Who Are The Hottest Ladies In Business Television?

Screen shot 2009-10-28 at 1.30.35 PM.pngIt’s an age-old question that deserves revisiting every now and then. BroBible has complied a list of its 12 favorite business bitches and while we think it’s definitely a decent start, with your collective expertise we can really nail this thing.
Personally, the bones we have to pick are a) that this isn’t a ranking but just general love-fest. Those things have their place but not here. This is a serious cutthroat competition. Line ’em up, top to bottom. b) Some entries on the list seem to be the result of the authors have created the thing from the inside of a time machine and c) The lack of Bloomberg representation, especially from someone who is working overtime on the job and had the business sense to take a page from the Amanda Drury playabook. And speaking of the Druries, they’re present and accounted for after the jump. Let’s show a little teamwork and make this thing something to be proud of. Add, subtract and annotate at this time.

* Maria Bartiromo
* Trish Regan
* Melissa Lee
* Becky Quick
* Amanda Drury
* Julia Boorstin
* Erin Burnett
* Melissa Francis
* Rebecca Jarvis
* Alexis Glick
* Jenna Lee
* Liz Claman
The Dirty Dozen: The 12 Hottest Female Anchors on Business Television [BroBible]

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241 Responses to “Who Are The Hottest Ladies In Business Television?”

  1. guest says:


  2. Effective Date says:

    i love you, bess. thanks for this.

  3. guest says:

    Drury is at the top of this list. What’s the name of the girl that works on the floor of the NYSE on Fox Business? Put her on the list. Melissa Lee? After a night of drinking maybe. Trish Regan? We have a pregnancy fetish here. Where is Courtney Reagan? Smokin’ hot baby.

  4. guest says:

    @3 was thinking the same thing re: no courtney.

  5. merkin capital partners says:

    @1 i’m with you and the twins.

  6. guest says:

    I want liz Claman to be my mommy.

  7. guest says:

    Emma Crosby – honorable mention.

  8. guest says:

    1. brennan
    2. drury
    3. trish regan, pre-pregnancy
    4. becky quick
    5. everyone else
    6. maria bartiromo

  9. guest says:

    I jizzed my pants.

  10. guest says:

    yes! I have been validated!!
    -mel francis

  11. guest says:

    Charles Gasparino.

  12. guest says:

    I see nipples

  13. guest says:

    those never get old

  14. guest says:

    she looks so regal in that pic

  15. turd_ferguson says:

    Burnett, Jarvis and Quick are MD’s at my spank bank and have been getting million baby bonuses.
    Jenna Lee > Melissa Lee (unless Mel kicks in an thick Asian accent).
    Drury’s overhyped, too much handbridge.

  16. guest says:

    Julie Banderas. Not really “business”, but her business is better than all of this list combined

  17. guest says:

    Becky Quick’s lazy brown eye

  18. guest says:

    can I get a handbridge?

  19. Becky Boot Fan says:

    Julia Boorstein?! No thank you.
    Why is K-Fin absent from the list? She’s got the whitest teeth I’ve ever come across…great rack to boot.

  20. highlyconfident says:

    Larry Kudlow circa 1994. She used to get all dolled up for me when we’d meet in the bathroom. It’s a shame it turned out she had a penis and we had to let her go…
    -J. Cayne

  21. guest says:

    Sue Herrera in head to toe Spanx
    Steve Phillips

  22. guest says:

    @19 what are you talking about? k-fine’s got no rack to speak of. produce evidence this instant.

  23. Babeless says:

    What happened to Deirdre Bolton and Betty Liu?? Get with it.

  24. guest says:

    the time machine line was directed at me, right?

  25. Fritzskelly says:

    That looks more like a list of skanks.

  26. guest says:

    is Dick Bove eligible?

  27. Bess Levin says:

    @26 of course she is.

  28. guest says:

    Somebody put up that pick of Peggy at that charity(?) gala. The one where she’s basically naked. There is no contest.

  29. homeydclown says:

    + Linzie Janis (Bloomberg)
    Jenna Lee is quit nice, though

  30. guest says:

    I still can’t get over that picture of Blankfein in fishnets. BTW would he qualify for this list? Just askin.

  31. guest says:

    I would have sex with Margaret Brennan (or any woman that dare cross my bridge!).
    Cody Willard

  32. guest says:

    Burnett and MCC belong in their own hermaphrodite league.

  33. Bess Levin says:

    @30 while you’re encouraged to think outside the box on this one, it should probably be kept to business anchors or personalities. we’ll do a list of the hottest CEOs in drag next.

  34. Seaman Bodine II says:

    Anyone on this board who doesn’t put Claman at the top is cleary (1) not married (2) under 40 (3) a faaaaag

  35. MCC says:

    How are my twins being looked over? I can’t even look past them to see my feet!

  36. that list is fucking awful.
    Okay off the top:
    Bartoromo – maybe 20 years ago I don’t want those saggy tits all up in my face. Not to mention she’s put on some weight.
    Lee – maybe if she can cook some chinese food. otherwise she’s off the list. she could be replaced by the chick from lost in translation that kept saying ‘rip my stocking!’
    Reagan – having a kid automatically takes you off the list. enjoy the unemployment line…you know the rules.
    Boorstin- Can’t spell Boorstin without B.O.O.B.J.O.B seriously what are those things? A’s 10 year old boys got bigger tits than she does.
    Burnett, Jarvis – See Boorstin
    Claman – see Bartiromo
    All the rest can stay.
    J. Lee
    Francis (love those dick sucking racoon eyes)
    Quick (always afraid her lazy eye will not look at me during sex)
    That’s it, that’s the list. Sorry for those of you who are 40, have kids, or A/B Boob size.

  37. guest says:

    @34 how the fuck does being married have anything to do with it? if anything the guys who aren’t married are more objective. also, claman has a face like a hag.

  38. guest says:

    Maggie Brennan will have my children.

  39. guest says:

    Dennis Kneale in a Little Bo Peep outfit.

  40. masterblaster says:

    Its a tragedy Caruso and Cabrerra arent on this list… especially in light pink sweater wednesday

  41. mancision says:

    I nominate Silvia Wadhwa. The definition of hotness. I’d jump her

  42. guest says:

    Bess, having seen you in your birthday suit on numerous occasions I gotta believe that only your modesty prevented you from putting your name on the top of this list.
    Your Loverboy,

  43. guest says:

    Homegirl’s got a gunt. DQed.

  44. Bess Levin says:

    @40 you’re good.

  45. guest says:

    @37 either that guy has massive hands or she’s a midget.

  46. guest says:

    @43 try and keep up. bess didn’t create the list, which is why she’s telling us to fix it.

  47. guest says:

    This list is so completely flawed, it’s ridiculous! Julia Boorstein and Becky Quick? I’d jerk off with a cheese grater before they would enter my spank bank.

  48. guest says:

    @48 that’s why you’re here, and being asked to “add/subtract/annotate.” quit yer bitching and get to work.

  49. Becky Boot Fan says:

    @22, exhibit large B cup, your honor.
    Let the record show I said, “great rack”, not a great big rack.
    Also let the record show I’d like to nail Trish in all her pregnant glory….all while suckling at those succulent jugs.
    …it just moved.

  50. guest says:

    48 just fell out the back door of Rawhide on 8th Ave.
    You’re a disgrace.

  51. HeadlessHorseman says:

    Melissa Francis makes it move.

  52. guest says:

    @48 and all. Do NOT – I repeat do NOT try the cheese grater.

  53. guest says:

    For my money it doesn’t get much better than Dennis Kneale in a pair of LuLuLemon stretch pants.

  54. guest says:

    Catherine Yang wins in the category of cute li’l yellow-tailed fuck toys.

  55. guest says:

    @54 ftw

  56. guest says:

    Are you fucking kidding me? She looks like she should be selling Okra on Canal St.

  57. guest says:

    @32 WTF????!!! Burnett is smoking hot, hot hot!!! Ass like a 12 year old boy!
    — Representative Frank

  58. guest says:

    This is an awesome post Bess. Thanks, however, this does mean that I won’t reach my VUL sales quota for the day.
    P.S. Any advice on how to get jizz off the keyboard of my laptop?
    An Ameriprise FA

  59. guest says:

    Mel Francis off the list now!! I’d rather use 48’s method for getting off.

  60. guest says:

    jenna Lee is hot but Don Imus does this thing with his lips when he drinks…i cant get it out of my head.
    – Cavuto

  61. mancision says:

    The Rawhide just opened now.. for brunch. See ya there.

  62. guest says:

    I would have been reluctant to add Trish Regan to the list in the past, but now that she’s preggo…

  63. guest says:

    Atta boy 63!

  64. guest says:

    Problem with all these girls is they’re too damn mouthy.

  65. guest says:

    non-pregnant Trish
    both of the Lees
    Courtney Reagan
    Nicole Petallides
    MCC – great rack

  66. guest says:

    what is the Rawhide? (moved out of city 4 years ago)

  67. guest says:

    yes, I’m kidding.
    Although Melissa Lee gives her a run for the money.

  68. guest says:

    TGFD’s favorite is from Bloomberg TV; I’ve talked about her before on DB, but right now, I just can’t remember her name.
    Old, you know.
    The Guy from Delaware

  69. guest says:

    Courtney Donohoe – that school marm look makes the putter stand up and anyone whose name ends in “hoe” has got to be on the list.

  70. guest says:

    TGFD, quit referring to yourself in the third person. It’s annoying, and enough people don’t like you anyway.
    Bo Jackson

  71. guest says:

    @70 Hoe yes!

  72. guest says:

    Oh, okay – remember. Lenox Heale, or something? Had an underbite? Wore glasses that looked like swimming goggles? Always had dog hair on his suit coat?
    -The Gay from Delaware

  73. Babeless says:

    @69 check @23. Others can stay off of the list.

  74. guest says:

    Tell us Bo. How popular are you?
    The Guy from Delaware

  75. guest says:

    charlie gasparino, in heels.
    -charles gasparino

  76. guest says:

    Bess/Tax Chick/anonymous women of the commentariette: Admit it, you’d hit Margaret Brennan (if you had to, if you didn’t have to, just a little bit, whatev). Not sayin’ …

  77. guest says:

    1. A Drury – you had us at the first button
    2. Brennan – with implants you’d be unstoppable… think about it…
    3. M Francis – you’re determined to show some skin, somehow, somewhere. God bless you.
    Tour bus skanks
    1. MCC
    2. B Quick
    3. M Bartiromo
    If you had a rack you’d be tolerable
    1. Burnett
    2. Burnett
    3. Burnett
    Best supporting milfs
    1. T Regan
    2. A Glick
    3. L Claman

  78. guest says:

    Thanks for the suggestion, but neither of the names in @23 is the one.
    The Guy from Delaware

  79. guest says:

    Any list that does not have Brennan is flawed, but not even mentioning M. Whitney is without excuse. The dollar dominatrix and that sassy ‘tude of hers even gets Dennis K flustered…
    Bess, when are you going to make your TV debut so you can take your spot?

  80. Bess Levin says:

    @77 Did you notice I wrote this post?
    @78 Glad to see someone came to work today (but Becky’s no skank).

  81. guest says:

    This thread makes it clear why 90% of individual investors lose money. Jesus H. Christ on a trampoline, if it’s porn ya want, watch porn.

  82. guest says:

    LINDSAY MOTHERFUCKING CAMPBELL for sure. Amazing. A dream.

  83. Richard Whitney says:

    Amanda and Liz make the rest look like guys.

  84. guest says:

    @82 most ppl in this thread are not individual investors but work for banks/hedge funds etc, which is why they’re forced to watch this stuff and can’t just flip on some porn in the middle of the day.

  85. guest says:

    @82 burn

  86. guest says:

    @82 Hey count me in that 10% group of individual investors who can make money and jerk off at the same time.

  87. guest says:

    maggie brennan (because you respect her), linzie janis, jenna lee , handbridge drury (because you don’t respect her).
    honorable mention to that tweaked out chinese broad in singapore on bloomberg’s overnight asia program with bernie lo–you can tell she’s just dying for a DP and a bowl of cocaine

  88. guest says:


  89. guest says:

    @85 I think that was 82’s point.
    @82 can still burn – brightly.

  90. guest says:

    Hey guys : ))
    Sue Herera

  91. guest says:

    82 brings up an interesting point. i wonder when these bitches are going to end up in porn. i’m surprised Maria hasn’t leaked a sex tape by this point. I’d put my money on M Francis getting hers out first, whore.

  92. guest says:

    @82/JC – we had over 600 comments on you; let somebody else share the spotlight.

  93. Becky Boot Fan says:

    @92, you say whore like it’s a bad thing? …for us viewers, I mean.

  94. guest says:

    @94 you’re reading the negative connotation into it. i like whores, so long as they got my money!
    -92/50 cent

  95. guest says:

    @92 Jarvis is the only one still young enough.

  96. guest says:

    Zahra Burton – Bloomberg TV – she was Miss Jamaica – She is hotter than a two-peckered billygoat

  97. guest says:

    She’s in the middle of filming one right now. It’s a Grinch themed sexcapade…

  98. guest says:

    Usually a penis is a disqualifier for “hottest women” lists, yet I see Maria Bartiromo made the cut. Please explain.

  99. guest says:

    Definately need to add some bloomberg bitches.
    +Deirdre Bolton
    +Lori Rothman

  100. guest says:


  101. NakedShort says:

    How about the chick from the Qatar Airways commercials?
    My dingy moves when she fixes that scrumptious mushroom tart while fucking me with those beautiful hazel eyes.

  102. guest says:

    Becky Quick ….
    Amanda Drury…
    Mexican coke sharks
    everyone else

  103. guest says:

    I am stunned Cynthia Wadwa – CNBC from Germany – hasn’t made the list

  104. guest says:

    101 – Holy shit. You most definitely do win.

  105. guest says:

    @101 she’s hot, but outside the realm of ‘financial’ journalism

  106. NakedShort says:

    @108 it squirted

  107. guest says:

    @108 great wallpaper

  108. guest says:

    @101 – I can never get over how goddamn hot she is.
    its moving…

  109. guest says:

    @112 that’s actually a dude in drag.
    -Pathological Liar

  110. guest says:

    Can’t believe Alexis Glick isn’t higher on everyone’s list. She’s #1 for sure. The rest aren’t even attractive.

  111. guest says:

    Only ONE #1. Margaret (perfect body..they need to let her go sleeveless on Bloomberg)

  112. guest says:

    Greg’s Mom

  113. guest says:

    @116 she’s a little too Lydia Deetz for my taste, but I’d probably do her.
    Larry K

  114. Subprime All Star says:

    Mélissa Theuriau’s husband makes Gasparino look like Mars, the Roman god of war.
    Sometimes, life really just isn’t fair. I’m too upset to be profound.

  115. guest says:

    @119 Yeah, it’s like a cast for a porn about a husband in search of someone to pleasure his wife…

  116. guest says:

    Ahh! TGFD remembers. Kathleen Hays from Bloomberg, she’s the best.
    The Guy from Delaware

  117. guest says:

    Also a fan of Helen Thomas. I know, I know! Not a financial journalist, but still!!
    The Guy From Delaware

  118. guest says:

    Wow, that guy’s got wasting disease. Guess it’s all in his pecker.

  119. guest says:

    @123 or she’s into fisting

  120. BY says:

    MCC is my girl

  121. guest says:

    @125 = david carradine’s ghost

  122. guest says:

    121/122, well done.

  123. guest says:

    Half this list is pushing 40..
    Burnett has HUGE hips…see trump apprentice, they never show her in pants

  124. guest says:

    Wow!! You bastids treatin’ us like pieces of moit agin?? As for to dies entries, give it a rist will you? If it’s not brists or puhl nicklaces, it’s the whither or not we’re “hot”. So you all want to have a bit of a perv at our expense, eh?
    Wot a wye to use your edukyeshun! We’re not your pervy shielas you know. Sure, we have liggs and brists and funky bits you like to ply with but we also have a brine. And we’ll use our brines to get what we want. And what we want is a feh and livil plying field to work with our mile counterpahts in the biz both theh in the Stytes and downunduh.
    ~A. Drury
    New South Wales

  125. guest says:

    I like Courtney R myself. She gives those quick little updates while seemingly holding back a giggle as if she’d seen Cavuto trying to show Imus how a one-armed man counts his change.

  126. guest says:

    @129 FTW!

  127. guest says:

    BURNETT,BARTIROMO,QUICK,CLAMAN are already old stories and so banged up.
    MARGARET BRENNAN is the new HOT chick in town!

  128. guest says:

    BURNETT,BARTIROMO,QUICK,CLAMAN are already old stories and so banged up.
    MARGARET BRENNAN is the new HOT chick in town!

  129. guest says:

    BURNETT,BARTIROMO,QUICK,CLAMAN are already old stories and so banged up.
    MARGARET BRENNAN is the new HOT chick in town!

  130. guest says:

    Burnett has boyfriend! Take her off the hotness list.

  131. guest says:

    @135 and most of the women on here are married.

  132. guest says:

    How much did these 12 racoons or their
    networks pay you not to include Margaret Brennan?
    Any list without Brennan is flawed and fraud.

  133. guest says:

    @137 are you a retard? the ppl who made the post didn’t include brennan, and the pt of bess’s post was that they should’ve.

  134. guest says:

    I’m so sorry for the triple entry.

  135. guest says:

    A number of scorching hot babes were snuffed out by the uglies
    Its sorta girl-on-girl discrimination
    There was a scorching hot blond on Lou Dobbs (Constance, or Chrysta) around, Gigi Stone on bloomberg, and another Amanda Glick….
    Willo Bay of CnnFn married Disney CEO ala Dave Letterman plan

  136. guest says:

    You bet, those single hot babes have old/divorced but rich boyfriends.

  137. guest says:

    #138 fellow retarded..
    didn’t you grasp the sarcasm? Now, go back to your room and be sure to take your anti-neurotic pills,okey?

  138. guest says:

    Courtney Reagan – doesn’t look intelligent to me.take that telepromter our of her sight and she’s done.
    Jenna Lee-= hmm pretty but no appeal.boring
    Erin Burnett = magnetic appeal and the longer you look at her the prettier she becomes.

  139. guest says:

    You need to do the same top 10 list but for the Investor Relations women of hedge funds. Mancision would NOT be on the list…..

  140. guest says:

    Is it me, or is Melissa Lee leading a double life as Sabrine Maui? I’m just sayin…..

  141. mancision says:

    @144 – *ahem*

  142. guest says:

    @129 ftmfw

  143. guest says:

    odd taste i know but i like karen finerman

  144. guest says:

    Just watch her specials (ie Irag, Africa). She wears tight pants and it looks like any minute, she’s going to explode.

  145. guest says:

    Courtney Reagan is in my opinion, the hottest babe on cable tv. Brains and a gorgeous booty. Love to put my IPO between her asscheeks.

  146. guest says:

    AS far as the hottest 12 female anchors in business tv, add the gorgeous blonde with the hottest ass in the business…COURTNEY REAGAN.

  147. guest says:

    Add this gorgeous blonde with the hottest ass in the business to your dirty dozen…COURTNEY REAGAN.

  148. ironpig says:

    I don’t really care who you put on that list from two thru twelve but I’ll tell you who should be number one on that list, NICOLE PETALLIDES.

  149. unbiased says:

    To be judging fairly the objects need to be open unhindered to the eyes of the judges. It’s impossible to give a fair appraisal if the objects are having so much covering. Would anyone give any obection to let us use the newly installed airport “X-Ray” eyed machine to go over the “Hotties” first before dishing out their expert comments ?

  150. Meansideys says:

    Betty Liu from bloomberg is number 1.

  151. Meansideys says:

    Betty Liu from bloomberg is number 1.

  152. Meansideys says:

    Betty Liu from bloomberg is number 1.

  153. Meansideys says:

    Betty Liu from bloomberg is number 1.

  154. Meansideys says:

    Betty Liu from bloomberg is number 1.

  155. Meansideys says:

    Betty Liu from bloomberg is number 1.

  156. Meansideys says:

    Betty Liu from bloomberg is number 1.

  157. Meansideys says:

    Betty Liu from bloomberg is number 1.

  158. Meansideys says:

    Betty Liu from bloomberg is number 1.

  159. Bim says:

    Sexiest of all is susan li  bloomberg Hong kong

  160. mediaho says:

    There is ONE glaring omission from the list…..
    Shannon Pettypiece of Bloomberg TV, she has THE most luxurious mane of thick blonde tresses you've ever lusted to run your fingers through.

    Her hairstyle is short & sassy , so silky smooth sparking like a diamond ring, it's unbelievable that a woman's hair can be such a HUGE turn on.

  161. bloombergwatcher says:

    Speaking of bloomberg additions, their new australian reporter Shraysi Tandon is definitely a bloomberg babe! I don't think she's australian, but she reports from their sydney headquarters… Serious and sexy in sydney!

  162. mystery meat says:

    How old is this list? I remember when Martha Mcallum was on cnbc. She was smoking hot. Now there is an Australian blonde who looks really good–until she turns her head and u see her profile. Definetly not as hot as I used to think before I saw her profile. Yikes. Btw Sue Hererra is 54 yo. Old and fat. Me like-ee! ;) Lastly, i have heard little comments from michelle caruso-cabrera that lead me to believe that she's probably a real cougur after work…

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