Maxine Waters Completely Phoning It In These Days

Picture 1773.pngA bunch of you have been emailing with glee over the fact that while Maxine Waters is not currently at the Bernanke “grilling,” she did get a name check by gal-pal Gwen Moore, who brought up The Rolling Stone Article, which MW had apparently passed on to her (with favorite passages selected and the phrase “giant vampire squid” circled and underlined with a note to “use this”).
Unfortunately, we cannot share in your excitement because honestly? What’s been up with Max these days? She hasn’t brought it in like, forever, and now she’s not even here? Has she lost her edge? Has she been planning something HUGE and doesn’t have time to waste on bearded fruits (Greenspan’s words, not mine) like Bernanke? We need an explanation. And we need this, as a reminder, of the sort of thing we’re looking for:

This also:

And for good measure:

(hidden for your protection)
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25 Responses to “Maxine Waters Completely Phoning It In These Days”

  1. guest says:

    I, be planning something good. You’re gonna love it.

  2. guest says:

    Despite Conventional Wisdom, being crazy is exhausting! Cut me some slack, Jack!
    – MW

  3. guest says:

    hey bess, you can lick my bearded fruit.

  4. guest says:

    She’s busy fighting for her political life. Supposedly, Whitney Houston has just purchased a home in her district and plans to run for office.

  5. guest says:

    Meds do take some time to kick in.

  6. guest says:

    @4 mean but good

  7. merkin capital partners says:

    Was is that plant in the background? Oh shit it moved!

  8. sourceclosetodiscussions says:

    mad max told gwen to give her a shout out while perpetuating the gs conspiracy theory – it’s necessary for her to keep the “mind share” of the american public as she deals with the whitney houston issue…so I’ve been told.

  9. guest says:

    @9 we get that but we’re looking for an answer as to why max couldn’t come in and bring it herself? gs is her beat.

  10. guest says:

    She’s at some luncheon honoring Louis Armstrong for being the first man on the moon.

  11. wcburrs87 says:

    Fight the Gold Mens with Snaxine Waters.
    -Snickers Ad Manager

  12. guest says:

    @11….that’s where all the AIG quants are too!!

  13. guest says:

    12 is my new hero. I expect a comment in every post.
    -Lehman PR Manager

  14. guest says:

    The fingers whisper “care for a hot prostate massage?” while the eyes scream “i one karaaaaazy muthha effin hobag!”

  15. guest says:

    @15 pretty good

  16. guest says:

    @ 15 Good post. Were not in fifth grade any more so need to post like we are in fifth grade.

  17. guest says:

    no mention of Gwen Moore is complete without a reference to her son, Sowande Omokunde, also known as Supreme Solar Allah:
    “As you may recall, Omokunde was one of four Democratic staffers who pleaded guilty to misdemeanors for slashing tires on 25 vans hours before Republican Party officials were to use them to drive voters to the polls on election day 2004. In April, Omokunde was sentenced to four months in jail and fined $1,000 for his role in the much-publicized caper.”

  18. guest says:

    @ Bess
    Just cuz they’re The Oracle’s words, doesnt mean you should repeat them. That man will F u up. Don’t mess with the Beard honey. I’ll tell you all about it over drinks in Charlotte if you wanna come on down. Tax payer subsidized of course.

  19. guest says:

    too funny — I love Congress.

  20. guest says:

    @KL can I get in on that?

  21. guest says:

    @17 – You got prostate massages in 5th grade? That IS sick.

  22. guest says:

    Only if promise not to break my knees… I’m Kidding! I’m Kidding! Of course you can HP…. just please don’t hurt me too bad. if you hurt me too bad even I won’t be able to hide from Congress no matter how much Boone’s is in my system.

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