Douchebag Defined: The Flowchart

flowchart.jpgIf someone needs to explain to you why this is appropriate for DealBreaker, you probably shouldn’t be reading this at all. (Via Gawker)

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18 Responses to “Douchebag Defined: The Flowchart”

  1. Anonymous says:

    My computer cannot handle the intensity of that website. What am I missing? Agh more frustrating than the financial Armageddon we’re in now and senior lenders too scared to throw around capital.

  2. chad says:

    this site is way to intense for my company server as well.

  3. The Dresser says:

    very funny!

  4. AJ says:

    Patience people!

  5. anon says:

    mine just shows black, and an error message. whatever this is, it is too powerful for us peons to view…

  6. lurker says:

    leave the funny stuff to bess.

  7. Jimmy C. says:

    I really want to see if I made the list, but BS has blocked this site too…

  8. dbag says:

    So glad that I waited for that to load… very funny. But, since I have a striped shirt on, am not in prison and am not trying to conceal my weight, I’m a dbag…. sh!t

  9. Anonymous says:

    rumor C mmf broke the buck, just a heads up to you

  10. chris says:

    Good stuff.

  11. Dedidicated FBN viewer says:

    For those having trouble, instead enjoy Rebecca of FBN’s Happy Hour wearing an authentic Year of the Rat costume:
    Shows/Happy Hour
    Her creativity and dedication to enlightening us all on the Year of the Rat (or Year of Fox News if you prefer) along with Cody’s “skill” with NPH make all five viewers of FBN proud.

  12. Anonymous says:

    The page loaded, but the funny part never did.

  13. Anonymous says:

    More SI swimsuit edition posts, please.

  14. EE says:

    is this dealbreaker.com or hotchickswithdouchebags.com?

  15. mrpink says:

    Wooohooo! I’m not a douchebag!

  16. Anal_yst says:

    Vertical stripes = dbag? Well that’d pretty much make everyone in finance a dbag…oh, wait, yea thats about right

  17. General Zod says:

    But Teen Wolf is awesome!