The Gaunlet Has Been Thrown Down. Who Will Pick It Up? We’re Looking At You Leon Cooperman. Stevie-boy. L-TRAIN.

True Story: Yesterday at around 5pm at Ulysses on Stone Street…Ian Roncoroni, an energy otc options broker for Power Merchants Group…ate 244 Oysters in 1 hour. He also collected $3500 bucks for his efforts.

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79 Responses to “The Gaunlet Has Been Thrown Down. Who Will Pick It Up? We’re Looking At You Leon Cooperman. Stevie-boy. L-TRAIN.”

  1. guest says:


  2. guest says:

    Ian’s a big boy. Used to wrestle for Princeton.

  3. guest says:

    Did he puke after? I would have, after only 10.

  4. guest says:

    Thanks for that pearl.

  5. guest says:

    Young Chaitanya Mehra, a rookie natural gas trader at J. Aron, displayed some excellent daytrading, first getting short Ian at 144, then realizing his folly, flipped long and made a killing on the trade.

  6. guest says:

    Anybody see him do the 5 car bombs? This guy Ian is quickly building quite a reputation

  7. guest says:

    hello stomach cancer! he better pound at least a fifth of vodka after that.

  8. guest says:

    I was a witness to the event and I must say he paced himself and sucked them down with ease…Great job!

  9. guest says:

    Now this is the kind of news that we all come here for!

  10. guest says:

    And eating all those oysters made him so horny I bet he got crabs a few hours later…

  11. guest says:

    what does lee cooperman have to do with this?

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  13. mrpink says:

    Mmm.. Wrestler.. Horny.. Oysters.. Car Bombs….
    *yet another useless post brought to you by yours truly, Mr. Pink, fine purveyors of drooling spew. Please Drink Responsibly.

  14. mrpink says:

    PS: I meant to say that MY comment was ‘drooling spew’.. Bess is doing a damn good job getting the scoop
    Jus’ clarifyin for all you ‘guest’ haters out there.

  15. guest says:

    attention ladies…he’s young, handsome and single!!

  16. guest says:

    I heard he did it in his singlet, to avoid getting oyster juice all over his suit. I’m getting conflicting reports on whether he had a jockstrap on under it or was bareassed. GAnalYst

  17. guest says:

    @11:39 My impression was that he’s a little too chunky.

  18. guest says:

    We need more news like this. Here’s some:
    Two weeks ago, Anthony Vita, a leveraged finance analyst at Deutsche Bank and former Princeton lacrosse player, attempted to do 500 pushups in 30 minutes. He did 482. Consequently he had to cough up 1000 bucks to some douche in ABS trading.

  19. guest says:

    Attention Ladies…he’s immature, self-centered, and a slob! Great potential.
    Ladies, you can be certain that you will be treated well by this alcoholic fucking goon.
    The Guy from Delaware

  20. guest says:

    Sounds like these boys miss their carefree days at Princeton, where all they had to do to succeed was some fancy footwork on the mat or field. A little different in the real world.

  21. guest says:

    Although given credit for 482, Vita must have thrown down an extra 30 push-ups beyond the 500 plateau – these extra were discounted based on “poor form” however. A valiant effort.

  22. Anal_yst says:

    I somehow doubt the Guy from Delaware knows Ian, however based on his acheivements yesterday, I’d say his description is probably pretty spot on. Not that I can criticize obviously…

  23. bittergreen says:

    Can we get a follow-up report on today’s bathroom conditions on the trading floor of Power Merchants Group?

  24. guest says:

    The kids is a machine. First one in the door @ 7:30am this morning.
    Is currently eating a Cheese Steak sandwich from Delmonico’s.
    Bathroom is in good shape…no issues.
    Stay tuned!

  25. guest says:

    Pfft. Amateur. Guy who won contest in N’awlins ate 35 dozen in EIGHT MINUTES.

  26. guest says:

    Sadly, this kind of behavior is what gets one noticed and possibly advanced on Wall St.
    Alas, when I was Ian’s age and did similar things here in corporate Delaware, I got noticed alright. Getting advanced was not the outcome.
    But that was 35 years ago. I think I was ahead of my time.
    The Guy from Delaware

  27. guest says:

    A wrestler at Princeton?? Wow, sounds tough. What a loser. PS, Ulysses is so 2004, no wonder this event was held there.

  28. mrpink says:

    I get promoted not based on oyster eating……………………
    j/k :-D

  29. guest says:

    Well, what did you do?
    The Guy from Delaware

  30. guest says:

    Imagine what you could do to a certain personal asst. in Houston after 244 oysters!!

  31. guest says:

    After a barrel of oysters and a fifth of vodka…I doubt if you could do very much.
    That certain PA in Houston would probably have left your sorry ass for Ian.
    The Guy from Delaware

  32. guest says:

    @11:39 I’m sure the ladies would rather be swept off their feet by the Guy from Delaware. You could ride off into the sunset together on your high horse.

  33. guest says:

    Speaking as a PA, and located in houston… there isn’t much that Ian couldn’t do… figuratively speaking of course! xoxo hon

  34. guest says:

    All this is bringing back memories of Tanner….(sigh..) GAnalYst

  35. guest says:

    No Dude. Not a high horse at all.
    I just know from experience where unchecked self-centeredness, immaturity, and booze lead.
    The Guy from Delaware

  36. guest says:

    clearly most of you have no idea about him and are talking out of your stinky twinkies when you discuss him. especially the pig farmer from delaware or wherever he is actually from. and he doesn’t ride horses, he prefers an ass ride ( as in donkey, ray-earl).

  37. guest says:

    Speaking of asses, you apparently have no idea either.
    You must have had some bad oysters from Delaware in the past.
    The Guy from Delaware

  38. guest says:

    from what we’ve heard, he doesnt need any oysters to make that certain PA from Houston go wild…

  39. guest says:

    we all heard she’s coming back to town……..

  40. guest says:

    Guy from Delaware is in his late fifties and still making puerile comments? (And of course, there’s still that dissociative identity disorder thing, which we won’t talk about until you’re ready to … don’t want to prod the other “guys” into manifesting themselves.)

  41. guest says:

    It’s too bad that you have been unable to learn from your experiences, and continue to be a self-righteous lying prick.

  42. guest says:

    All the years of practicing swallowing man butter through college to pay for books put him in good standing for the challenge of a lifetime

  43. guest says:

    2 Guests@2:24PM…
    I do think that there may yet be some hope for you two un-monikered clowns.
    db readers and posters love this kind of contentious interaction.
    Just look at all that Ian has done for db today. Two simultaneous threads about him going on right now.
    And all because of a barrel of oysters and a bottle of vodka.
    The Guy from Delaware

  44. guest says:

    Ian Roncoroni is certifiably the worst person alive. Ugh, the worst.

  45. guest says:

    Attention ladies, he may be single, but hot he is not. I heard he has the herp.

  46. guest says:

    Great postings. HaHaHa.

  47. guest says:

    Hi everybody!!! Just got here from AOL’s “Over 50″…..What’s the topic??

  48. guest says:

    @3:25 Story about a guy who ate like 1 million oysters who used to wrestle for Princeton and has a name that screams “I have a huge cock”. GAnalYst

  49. guest says:

    I like “Over 50″, it means 20% off movie tickets. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have the early bird dinner buffet to hit at 4:30.
    – The Wall Street “Has-Been/Never-Was” from Delaware

  50. guest says:

    Ian isn’t well hung (got first hand knowledge of that) but he knows how to use it. Frankly, given his name, I was shocked at his size… or lack thereof.

  51. mrpink says:

    Re: 4:24…
    Wow… Hmm… I’m all hot n bothered….
    Bye Tanner, hello Ian

  52. guest says:

    Pink: good to hear you’re not a size queen. GAnalYst

  53. mrpink says:

    Hmm… I’m up for oysters tonight.. Anyone??

  54. guest says:

    Guest@3:25 = @3:30 = @4:11…GAnalYst?
    You must be related to the two turds who posted @2:24.
    Obviously young, still immature, on the ass-end of adolescence, and still somewhat unsure about your own identities. That’s why you persist in talking about all this gay shit. You must be wondering about yourselves.
    Actually, I don’t believe that I’d trade places with you fucks.
    Being in one’s fifties is not bad. You would be surprised at how many chicks of all ages come on to a guy in his fifties who is in reasonably good shape and who has a full head of hair. Some good social connections don’t hurt either.
    The Guy from Delaware

  55. guest says:

    Guy from Delaware = duPont?? (some good social connections…)

  56. mrpink says:

    GFD – Don’t think any of those were GAnalYst….
    Oh well… Ya’ll have a grand evening =)

  57. guest says:

    Guy from Delaware = The Wall Street Has- Been/Never-Was From Delaware. Why would the Wall Street Has-Been/Never-Was From Delaware bring up his identity as being separate from Guy from Delaware if no one had raised it? No one would identify him or herself as “Never-was from Delaware” in the first place, if he or she weren’t overly concerned with Delaware, which is one of the particular (and boring)obssessions of Guy from Delaware. I think we have just heard another voice from the Guy from Delaware.
    If older duPonts have taken to working in the Delware Chancery Court, there’s a possibility that Guy from Delaware is a duPont. The Guy from Delaware has to be overcome with glee that someone mistook him as coming from Delaware’s richest family. Guest@4:50pm, you’ve made his week!
    Guest@3:25pm = Sybil
    Guest@3:30pm = GAyanalYst
    Guest@4:11pm = Sybil

  58. guest says:

    Check the 3:30 posting. The GAnalYst moniker appears at the end. I wasn’t sure though. That’s why I put “?” after his name.
    The Guy from Delaware

  59. guest says:

    You are a fucking idiot.
    How could I possibly be the “Has-Been/Never-Was” character? “H-B/N-W” first posted at 4:11, and you just wrote that @4:11=Sybil.
    It sounds from your rant that you must have written the book called “Masturbatory Madness”.
    I never said that I worked in the Chancery Court. One of you goons got on that track about a month ago.
    As for the family, I will not go beyond saying that a family member does live right next door(1/4 mile away).
    The Guy from Delaware

  60. guest says:

    a dollar sign and “bucks” — isn’t that a little redundant?

  61. guest says:

    Has anyone checked to make sure that one of the oysters wasn’t Ryan Foss?
    -The Ian that didn’t urinate all over the U-Store

  62. guest says:

    Guys from my high school used to eat 244 oysters in an hour all the time, it’s really no big deal.

  63. guest says:

    “Sybil” was the popular TV movie starring Sally Field playing a woman with dissociative identity disorder. Therefore, the Guy from Delaware = Sybil.
    I made the Delaware Chancery Court connection because you started your Dealbreaker commenting career off by crowing repeatedly about the Delaware Chancery Court. Subsequent posts indicated you had quite unusual knowledge and quite a few opinions about the details of cases pending there, which lead me to conclude you worked there, not as a lawyer, because your legal knowledge was non-existent, but in a clerical capacity. You had an overinflated pride about Wall Street cases being resolved there, to the supposed chagrin of those on Wall Street. You piped down about the Delaware Chancery Court when one commenter told you to stop embarassing your employers by talking about pending cases.
    Now we know that you are in your late fifties.
    Some things I don’t believe about you — You have a full head of hair. You attract “chicks of all ages.” You know or live near the duPonts.

  64. guest says:

    Also, Guy from Delaware, now that I have had an opportunity to think about it, I remember at least several posts with the Guy from Delaware’s name on them after the Bear Stearns crisis where you said you were standing in the Delaware Chancery Court awaiting the arrival of a lawsuit that could decide the issue of whether the Bear Stearns’ shareholder vote went forward.
    By the way, since you didn’t advise your breathless readership of this, the Delaware Chancery Court ultimately ducked on the diluted shareholder issue and the suit’s having no effect on the shareholder vote.

  65. guest says:

    GfD: you ever been to Rehobeth (Beach, DE)? I hear a lot of hot DC guys are there in board shorts. Sort of like the East Hampton Two Mile Hollow of the mid-Atlantic gay set. Do tell. GAnalYst

  66. guest says:

    I’m glad to see this morning that your posting wasn’t at 3AM. Had that been the case, I would think that you might be in need of counselling.
    Delaware Chancery Court schedules are published every week in the local newspaper. There for all to see. We Delawareans are proud of our Chancery Court. I never said or even implied that I worked there. You came up with that idea.
    I was unfamiliar with the TV movie “Sybil” prior to your explanation. Your subtlety in selecting that moniker was lost on me. Sybil is also a woman’s name. Again, you invented that whole “sybil/Has-Been/Never-Was” thing.
    Your last two paragraph are most curious. You “know” that I’m in my late fifties, yet you “don’t believe” the other things. Why is that? The truth is, you really don’t “know” anything.
    When you get older, you will realize that the importance of what strangers might think of you is really of no consequence.
    I found db back in March while I was doing a search for information about Bear Stearns. db seemed interesting, so I participated in the postings. Somebody (you?) said “Who is this guy from Delaware talking about the Chancery Court?”. So I adopted that moniker. Actually, I rather like it. Thank you.
    This is my first venture into web posting. I’ve had some fun with it, but now it is becoming tiresome. I really do have better things to do with my life. I don’t know how much longer I’ll stay around.
    I have never been untruthful about anything I’ve written on db. I feel no need to be. What you or anyone else on db thinks doesn’t really matter.
    In spite of the scorn you have displayed, I do believe that you are probably not a bad person.
    After all, you must know something about Delaware because you spelled duPont correctly. Many of the clowns who live here can’t do that.
    Why not try selecting a moniker for yourself? It would certainly set you apart and give you an identity.
    The Guy from Delaware

  67. guest says:

    Guy from Delaware: you have a short memory as to what you have posted. As to the Delaware Chancery Court issue, I recalled later in the evening after I posted that you had said in March you were “waiting” for the arrival of the JP Morgan/Bear Stearns suit brought by several pension funds.
    How could you “wait” for a lawsuit by reading about it in an official court calendar published in a weekly paper? The suit hadn’t been received by the court yet. Papers usually aren’t informed about lawsuits until they are actually filed, because suits can always be settled before filing, and no court would discourage the settlement process by informing the media about a suit that only existed in the word processors of sparring attorneys. Avoiding media attention is an asset that is traded in early settlement negotiations. I assumed the litigants’ attorneys had phoned the Delaware court personnel ahead of the filing to get an agreed-upon appearance date they could put in their filings. Therefore, other than the attorneys and their clients, court personnel would have exclusive knowledge of the pendency of an incoming suit.
    Then you posted a number of details of the suit not found in news accounts. You finally desisted after a commenter suggested you were violating legal ethics and embarassing your employer by talking about details of a pending suit. I assumed you had realized you had gone too far and worried about possible job consequences.
    Since you quieted down about the suit, I should note that despite your rabid flag-waving for Delaware justice, the Delaware Chancery Court ducked the issue of dilution of the shareholder vote by saying it could be resolved later — after the purportedly illegally diluted Bear Stearns shareholders’ vote was held.
    You have called me an amazing number of names and attributed to me a number of characteristics that are often incorrect and occasionally silly. Indeed, you often flew into Daffy Duck-like rages peppered with obscenities when provoked.
    Markedly singular linguistic choices, the same unusual obsessions, and the repetitive content of the comments served to cement my growing sense that you were one person commenting under different “monikers,” as you call them.
    I believe you are in your late 50’s because you incidentally mentioned that you had a wild youth 35 years ago. It wasn’t one of the many things you have bragged about. Because I have come to doubt your overall truthfulness, I doubt the truth of many of your boasts.
    Actually, I didn’t much care about your posts one way or another until you bragged that there was “enough Delaware muscle” on this site to “bitch-slap” people on Wall Street. The “Delaware muscle” reference just seemed idiotic beyond all understanding (number of comments = muscle?), and the desire to “bitch-slap” random commenters because they were in a different locale than you, was, quite frankly, disturbing.
    I don’t use a “moniker” because for reasons that haven’t dawned on you, I like having my comments judged by their individual merits and not by my identity as a commenter. I have enough of a personal identity to get by on without a “moniker.” Don’t get me wrong; I like and respect the great majority of the commenters who do use an online name. I come to this website chiefly for information. I comment when I have a burning opinion to express, or (in rare instances) when I actually know something that might prove useful.
    Which raises an interesting question. If you’re philosophically concerned about the identity of commenters, why haven’t you registered? Is it because you don’t want to provide your web address? Your “monikers” are always typed at the end of your comment. Interestingly enough, all of the guys from Delaware have opted to go the same route. And of course, they all identify themselves by a variation on your “moniker,” meaning they don’t mind having their identity’s reputation colored by the reputation you’ve been establishing. Very odd.

  68. guest says:

    I’m not going to spend much more time with you on this issue. You are becoming boring, but here we go:
    Chancery Court…
    Every Sunday in the Wilmington, Delaware “News Journal”, the upcoming week’s schedule is given for the Delaware Chancery Court. Dates, times, subjects, and presiding Chancellors are listed. Here is one listing quoted directly from the March 30th paper:::
    “Monday 03/31/2008 2PM, Wilmington, Oral argument before Vice Chancellor Parsons, Police and Fire Retirement System of the City of Detroit V. Bear Stears Co, Inc.”
    Earlier in the week, the “News Journal” reported that the case had just been filed. One of the things Delaware’s Chancery Court is known for is fast action. Four days from filing to arguments is pretty quick.
    My db posting on 03/31, I believe, said that I may go over to the Court that afternoon to see who might be there. I didn’t go, and I doubt if anyone on db was waiting breathlessly to hear the outcome.
    “Breathlessly anticipating” more appropriately discribes the db readers who were waiting to find out if Ian had fouled the mens’ room at his office the day after his oysters and vodka feat.
    We have discussed this Chancery Court issue enough. If I haven’t satisfied your curiosity at this point, then I will not go any further.
    The “News Journal” does cover some business issues well, particularly those that affect Delaware.
    I told you in my previous reply how I became “The Guy from Delaware”. I post with only that one moniker on db. I don’t know who the other two “Delaware Guys” are. Maybe they liked the name too.
    I really don’t give a shit what you think beyond what I’ve said above. If you want to believe in multiple-identity disorders, go ahead.
    That comments about “bitch-slap” and “Delaware muscle” that you referenced were not written by me. I agree with you that the remarks are “idiotic”.
    Just remember that you are assuming all three “Delaware Guys” are in fact, only one. Maybe you might want to condider the possibility that you may be wrong.
    I have no “philosophical concern about the identity of commenters”. I find the monikers interesting. They must somehow correlate with the poster. They are often amusing.
    Your claim that you “have enough of a personal identity to get by on without a moniker” is inflated. You are so opaque that the use of “guest” only makes you completely indistinguishable from all the other “guests”. Don’t flatter yourself.
    I like the moniker that you? helped me choose; it suits me.
    We know nothing about you…Man or woman. You may be Bess Levin for all I know, but I don’t really care.
    I will say again, “I have never been untruthful about anything I’ve written on db”. Believe what you want. I don’t give a shit.
    I don’t recall “boasting” about anything on db. I would hardly consider one’s having a full head of hair, being in reasonable shape, being approached by chicks of all ages, and some good social connections as “boasting”.
    I believe that the issues you have with me all stem from your fallacious assumption that the three different “Delaware” personalities all belong to me. They don’t, and you are wrong.
    The Guy from Delaware

  69. Cincinnatus C says:

    holy smokes 8:47 and G/D are ruining this thread!
    anyway, you guys are all edumucated and stuff, but i’ll still write it: oysters are actual aphrodesiacs in that they (somehow) result in a tiny level of some zinc compound in your balls that already occurs or stimulates some substance in your balls naturally. When there is a build-up of this zinc ide, it causes your balls to feel a greater need to ejaculate..causing wet dreams/etc..
    obviously, this isn’t the only cause of wet dreams.

  70. Cincinnatus C says:

    holy smokes 8:47 and G/D are ruining this thread!
    anyway, you guys are all edumucated and stuff, but i’ll still write it: oysters are actual aphrodesiacs in that they (somehow) result in a tiny level of some zinc compound in your balls that already occurs or stimulates some substance in your balls naturally. When there is a build-up of this zinc ide, it causes your balls to feel a greater need to ejaculate..causing wet dreams/etc..
    obviously, this isn’t the only cause of wet dreams.

  71. Cincinnatus C says:

    holy smokes 8:47 and G/D are ruining this thread!
    anyway, you guys are all edumucated and stuff, but i’ll still write it: oysters are actual aphrodesiacs in that they (somehow) result in a tiny level of some zinc compound in your balls that already occurs or stimulates some substance in your balls naturally. When there is a build-up of this zinc ide, it causes your balls to feel a greater need to ejaculate..causing wet dreams/etc..
    obviously, this isn’t the only cause of wet dreams.

  72. Cincinnatus C says:

    holy smokes 8:47 and G/D are ruining this thread!
    anyway, you guys are all edumucated and stuff, but i’ll still write it: oysters are actual aphrodesiacs in that they (somehow) result in a tiny level of some zinc compound in your balls that already occurs or stimulates some substance in your balls naturally. When there is a build-up of this zinc ide, it causes your balls to feel a greater need to ejaculate..causing wet dreams/etc..
    obviously, this isn’t the only cause of wet dreams.

  73. Cincinnatus C says:


  74. guest says:

    easily double oyster boy’s record.

  75. […] and whereas his fellow interns would probably pass out at the sight of a stack of Double Downs, hundreds of oysters or the entire contents of a vending machine, all he sees is a light lunch. Think about […]

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