Merkel says:

    You can’t get from here to there, but maybe a conduit from State Street could help. Just ask our Limited Duration Bond Fund managers for details.

  3. get a clue says:

    – “Is this your bank’s idea of a bridge loan?”
    – “Reconsidering your MBS exposure? Overcome your fear of SPDRs.”
    Or (my fave):
    – “At Sentinel, you know where your money is.”

  4. KA says:

    State Street: We’ll drive your bond portfolio off a bridge.

  5. JT says:

    We’ll bridge the gap in your portfolio…and by build a bridge we mean one like the Tacoma Narrows Bridge
    (and if you dont’ know what that is google it, makes more sense then)

  6. Barry Zuckercorn says:

    This is actually a convoluted ad for the sale of John Devaney’s flying car, “Soft Landing”

  7. Looooser says:

    (Animation of spiders weaving a donut)

  8. Calgary Schmooze says:

    Search for sHzdsFiBbFc on youtube…

  9. Can we still submit this weekend? If yes then we can also invite some to submit and join. We are waiting for this kind of opportunity.