Goldman Sachs: A “huddle” is not a forum for sharing stock or sector “tips.”

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64 Responses to “Goldman Sachs: A “huddle” is not a forum for sharing stock or sector “tips.””

  1. InfiniteGuest says:

    Nice work.

  2. Mark Klein, M.D. says:

    I have nothing to say other than:
    The hardworking people at Goldman Sachs have rightfully earned everything they have made.
    I wish I worked there.
    Mark Klien, M.D.

  3. guest says:

    Just send the damn tips!

  4. guest says:

    It took them two days to write that? I thought Goldman folks were supposed to be smarter than that.

  5. guest says:

    I love you, the checks in the mail, and …

  6. i don’t get the erin callan pic.
    please explain to village idiot

  7. payday loans says:

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  8. guest says:

    The issue here is not whether we broke a few rules, or took a few liberties with our stock recommendations; we did.
    But you can’t hold all of Goldman Sachs responsible for the behavior of a few sick, perverted individuals. For if you do, then shouldn’t we blame the whole investment banking system? And if the whole investment banking system is guilty, then isn’t this an indictment of our financial institutions in general?
    I put it to you, dear readers – isn’t this an indictment of our entire American society?
    Well, you can do what you want to us, but we’re not going to sit here and listen to you bad-mouth the United States of America.

  9. guest says:

    You see??! They are simply acting in the best interests of their clients. This memo should be put this matter to rest, immediately.
    -CG, investigative journalist

  10. guest says:

    @6 uh, what are you talking about?

  11. guest says:

    @4 the thing writes itself, but the language had to be approved by the BPD.

  12. punctuation czar says:

    nice job sticking the comma outside the apostrophe in the second sentence. fucking plebes.

  13. FI Nagler says:

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  14. guest says:

    Yes, it is the “cuddle” that is the forum for sharing stock or sector “tips.” Get it straight people!

  15. guest says:

    So when are the customers leaving?

  16. guest says:

    @8 – great movie reference

  17. guest says:

    @12 – If you are going to make fun of someone for an error, don’t be a dummy and make a mistake yourself. They are called quotation marks you idiot not apostrophes.
    Nice work “fucking plebe”

  18. guest says:

    Any memo with multiple mentions of the word “huddle” is just weird.

  19. guest says:

    This information was disseminated to me two days ago when I huddled with Lloyd and Luke. Suck it, peons.

  20. guest says:

    @#2: Way to go on misspelling your own name. Asshole.

  21. guest says:

    @12 In the parlance of our times, PWNED!

  22. lloyd says:

    @19 two days ago? as in before it was written? kill yourself.

  23. guest says:

    @22 I think #19 was being sarcastic.

  24. guest says:

    i can attest to the fact that banker “huddles” have nothing to do with stock tips. ugh…
    -ex-banker chick in murray hill

  25. guest says:

    I’m calling bullshit on Blankie!
    Galvin will tear them a new one…and Cuomo will follow right after he a) reads about Galvin in the paper; and b) pulls his head out of his ass.

  26. guest says:

    Goldman employees meet at Huddle House for breakfast now? Huh?

  27. guest says:

    @8 They can’t do that to our clients. Only WE can do that to our clients

  28. guest says:

    @12, punctuation marks outside the quotation marks is GS style. They believe including punctuation inside the quotation marks means that the puntuation marks appeared in the quote and therefore render the quote imprecise and incorrect. I’m completely not joking.

  29. guest says:

    @30 fucking idiots

  30. guest says:

    @28, false. It’s an error.

  31. guest says:

    @31, Really? How then do you explain that the reverse convention is consistently used throughout their own IPO registration statement:
    You and most grammarians may consider it an error, but I can assure you that in this as in almost everyhthing else, the folks at 85 Broad think they’re right and everyone else is wrong.

  32. guest says:

    @32 the convention is not used consistently even in the document you cite.
    Brits follow some rule like this. Goldman does not.

  33. guest says:

    Who wrote this? An intern?

  34. guest says:

    @33, I can confirm that this is, in fact, GS style. Punctuation is allowed inside the quotation marks only when it appears there as part of the quotation, e.g., in the linked Project Echo prospectus, the period at the end of “Group L.P.” is OK within the quotation marks because it is inherent in the name.

  35. guest says:

    Goldman thinks they can just change an at least century old established rule of English grammar because they disagree? That might be the douchiest thing they’ve come up with yet.

  36. guest says:

    34-38 prove that dealbreaker can now be spammed easily.

  37. Perkins Maxwell says:

    @8 FTW!
    @42: No, they’re just following British usage, which has been around at least as long as our style.
    Frankly, it makes more sense to put closing punctuation outside of the quotation–our system is ass-backwards (closing commas and periods go inside; semicolons and colons go outside).
    This does not mean GS aren’t pretentious assholes for following the British system instead of US usage, but they’re not technically incorrect.

  38. guest says:

    Dear Goldman Sachs,
    Blow me!
    Client not big enough to be invited to your huddle

  39. guest says:

    Whatever. I just thought GS paid for a better class of lawyers. They be recruiting at Fordham?

  40. guest says:

    how the fuck am I gonna front-run the rest of my peers now, without GS tips? damn!

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