Sergey Aleynikov Holds All The Cards (No, Really).

Serg.jpgI mean, seriously. For a guy who spilled everything and talked for four straight hours to the FBI before even saying the word “lawyer” in passing, for that kind of nightmare client, Sergey’s lawyer is doing pretty well.
Of course, when you factor in the seriousness of any public relations mess created by a Sergey spill during any trial, it doesn’t really matter much to Goldman what the guy did or did not say to the FBI, or even if he spends a minute longer behind bars.

Today was the day for prosecutors to indict Aleynikov, who was arrested on July 3 on the theft charges. But in a court filing, prosecutors told the presiding magistrate judge that they need another 14 days to continue discussions with Aleynikov’s lawyer about a “possible disposition.”

After receiving his conditional discharge/probation, what, exactly, will Sergey be paid not to write a tell-all book about Goldman?
Will Sergey Cut a Deal? [Reuters Blogs]

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15 Responses to “Sergey Aleynikov Holds All The Cards (No, Really).”

  1. guest says:

    Private Equity
    Is this what a cesspool looks like?

  2. guest says:

    Is this is what they mean by death spiral?

  3. guest says:

    Serge was dealing with open source code. Neither Goldman nor the FBI know what that means. Serge’s lawyer is quite competent and the government wants to run away from this one to prevent further humiliation. Not the first time something like this happens.
    Goldman will go civil on this case, as they should have done in the first place. But recently Goldman has been on the bad side of many critics, so it may also let this one pass. I give them 20% chance of passing, though. Somehow they have to teach their people a lesson.

  4. Tax Chick says:

    By the time a disposition is worked out the SEC will have banned HFT and his new employers will be out of work… don’t fuck with GS.

  5. guest says:

    @3 = non-attorney spokesperson

  6. guest says:

    Sorry Tax Chick, HFT is not going away. Flash quotes/orders may be banned, but that will still leave HFT humming along.
    Serge’s new employers are already getting sued by Citadel and that’s a civil matter. SEC will have no say in that lawsuit, which may have already killed his new employers.

  7. guest says:

    What’s your take, assuming you are an attorney non-spokeperson?

  8. Tax Chick says:

    @6 So what is the Schapiro/ Schumer dynamic duo working on?

  9. guest says:

    Banning flash trading because some industry heavyweights are pulling their weight to do ban it. That’s it. (That’s not the same as banning HFT altogether.)

  10. guest says:

    Sergey’s attorney here. Sergey wants his scrotum gold-plated by Lloyd in return for releasing his counterclaims for false arrest and defamation. This is non-negotiable.

  11. guest says:

    You silly little people. Don’t you understand? We don’t have to pay him anything. The Hammer paid him a visit and I can assure he knows precisely what will happen should he so much as think in a fleeting daydream about ever speaking to another soul about GS.

  12. guest says:

    to view a partial list of crimes committed by FBI agents over 1500 pages long see
    to view a partial list of FBI agents arrested for pedophilia see

  13. guest says:

    @3 “Serge was dealing with open source code. Neither Goldman nor the FBI know what that means.”
    Evidently neither do you. What’s your point?

  14. guest says:

    @13. dumbass, some licenses for open source software either allow free copying of itself, force disclosure of software code written using open source software, or force disclosure specifically for commercial applications, possibly giving him legal right to do whatever he wanted with the GS code.
    chances are not slim that either our russian-american either knew that or knew it would be financially prohibitive to prove such violations (as most of these issues get settled out of court).
    besides, there are a few holes in this whole story so far. it’s pretty difficult to have your entire profession be programming and not realizing that transfering prop code illegally while on a work network wouldn’t be logged. that, and the ways to avoid it, is practicaly high school computer science class knowledge.
    -prop trade programmer who is not 3

  15. oem software says:

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