Barclays Global Head of Investment Banking Writes Tear-Stained Letter To Son’s School, Demands Teacher’s Firing For Trash Talking Barclays, Making Son Cry

Hugh 'Skip' McGee II.GIFHugh “Skip” McGee III is not happy. The former Lehman Brothers head of investment banking/current Barclays employee of the same title is specifically not happy with the hippies at The Kinkaid School. You see, kids, The Kinkaid School is an institution Skippy spends good money to send his children to and lately? The commune seems to be poisoning the McGees’ minds in a dangerous way. And to be honest, Skip has had it. He’s held his tongue ’til now but not anymore. So what’s going to happen, is Skip is going to sit down and lose his shit in a letter to the school, demanding the dismissal of a whole buncha personnel, and come seriously close to giving himself a hernia. You wanna know why? Skip’s got three reasons:
1. The school made a bunch of high school boys very upset (not just upset, “humiliated”) when it wouldn’t let them dress in drag for a pep rally.
2. Something about “a gay female coach” who The Skipper wants fired.
3. (The pièce de résistance:) History teacher Leslie Lovett should also be fired because she injects her ‘leftist invective’ in the curriculum and said mean, hurtful things about investment bankers, particularly those working for Lehman and Barclays, and made Skippy’s son cry. Luckily, Skip Jr. wiped his eyes, stood up to Ms. Lovett and said, you are wrong about my dad! He wanted to save Lehman. He wanted to save Lehman so bad!
Screen shot 2009-11-30 at 1.35.06 PM.png
Skip is deadly serious about these charges (if his demands are not met he’s threatening to pull his third child out of the school and send her to another Houston prep school), so we strongly suggest you read the entire thing. We almost didn’t post this because it starts off kind of slow and we got distracted by other stuff. Then something, I don’t know what– the ghost of Dick Fuld, with whom the Skipper has some beef– told us to give it a second look. Thank god we did, or we would’ve missed gems like:

* “So this letter is about much more than a cancelled pep rally–it’s about taking back
control of the Kinkaid School.”
* “Mr. Saltman finally appeared at the back of the theater and, pointing with his finger, yelled at the top of his lungs, ‘I told you not to do this! This pep rally is over!'”
* “I have never seen the air taken out of a room like that.”
* “My wife Susie spends time at the school nearly every day on something, and I have never seen her so mad at Kinkaid.”
* “The pep rally incident is just a symptom of a broader problem. As I said in the opening
paragraph of this letter, this is not about a pep rally.”
* “Many are concerned about whether they can change schools – I am not, as I know St. Johns will take another McGee in a heartbeat.”
* “On behalf of the ‘silent majority,’ I tell you that this cancelled [sic] pep rally is the ‘tipping point’ for many families.”
Skip McGee Letter [PDF]
Earlier: Comp Watch ’09: Hugh “Skip” McGee

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339 Responses to “Barclays Global Head of Investment Banking Writes Tear-Stained Letter To Son’s School, Demands Teacher’s Firing For Trash Talking Barclays, Making Son Cry”

  1. guest says:

    I do not respect anyone named “Skip”. If he was a public school student his lunch money would have been spent already.

  2. american bandersnatch says:

    The Kinkaid School in Houston?

  3. Seaman Bodine II says:

    Well, his kids are sure crying now.

  4. guest says:

    Reading between the lines, he says he wants that lesbain bitch face-fucked.

  5. guest says:

    His son = Dick Bove

  6. guest says:

    He named his kid John Ed?

  7. american bandersnatch says:

    When I went there, we had awesome dyke-free pep rallies. Highway to Hell blaring on the speakers. Man, the 20th century was so cool.

  8. guest says:

    Skip’s Scramble

  9. guest says:

    erin burnett should consider shaving that unibrow

  10. guest says:

    Every one of these cry-baby stories makes me wonder how did this dipstick get paid so much.
    Man up John Ed

  11. pfluger says:

    Hugh “Skip” McGee III is a friend-a-mine. I consider dis a very, very serious matter.

  12. guest says:

    Will you be posting entire letter?

  13. CoveredLong says:

    As much as I’d like to rip into ‘Skip’…anyone else get the inkling this is part of the good ‘ole wife appeasement campaign?
    …then again his name is Skip so who really knows.

  14. guest says:

    Don’t you mean, “Hugh ‘Counter on the Ball’ McGee III?”

  15. guest says:

    @1 I agree.
    –Ira “Skip” Cohen

  16. guest says:

    Kink-aide, drag queens, lesbian (wrestling?) coaches… I think I get it…

  17. guest says:

    I’m on to you, Kinkaid!
    Chubby Rain

  18. guest says:

    @1- “Skip” is a very common nickname for the third person with that name in a family, especially if one’s father and grandfather are both living when one is born because then one would “skip” being a junior and go straight to being a third. Hence Hugh McGee III aka Skip.
    Why are we letting public schoolers in here now?

  19. guest says:

    Look, Skip, you should find other ways to channel your anger
    T. Woods

  20. guest says:

    @ 18- Similarly, i suspect “Corky” is a common nickname in your family.

  21. guest says:

    I can’t believe this dude is acting all high and mighty. Coming from a guy who left his family in Houston to be the Head of IB at Lehman in New York…took his assistant with him to New York, found her a nice place to nestle in on Lehman’s dime. Kind of strange that he brought his assistant up to NY and stranded his family in Houston don’t you think. Hope your career is going great daddy don’t worry about attending my games at the cost of your career.
    Oh and his assistant ended up being a huge drug addict. How nice.

  22. guest says:

    And here I was thinking “sleazeball” was a compliment.
    -Confused banker

  23. guest says:

    21 = dick fuld?

  24. guest says:

    18’s a fellow Skip.

  25. guest says:

    @20- Those men wanted to have sex with me!
    -18/Louis “Skip” Winthorpe III

  26. guest says:

    my kid’s teacher was smack talking BAC and you don’t see me gettin my panties in a bunch, do ya?

  27. guest says:

    “Many are concerned about whether they can change schools – I am not, as I know St. Johns will take another McGee in a heartbeat.”
    haha what an asshole

  28. guest says:

    “Leftist invective”???
    Skip seems to be a Master of the Dumbass Invective.
    Would someone please contact Skip and ask him to personally visit a hospital for wounded vets of Afghanistan and Iraq? Then he might put things into perspective and quit giving those of us in finance a bad name by way of dumbass letters to the Kincaid School.

  29. guest says:

    @21, yes, she became addicted to Skippy’s McGoo

  30. pfluger says:

    My full name is Hugh “Skip” E. McGee III, as indicated in my bio. I don’t tell anyone what the “E” stands for, because it is embarrassing to me and my family.
    – Skippy McGee, Investment Banker

  31. guest says:

    @30 me too!
    -E. Stanley O’Neal

  32. guest says:

    Is he a member of Mindhead?

  33. guest says:

    I bet there Christmas card is a family portrait where everyone dresses the same coordinated way in some bucolic setting.

  34. NakedShort says:

    Andrew Ross Sorkin delivers the first true behind-the-scenes, moment-by-moment account of how the greatest Houston private school crisis since last years Sadie Hawkins danced controversy developed into a global tsunami. From inside the corner office at Barclay’s Global Head of Investment Banking to secret meetings in the McGee household, and the corridors of the Kinkade School, Too Gay to Give a Flying Fuck is the definitive story of the most powerful, uppity, elitist, cocksucking men and women in the Houston private school scene grappling with success and failure, ego and greed, and, ultimately, the fate of one school’s pep rally.

  35. guest says:

    Skip, drop the private school thing ASAP, it’s a dead end.
    Sandy & Jack

  36. guest says:

    @34/Naked- Comment of the day… now i have to get back to work because I called too much attention to myself.

  37. guest says:

    Quick, Skippy! Call Dr. Ed Young at 2nd Baptist and get some counseling and some “seed faith advice”. Or, if you want the discount program, go see Joel Osteen and you’ll feel a lot better.

  38. coldsweat says:

    @18 – Now I am really confused. I thought “Skip” was used if you were named after your grandfather and “Trip” was if you were the third in line.
    I personally like the letter. It was this kind of skillful touch that closed the Lehman deal with the Koreans.

  39. guest says:

    What caused Skip to have to work around the clock to save 11,000 jobs anyway? As smart as everyone is in the investment banking industry, there could have never been a problem so big as to affect 11,000 people could there? Anyone?? Hello??

  40. guest says:

    Slow news day…who cares?
    dealbreaker this is the tipping point…

  41. guest says:

    Kincaid is for pussies. The nearby public high school is better academically, and the only reason to send your kid to Kincaid is so that 100% of their peers (rather than merely 70% at the public school) are able to drop 15k/yr (maybe more now?) for a private school, to spare them the indignity of not being in the top quarter of a public school, or because they may need serious hand-holding when it comes to either school or social life. The fact that other kids from the clan went to St John’s and one didn’t probably puts him in the needs-hand-holding category. Same crowd whose parents spend 35k/yr for SMU only because junior (excuse me, ‘skip’) isn’t quite sharp enough to get into UT.
    -grad of the local high school

  42. guest says:

    @38/18 where does Flip and Chip fit in w all this?

  43. guest says:

    40 = skip, or susie

  44. guest says:

    John Ed ? Can we please get Texas to secede.

  45. guest says:

    You can’t make this shit up

  46. guest says:

    I went to a Jesuit high school. Our parents never caused any shit like Skip did because they were permitted to drink all the time at school PTA meetings and the like.
    ~Flynn O’Garrity
    Class of ’82

  47. NakedShort says:

    One Texan to another, anyway you can back me up?
    -Jeffrey Chiang

  48. pfluger says:

    We have to work a bit harder, because we don’t have God working with us, like the jews in that other firm do. That is why I worked round the clock.
    – Skippy McGee III, Investment Banker

  49. guest says:

    @41, it’s the same everywhere that has top public schools. I mean, look at these honkeys sending their little punks to Landon.
    – Marion Barry

  50. NakedShort says:

    50=crackhead. examine your ashy lips.

  51. Investorcluzo says:

    I may be biased, having attended THE jesuit hs in houston, but I have yet to meet a dude from that school who impressed me. the ex gf went to kincaid, maybe there’s a reason she had to seek a man from off the reservation…just sayin’

  52. guest says:

    “(at least on the parent whisper circuit) ….because good students represent a conservative viewpoint….”
    I’m thinking Mrs. McGee III wrote the letter and the hen-pecked hubby had to sign it. I can’t imagine a Houston investment ban ker using the syntax in the example letter. I smell the “Junior League” here as well.

  53. american bandersnatch says:

    @41 – Go Falcons! The public schools in the Piney Point Village area suck donkeys’ balls.

  54. kinkaid 01 says:

    This is embarrassing for the Kinkaid community. It’s a good, well-rounded school, and luckily pompous assholes, like Skip, do not represent the majority viewpoint. But yeah, I probably won’t be sending my children to a school like Kinkaid, especially if it becomes a bastion of hate and small-mindedness.

  55. guest says:

    Skip, Skipper or Skippy, whatever name you go by, you should release a statement claiming that either your wife or son wrote this letter since it is inconceivable that the head of Barclays IB who pulls in $25MM per year writes this badly.

  56. guest says:

    I will NOT be sending my children to a school with a name that is an anagram of Ink A Dik. No siree.

  57. Jo says:

    What kind of dumbass starts a letter ‘I am writing’?
    Biggest no-no in the book.
    He needs some schooling.
    (see what I did there?)

  58. Jo says:

    What kind of dumbass starts a letter ‘I am writing’?
    Biggest no-no in the book.
    He needs some schooling.
    (see what I did there?)

  59. guest says:

    Skip should be in prison with the rest of the Lehman Idiots. The guy will turn all his son’s into homos with this sick, egotistical crap!
    Throw him in Attica so he can learn what “getting screwed in life” really means!

  60. guest says:

    @38- You are correct, that is the other usage for “Skip.”
    @41- “Chip” can be short for “Charles” or nickname for a Junior as he is a “chip off the old block.” “Flip” is short for Philip.
    -18/Louis “Skip” Winthorpe III

  61. guest says:

    @61…..Don’t forget that “Turd” is coonass for “Trey”. As in McGee the Turd.

  62. guest says:

    Do you think that the Barclay’s IT people in Houston have blocked Dealbreaker by now?

  63. PWA says:

    @52, the way you write chump you set “The jesuit” back a hndred fckin years. Get out and meet more people then, fun-boy.

  64. guest says:

    @63 Barclays blocked Dealbreaker months ago.

  65. guest says:

    his name is skip and he has a shit-eating grin. waddya expect?
    – Former Jefferies Junior Quant

  66. guest says:

    @ 9 that’s funny I was just admiring her eyebrow(s). They said the same thing about Ingrid Bergman by the way, but Selznick wouldn’t let them touch her.

  67. Bradley says:

    PDF file has “author” meta-data, should I be concerned?

  68. Investorcluzo says:

    @64 – if you’re going to use punctuation, at least be consistent (fkn dbag)…perhaps you should get out and meet an english teacher; hick. and for the record it’s “THE”

  69. guest says:

    #20 hit it out of the park. Well done, sir.

  70. guest says:

    Skippy is Mr. Conservative, Huh? Skippy sounds more like a crybaby douchebag to TGFD.
    Not the kind of conservative TGFD would wish to be associated with.
    Skippy appears to be living proof of the assertion that the Head of IB job at Lehman and Barclays could easily be filled by a monkey.
    If Skippy’s boss found out about Skippy’s lunacy, would Skippy get fired, or at least demoted? Give Skippy something meaningful to cry about.
    When you already sound and look like a wimp, that aged, all-american-boy look of yours doesn’t help your image, Skippy.
    Just another $25MM incompetent asshole feeding at the trough of OPM.
    The Guy from Delaware

  71. guest says:

    Note to Self: Tear up letter to Houston’s St. John School about “Mayfest” being an anti-hetero commemoration of Joe Stalin’s attempt to make everyone in Houston a Commanist with a global warming tea party birth certificate agenda in cahoots with ACORN.
    I wouldn’t want to see that letter published via Dealbreaker.
    ~Hugh Midity
    Done Deal Oil Marketing Co.
    Houston, TX

  72. gwb says:

    i wish my daddy would have written a letter to my school threatening to pull my tuition check because i wasn’t allowed to dress in drag for everyone to see.
    oh wait, i was a cheerleader and my daddy got me out of all kinds of stuff with his letters.
    G.W. Bush

  73. Investorcluzo says:

    @72 – well played sir.

  74. nancytropoli says:

    I applaud Skip McGee for taking a proactive interest in his children’s school. The direction of Kinkaid’s leadership has been troubling for quite some time, beginning with hiring Mark Devey some years ago. I think Mr. McGee should serve on the Board of Trustees and lead a Back to Basics campaign.
    It is a shame that this letter was leaked to Dealbreaker where it appears its readers/commentators have time and not much else on their minds.

  75. guest says:

    letter = made of fail

  76. PWA says:

    @cluzo STFU before I ether you, bitch. The good news is you learned the difference between it’s and its. Good job, dh.

  77. guest says:

    I remember this clown stepping up in front of the big Monday morning meeting at Lehman, and pounding his chest how much stock he bought because it was such a great deal. He also made the point that he had not asked his wife about it. “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.”

  78. guest says:

    My kids go to public school and we don’t have any of those issues. If the teacher started bad mouthing Barkley’s the kids would think she meant Sir Charles. Private schools are for kids who need a little extra help getting into the Ivies.

  79. guest says:

    You’re no fun.
    The Guy from Delaware

  80. guest says:

    This has EP all over it.

  81. guest says:

    Nancy Tropoli
    President at Avalon Homes
    Houston, Texas Area
    thanks for playing. now put your 5-gal hat back on and ride your mule back to the mcmansion.

  82. guest says:

    @81 what the hell are you talking about? it doesn’t, in any way shape or form, but okay.

  83. guest says:

    Skip’s letter was very much needed. Most everyone posting here is ignorant and apparently has nothing else to do in their sad life except make comments about situations in which they are not involved and have no idea of the circumstances. I graduated from Kinkaid right when it was starting to change for the worse. Hopefully more parents and students will stand up like Skip did and not let Kinkaid turn into a joke school. This is not a matter of liberal vs. conservative; it is a matter of schools focusing on teaching the facts rather than promoting an agenda.

  84. guest says:

    Skip’s letter was very much needed. Most everyone posting here is ignorant and apparently has nothing else to do in their sad life except make comments about situations in which they are not involved and have no idea of the circumstances. I graduated from Kinkaid right when it was starting to change for the worse. Hopefully more parents and students will stand up like Skip did and not let Kinkaid turn into a joke school. This is not a matter of liberal vs. conservative; it is a matter of schools focusing on teaching the facts rather than promoting an agenda.

  85. guest says:

    The only thing worst than a right-wing Texan is one with money. Texas has the undisputed and unmatched honor of being the spawning grounds for the Bush family.

  86. guest says:

    Does that house belong to Nancy@#75 or to Skippy? Tell us please.
    The Guy from Delaware

  87. guest says:

    85/86: get off the “post” button. if you did not get it, this is a Wall Str tabloid. Skippy is a Wall Str figure that happens to have shown what a true ass he really is via a letter to his kids’ school. The posting and the discussions have little to nothing to do with the school. Let me guess, reading comprehension 30th percentile??

  88. Investorcluzo says:

    can we get a grammar check @77…seriously dude, show yourself back to yahoo finance. better yet, market is now closed – start processing all those trades.

  89. guest says:

    @87 Acutally that would be CT

  90. guest says:

    You’re no fun either, but at least you know how to 2x post.
    The Guy from Delaware

  91. guest says:

    Does Kinkaid have any collies on Campus?
    — Skip Kneale

  92. Erin Callan says:

    Markets close?
    – Former Lehman back office

  93. Anal_yst says:

    If Skippy doesn’t like it, there’s dozens of other private schools that’d, as he, himself alluded, be glad to have his offspring. This letter would have carried alot more weight if it followed, or at least accompanied him pulling his kid outa the school.
    This is America, son, where we vote with our wallet.

  94. guest says:

    Texans are disgusting creatures.

  95. guest says:

    Looks like the conservative Kincaidian parents have an “e-mail tree”.
    What is it with you Kincadians and “agendas” lurking behind every corner? I bet Kincaid has had more heroin addicts in attendance than the so-called “worst” public school in Houston.
    You’d better call Fox News or Rush before this gets out of hand.

  96. guest says:

    @75 – you must have taken a wrong turn…no one here cares about some school in TX and its direction. the point here is that this LEH “rainmaker” sounds like a serious d-bag and his name is skip which for a grown man is comical to say the least.

  97. guest says:

    Skip, repeat after me; “It’s easy to grin / When your ship comes in / And you’ve got the stock market beat. / But the man worthwhile, / Is the man who can smile, / When his shorts are too tight in the seat.”

  98. PWA says:

    @90, that’s all you got? Yahoo fin? Process trades? Real fucking original.
    Don’t make me out you, son.

  99. guest says:

    The “Pledge of Allegiance” was written by Francis Bellamy, a Socialist. Socialists have an agenda. Apparently, the Socialists want school kids to say their Pledge of Allegiance. Thus, I bet the folk at Kincaid are against Socialists and against saying the Pledge of Allegiance at school functions because it was written by a man with an agenda.
    “Politics” makes people dumb.

  100. NakedShort says:

    101=pragmatist. don’t examine your motives.

  101. guest says:

    I’m guessing that since the letter went to the Board of Trustees, that one of the “trustees” let it slip out to the masses.

  102. guest says:

    @88 Skippy’s… hcad also lists

  103. guest says:

    Sir Allen Stanford

  104. guest says:

    41 went to Memorial High School.

  105. 2gud2btrue says:

    Ha Ha

  106. guest says:

    As a frequent dealbreaker commenter (I usually comment under the handle “guest”), I’m pretty surprised to see my high school alma mater getting this kind of attention.
    You know what? Skip is right; Saltman is an asshole. Mrs Lovett? Huuuuuge bitch. And the school has basically become the plot of PCU.
    But I have no idea why this story is getting so much attention on db. It’s just a letter written to the school’s BOD.

  107. guest says:

    @108 because the letter was written by the global head of a major wall street investment bank, and he comes off like a total douchebag. and it’s funny. so that’s why. really putting those kinkaid powers of deduction to work, aren’t ya?

  108. Diogenes says:

    I love hearing these bankers cry. He doesn’t realize how lucky he is it was just a teacher calling him and his fellow scumbags out.
    When the mob comes and gives these leeches the “short drop and sudden stop” they deserve his money won’t mean shit.
    Keep whining rich piggie

  109. guest says:

    Male McGees use a jar of peanut butter instead of KY for their lube. After the pep rally, that is.

  110. guest says:

    @109, while I’ll grant you that the “tears in his eyes” comment comes off as a bit cloying, McGee is right about the fact that Kinkaid is now swarming with Tri-Lambs, and it’s kind of disgusting.
    I’m was really more surprised that there are so many Houston commenters here. I mean, ab and cluzo?

  111. guest says:

    Those kids will be in college soon and Ma and Pa won’t have any clue about what the kids are doing. The parents should shut up and let the school do what it wants to do.

  112. guest says:

    @110, how the fuck do you people even find dealbreaker?

  113. guest says:

    @108 – If you don’t realize what is wrong with this letter that makes you a hand puppet. For one, it is symbolic of the helicopter parenting plague of our time. Let the kids sort out their own issues. You are probably exactly like John Ed.
    Needless to say, for the head of Barclays IDB to call out the student council president for an election video he made to defend his kid and prove his point, pretty douchy. This guy (and the wife who wrote the letter) deserve all the negative attention they are getting.

  114. guest says:

    i love kinkaid, got my first bj from a girl there. they’re not the brightest bunch of kids…

  115. Steers and Queers says:

    @112, was just thinking the same thing re: Texas guys.
    Kinkaid hasn’t received this much attention since this:

  116. Investorcluzo says:

    @108 – yes, from houston. I have lived in nyc long enough to be called a “new yorker.” c’mon now, h-town is the 4th largest city in the country…what did you expect?

  117. guest says:

    Skippy has been a douche since he was an associate. Gotta hand it to him, though, he is a survivor. Enron should have killed his career, but he lived to help screw up LEH and, since Barclay’s is already so screwed up, he has time to mess with a lousy white flight school in dirtwater. I am coming to admire him.

  118. guest says:

    @cluzo, well the most frequent commenters here are pretty much you, bandersnatch, anal_yst, seaman bodine, and naked short*. Two are from Houston (that I know of). Whenever there is a Houston-based story (i.e. Jeff Chiang amonth ago), tons of commenters come out of the woodwork. Houston’s not that large a metro area, so–yeah–I’m a bit surprised.
    *fuck TGFD

  119. Investorcluzo says:

    @120 – true, but that’s only because we chose to actually *register*; some “guests” do comment quite frequently, but it’s tougher to keep track. given the dearth of houston/texas related stories, one feels compelled to provide his/her $0.02. but I take exception to your comment: “houston’s not that large a metro area.” it is the 4th largest city in the country!
    nonetheless, have you noticed the number of comments any story about HBS receives (what’s so compelling there)?

  120. guest says:

    Finally, you’ve come around! Do you want to bring the anal cone, or should I?
    Livin’ on a prayer,
    The Gay from Delaware

  121. guest says:

    @121, no matter how many people live in Houston, it’s still an overgrown cow town. New York, Boston, Chicago, Philly, and San Francisco are cities. Houston is a bunch of ugly, phallic skyscrapers, surrounded by suburbs, a junior L.A-in-the-swamp.

  122. guest says:

    @106 I did said as much… like 108, I wasn’t expecting that many Houston commenters (except for the natty traders here and there) around, so I didn’t think the name would mean anything to anyone. Care to disagree with my description of the Kinkaid crowd?

  123. guest says:

    @ 123- And NY is an overpopulated city.

  124. guest says:

    @ 123- And NY is an overpopulated city.
    Not 121

  125. guest says:

    Skip’s son lost out in the race for Student Council president. So he picks on the winner. Real mature, Skip.

  126. guest says:

    Skip’s son lost out in the race for Student Council president. So he picks on the winner. Real mature, Skip.

  127. guest says:

    # 104’s comment was removed by moderator.You must be Cramer.

  128. guest says:

    Skip’s son lost out in the race for Student Council president. So he picks on the winner. Real mature, Skip.

  129. guest says:

    what an asshole.

  130. guest says:

    @121 Yo, Brooklyn is the 4th largest city in the country!

  131. Sextus says:

    @114 Been here for years. I’m enjoying the collapse.
    Just remember the ultimate “fuck you” is going to be when the people with guns do nothing to protect you piggies when the mobs assemble and go after you and your ilk for their pound of flesh.
    What you reap is what you’ll deserve.

  132. TGFD says:

    Guest@#120 & Cluzo@#121…
    TGFD has tried to register a number of times, but DB management wants no part of that.
    Therefore, henceforth TGFD will fill in the “Nickname” space on my otherwise “Guest” posts.
    That’s the best I can do.
    The Guy from Delaware

  133. guest says:

    How is it that so many Houstonites work in finance?

  134. guest says:

    Well, gosh darn! I’m so glad I found this article, because as a spoiled, brain-dead product of the Kinkaid School, I can finally be educated on everything I must be missing out on by gettin’ my learnin’ at the Vortex of Hell. Let me share with you a list of things I have gleaned from this article, and its enlightened respondents:
    1. Having a nickname is cause for crucifixion.
    2. If you have a viewpoint, and you choose to share it in an effort to make change, you are wrong.
    3. Good spelling and grammar is optional.
    4. If you have no idea what you’re talking about, you should post something about it here.
    5. Texas really should secede.
    Peace and love, y’all.

  135. guest says:

    Kinkaid SPC Champs 2003 FOR LIFE

  136. guest says:

    “Skip’s son lost out in the race for Student Council president. So he picks on the winner. Real mature, Skip” – That is the most absurd thing I’ve seen on here. Skip McGee is a respectable and intelligent man who cares deeply about the school’s direction. It is abundantly clear that many of you have no association with the school, and this article gives little insight into the real situation. The Governing Council President and one teacher went in with a leftist agenda and screwed everything up. Saltman is not at fault; yes he made a mistake at the pep rally, but it was because he was thrown off guard. He cares about the school and the students, just as Mr. McGee does. I cannot say the same for some others involved.

  137. guest says:

    Thank you finally, 137 and 139. You seem to be the only ones with a sense of clarity about the issue.

  138. guest says:

    And 137 wins the thread.
    I understand that people love to bash important executives (especially when they make themselves look like an ass), but the attacks on Kinkaid and Texas in general are ridiculous. Kinkaid is a great school and Texas is a great state; not all people in it are.
    As for that, 136, the answer is the energy. Energy investment banking is the most important part of investment banking, and Houston is the most important energy city in the country.

  139. guest says:

    Now that I’ve pissed myself laughing at this f*ckstick (who, incidentally has now made his son(s) lives a living hell) I can confidently tell you….this country is SO f*cked.
    America — Meet your leadership cohort! Never forget that these are the people the Club For Growth says you need to be redistributing your wealth TO ’cause they know so much!
    Thank god, I see a strong stewerd of my middle class well-being in Skip…and young Skip Jr Jr….and John Ed (really? John Ed?)

  140. guest says:

    John Ed is short for John Edward, for the love of God.

  141. guest says:

    John Ed is short for John Edward, for the love of God.

  142. guest says:

    This Kinkaid School is one of the finest schools in the Nation. It sends its students to universities all around the country annually, including many ivy leagues. It usually has a 100% college acceptance rate every year. Therefore, it is sad that it is getting so much negative attention over this matter. It is true that there are several teachers promoting an agenda. Skip’s letter may have been a bit over the top, but I can understand the frustration. When you spend good money to give your kids an education, it does not make you happy when certain teachers spend time promoting their agenda rather than dedicating their all to teaching the material. You can make fun of Skip all you want, but he has a point.

  143. guest says:

    Pissed yourself laughing, #142? You are the perfect person to critique our country’s leadership. Thanks for the insight on our leadership cohort.
    If you knew anything whatsoever about the situation, you would know that John Ed’s life is not “a living hell.” More people at the school identify with the letter than you might think (again, assuming you knew anything at all about the goings-on), and he’s bound for an Ivy League college after this year. Regardless of his father’s indiscretion in letting the letter get public, John Ed will be just fine.

  144. guest says:

    @55 Typically clueless shut-in response. If you got out more, you would know the McGees ARE the majority viewpoint, and not just at Kinkaid, but far beyond (except Delaware). You would also be less boring. As for small-mindedness, I wouldn’t be surprised if you thought your mind made a difference.
    Susie, keep on fighting, we will win this one, in spite of meddlers from Joe Biden country.

  145. guest says:

    Skip is a hero! He had the guts to say what the silent majority, including myself, did not. Ms. Lovett is very much out of step with the majority of the school. If she wants to have the Girls’ Hockey game be “Homecomeing”, let her go to a public school where she can likely make that happen. I assure you, we can plan a really super “Bon Voyage” party for her! (BTW, Mr. Saltman has never had a lot of tact. So what he did was not surprising to those who know him.) As a psychology major, it has been very interesting, analyzing all the angry people who have found your site. Sadly, 90% of those who have posted desperately need to be lying on a couch talking to a doctor. For people to post comments like theirs, when they have no basis whatsoever for understanding what they are writing, it exhibits the pain and suffering they have had in their lives. Many were bullied when they were young, many grew up envying what others had that they did not, and others did not get in to the colleges they wanted and felt they should. The McGees are truly the family that most wish they could be and the angry letters here simply highlight that fact. Even your most liberal writers would have given all they had to have been admited to an Ivy League school like the McGee family. So, what have I learned from reading these comments? There are many people hurting and angry. What a shame that someone is not reaching out and helping channel that anger into something positive…something to bring some happiness into their lives. Just remember, it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile! My advice, find something more important to focus on than a letter which was never intended to be more than a letter to the Board of a Private School!

  146. guest says:

    @148, Can you please do your comment up in needlepoint and send us a picture?

  147. american bandersnatch says:

    @148 – I hope letting that our made you feel better. I think majoring in psychology will turn out to be a super decision for you.

  148. guest says:

    #41, 124
    Yes, you are a little bitch who went to Memorial then UT. Get over yourself.

  149. guest says:

    @148 Hi, Greg’s mom!

  150. guest says:

    41 is upset the mean kinkaid boys wouldn’t let him into fiji or sae at texas

  151. guest says:

    If he were such a wonderful dad, he wouldn’t have raised a weepy vagine for a son. Typical banker’s kid. Grow a pair sally.

  152. guest says:

    Is Kinkaid in the Homo Heights part of Houston?
    For those Texas who threaten to secede, please make sure the Longhorns and Cowboys go wit’ ya.

  153. guest says:

    #148 – i know that you learned correct grammar at the Kinkaid school, so please use it. “Myself” is a reflexive pronoun and is not a subsitute for the use of the word “me”. The school is a terrific school. Unfortunately, Skip’s letter was a knee jerk reaction and should not have been sent until it was cleaned up and the emotion deleted so that the point of the letter did not get lost in all the fluff. A man in Skip’s position should have written a better letter and expressed himself in a different manner. However, his comments have united the Silent Majority!

  154. guest says:

    @ 148… or maybe they’re all just sociopaths, and have no concern for anyone but themselves?
    You assume that malicious actions are always a sign of someone who is hurt inside, when maybe people just want to hurt other people. probably because you’re a psych-nutjob and you can’t fathom that it would be any other way, or else people like you wouldn’t have jobs (you see, you’re kind of like a guy in muni sales). Looking forward to reading your article in the NEJM on people who say mean or angry things on anonymous web blogs. That should really shake up the field (choking down laughter) of clinical psychology.
    oh, and DIAF…obvi

  155. guest says:

    Brunswick vs. Kinkaid?? discuss.

  156. guest says:

    The comments have been hijacked by a bunch of boring Kinkaid parents/alums. This is a tabloid. Grow a pair or don’t read this stuff. Commenters like 148 are the reason that Kinkaid sucks.
    -Kinkaid alum that’s glad to be away from losers like Skip

  157. guest says:

    @159, probably not a bunch of them but one or two Kinkaiders of the Dark Ark, who feel very threatened by these mostly innocuous posts. Yo, Kinkaiders, this is love compared to the Chiang posts.

  158. guest says:

    @157, you’re on to something there.

  159. guest says:

    @148 and other Skippy defenders, the substance of the school issue doesn’t matter here. But the letter revealed the kind of sloppy, whiny arrogance that is rightly reviled here. Such hubris can damage institutions more consequential than Kinkaid (like Lehman and Enron).

  160. guest says:

    @137: crucifixion is one thing, but nicknames that are suitable for six year olds are ridiculous for successful (?) adults.
    – Lloyd “Bobo” Blankster and J. “Iceman” Dimon.

  161. guest says:

    @162, good point. I’ll say this as a frequent dealbreaker commenter (I can’t believe I missed this yesterday) who happens to be a Kinkaid alum: 1) Skip is entirely correct about the weird direction the school has taken and 2) if I were not a Kinkaid alum, I’d probably think Skip’s letter to be whiny and histrionic.
    But, like it or not, since db has made this a cause celebre, it is inviting discussion on the substance of the point itself and not just the tone of letter. And it’s telling on tha point that Skip has had some defenders on here despite the whiny tone and risk of internet flaming, which is a rarity. I don’t recall a lot of commenters defending Jeff Chiang’s apochryphal team captaincy in the 2007 C-League intermural football championship, for example.

  162. Harold Carnes says:

    This is great: erstwhile Assistant Vice President Patrick Batemans vs. Kinkaid Moms in the poor man’s Celebrity Deathmatch. My money is on the Kinkaid Moms over the bed wetters in two rounds. You sadsacks need to get back to grovelling for your bonus that your xray wife in Scarsdale has already spent.

  163. guest says:

    @164–1) I am a Kinkaid alum. 2)His letter is still self-righteous and pathetic. 3) There were plenty of JC apologists.
    I get it. You’re trying to get with the Kinkaid moms. That’s hot.

  164. guest says:

    His wife totally wrote this. No banker, or man, or Houstonian would tell the whole world that his son not only wanted to dress in female drag, but also cried in front of the class.
    That said, it is fascinating how he prefers homophobia (gay female coach) without acknowledging his son’s desire to dress in drag.

  165. guest says:

    Hey I think I am going to ditch my family here in Houston and go to New York by myself. Thanks for being such a great doormat (I mean wife) all these years.

  166. guest says:

    Well said 148! It is very amusing how many of these losers got defensive after reading your post. It is very telling to see how many Skip defenders are posting here, especially when he is so negatively portrayed by this article. You can tell the difference between the sad people posting that need to find a new pastime and the people who really know what’s going on in this situation.

  167. guest says:

    @169…’re so sweet. Once you get 148’s dick out of your mouth, why don’t you put some lipstick on for the pep rally?

  168. guest says:

    @170, a lot of self-fellating going down among the Skipsters.

  169. Novice says:

    Kinkaid may be better than Strake, but I like Cluzo more than you.

  170. guest says:

    All you retards out there, Skip’s letter made it clear the cross-dresser pep rally was just the proverbial last straw. But it’s no surprise you humorless mental slackers don’t have the attention span necessary to read anything but your own boring blogs. So it sounds like Susie wrote it. So?! She got him to sign it, didn’t she? So much for being his doormat. You go, girl! The McGees do represent the majority which is not going to be silent anymore. The original blog writer made Skip’s letter sound like a whining drag queen freedom manifesto, which it isn’t. Right, Susie? I do wish you made that clear again for all the thumb suckers in Delaware.
    The real issue is the unbelievable carelessness, or worse, of the hiring process at Kinkaid. Mark Devey, anyone? If the people in charge of vetting the new hires deliberately selected classroom political agitators and militants, or ball-kicking retards, the chickens have now come home to roost. That’s why we need to go in there and fire North, South, East and West.
    As for Texas seceding, what would all you carpetbaggers out there do without us? While all 49 states are bankrupt, Texas is running a 9 Billion surplus. We are creating more jobs than all other states combined, our economy is larger than that of Russia, India or Mexico (courtesy of Senator Dan Patrick’s website). We have the oil, the gas, the nuclear power plants, jet fighter plants, computers and semiconductors industry and the agriculture that keep the rest of the country safe ang going, such as it is. It’s all because we haven’t all gone lunatic fringe insane like the rest of you. We would better off without the rest of you, but what the hell would you do without us? You already are an impoverished banana republic. Maybe you should , as the last resort, try to legalize prostitution, gambling and opium use in order to tax those activities to raise revenue. We will visit your mudhole republic and patronize your girlfriends once in a while. Out of the kindness of our heart, you understand. But R-E-S-P-E-C-T?! Excuse me, you get none.

  171. NakedShort says:

    @173 Please take my brown paper lunch sack. Place over mouth. Breathe in. Breathe out. R-E-P-E-A-T.

  172. guest says:

    @173 yes, WE are the humorless ones…

  173. guest says:

    Notice how they keep using gay power language like “we will not be silent anymore”?
    Coincidence? Methinks not.
    And 173, your post was too boring and incoherent to read, sorry.

  174. guest says:

    @176 obviously not a coincidence, since homophobes (skip, etc) are generally closeted gays themselves (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

  175. guest says:

    @176 obviously thouthinks not. As for the gay language, it should be right up your back alley.

  176. guest says:

    # 173. It is quite possible that I f*cked your mother.
    Now go to your room. And no more internet!

  177. Skip McGee IV says:

    Bess Levin, should we look up your home address and publish it on the internet? I live in Houston and I’m the first to laugh when Kinkaid is ridiculed but I actually have sympathy for the guy when you make his home address available for everyone to record. If you can black out names in that PDF, you can black out an address as well. Otherwise you just look like an ass, kind of like Skip McGee

  178. lamar high school says:

    all the skip defenders are posting because they are trophy wife dumpsters who don’t have jobs, have plenty of time, and are obviously riding the high of the most exciting thing thats happened to their lives in the last decade.
    the funny thing is you think your fake little private school world where pep rallies, parent participation, and high school football games are actually important.
    man oh man. its funny to watch the real world pass you right on by
    …try a little harder and maybe it will pass by your kids too

  179. guest says:

    Uhoh..Does that mean I should take down the nude photos of your wife, 180?

  180. guest says:

    Is this the real world? Where people spend all day commenting on virtual gossip, arguing about things that they have no spectrum about? Well, then, by all means, keep the kids out of private school! Real education is just bologna!

  181. guest says:

    @183 “virtual gossip”? um, yes, it is posted on this mystical place but the “gossip” is very real. go back to sucking skip mcgee dick. thanks.

  182. Skip McGee IV says:

    @181 oh snap! you tell that quixotic skip mcgee. this is the real world, where people read gawker and dealbreaker and post ad hominems at rich people as if skip mcgee is going to read them and donate his $25,000,000 salary to UNICEF.
    in what “real world” do you reside? go back to daily kos and convince yourself that the the day approaches when skip mcgee will collapse in tears because he has to pay an additional 5-15% in capital gains taxes and this is somehow going to enrich your life at his expense.

  183. Skip McGee IV says:

    @182 no because i get my rocks off knowing that they get to look and i get to touch

  184. guest says:

    #176 We all know thou thinkest not before you spread them cheeks and open your foul chute.

  185. guest says:

    #179 So you’re the sick necrophiliac mofo who got arrested for prowling around my mother’s grave, while your wife was blowing me in the back seat of my car?

  186. guest says:

    Skip–We’re all for rich bastards. Just not whiny, douchebags.

  187. guest says:

    @180, I’ve heard the doorman at Bess’s building is an ex-wrestler with 50-inch guns who turns intruders (and homophobes)into hand puppets.

  188. Patrick "Purple Urkle Bateman says:

    @181 “all the skip defenders are posting because they are trophy wife dumpsters who don’t have jobs, have plenty of time, and are obviously riding the high of the most exciting thing thats happened to their lives in the last decade”
    as a skip defender, i will identify (by strain) the high that i am currently riding as i type: OG Kush. when i was in college, i liked to smoke a j and laugh at the kids who studied hard and wanted to work on wall street. like a lot of you, i didn’t think were about to “earn” their $150,000+ salaries. i told myself i was smarter then them. when i graduated from college and then grad school, i didn’t have a lot of money. i was a philosophy professor at a community college. but unlike the lot of you who laugh at rich people because you don’t realize that you envy them, i decided that i was going to get rich too. this is america. get off your ass and make some money. i spent ten hours a day for five years studying investing and finance until i had saved up the money to become a day trader. now i’m rich. and i make bank sitting around all day with my macbook pro open to my online brokerage on the right and my volcano vaporizer to the left. medical marijuana in CO is awesome, and so is not paying high taxes: so i further put my money behind my convictions but donating to the Republican National Committee and the Marijuana Policy Project (cognitive dissonance is fine in moderation)
    – Patrick “Purple Urkle” Bateman

  189. guest says:

    Yeah, 188!I love it when you kinkaid moms talk dirty.

  190. Rebel Alliance says:

    And the St. John’s folks are sitting back and laughing.
    Besides, our gays are waaay better than their gays.

  191. Rebel Alliance says:

    And the SJS folks are sitting back and laughing.
    Besides, our gays are waaaay better than their gays!

  192. Andrew Edison says:

    What’s funny about the blacked out name is that it’s not actually blacked out but is just black text on a black background. If you highlight it in your PDF reader and copy and paste it, all is revealed. Throughout the document, there is only one persons name blacked out.

  193. guest says:

    People like the current student president and the teacher in question are ruining what kinkaid used to stand for. The end.

  194. guest says:

    Skip McGee is a Kinkaid hero. To those of you uninvolved with the school or this story, stop commenting. You don’t know the gravity of the situation the school is facing and clearly don’t care to understand.

  195. TGFD says:

    Only those having some kind of personal association with Kinkaid even give a shit about it, or for that matter, even heard of the fu*king place.
    Of course, people from Houston probably know of Kinkaid too. That’s because they hear the fu*king faggot band blasting all over town every time they have one of their sissy pep-o-rallies.
    TGFD gives not a fu*k about Kinkaid, or about useless faggots like Skippy.
    This thread got nauseating awhile ago, but I like to throw shit on a fire, so I added another comment.
    The Guy from Delaware

  196. guest says:

    While the posters on this board love to harp on grammatical mistakes, no one has caught Investocluzo’s BS about Houston being the 4th largest city. Yes, technically it is, but only because it has annexed so much area around it that in other cities would be suburbs. Anyone who has taken a junior high social studies class (though maybe not at Kinkaid) would know that metropolitan area is the correct way to rank cities.

  197. guest says:

    Two hundred, bitches.

  198. guest says:

    @199, Houston is the fourth largest incorporated city in the U.S. As far as metro areas go, the U.S. Census has so many ways of consolidating and unconsolidating metro areas it’s hard to say exactly where Houston ranks but it’s probably somewhere between 8 and 10.
    In terms of cities, I’d want to live in, forget it. As for the Kinkaid zealots, you’d think they’d realize it’s easier to french kiss a shark than argue with Dealbreakers.

  199. Mom says:

    This is a private letter between a parent and a BOD. Who leaked it?
    Stupid pep rallies are part of school. Boys dressing up like cheerleaders is done in a lot of schools. But of course, those might be schools that don’t use so much PC baloney therefore some silliness is allowed. You can tell who posts about Kinkaid but never heard of it before -or is not very smart in general- the school is spelled Kinkaid not Kincaid.And St John’s doesn’t need anymore bossy parents who think their kids are entitled to special treatment. Those can stay at Kinkaid. Kinkaid has gone down in the past 15 years- their test scores have gotten worse and worse. Too bad. Maybe they should worry more about THAT.

  200. guest says:

    @202 you can also tell who post about kinkaid and HAS heard of it, is a mcgee defender, and is an obvious middle-late aged idiot (use of word: baloney). test scores have gone down and it’s because of thinks like liberal ideology? yeah okay. aren’t you late for a right-wing hate meeting tonight?

  201. TGFD says:

    I believe it was “bologna” that was used by that “middle-late aged idiot”, not “baloney” as you suggest.
    Let’s try to keep our facts in order so that the casual reader of this thread will not become confused and disoriented.
    The Guy from Delaware

  202. Novice says:


  203. guest says:

    Let’s be real people, if you really want Houston private school gossip then you should be looking back to the blogging/sex scandal that rocked st. john’s about 4 years ago. this letter is a total non-event by comparison. even episcopal manages the occasional drug bust and expulsion. Come on, Kinkaid, earn your spot in the houston top three.

  204. guest says:

    @206 let’s get real, if you weren’t such an idiot, you’d know know one actually gives a fuck about houston private school gossip, per se, but the fact that the letter was by the barclays global IBD head.

  205. guest says:

    As someone who attended Kinkaid from 1st through 12th grade, I can assure you that ‘controversy’ like this is nothing new. I graduated 13 years ago but I see nothing has changed. Administrators all had agendas and would kiss any a**, liberal or conservative, to further them. Faculty members didn’t know how to keep their egos in check and their minds on teaching, and wealthy parents were constantly getting their panties in bunches over one ‘controversy’ or another.
    I regret that even one penny of my family’s money went to that pseudo-intellectual b.s. factory.

  206. guest says:

    And feeling good was easy, Lord, when he sang the blues,
    You know feeling good was good enough for me,
    Good enough for me and my Skippy McGee.

  207. guest says:

    What a way to end the evening’s session. Well done.

  208. guest says:

    208-Ditto. I thought I had gotten rid of this lame crowd, only to find them on DB.

  209. guest says:

    Kudos, Skip! You’re quite right that the school’s culture is changing. Why some football players have even started to date colored boys instead of respectable white ones…

  210. guest says:

    @211, the only lame thing around here is your noodle. And I’m not talking about the one you don’t think with.

  211. guest says:

    “Your noodle”? Mom, is that you?

  212. guest says:

    OK, Kinkaid, this board has some standards. We don’t use words like noodle. Please step up your game.

  213. guest says:

    @214, if you’re Greg, then it’s your mom. @213

  214. guest says:

    Are people still so insecure and pathetic that they name their kids after themselves?!?!?!
    – Al John Ryan Howard VI

  215. guest says:

    “As for Texas seceding, what would all you carpetbaggers out there do without us?”
    Well, for one thing, we wouldn’t have to pick up the mess that one George Bush left us in. All your fine oil and agriculture and computer plants don’t begin to compensate for the wreck that Texan politicians and Texan voters wreck on the republic.

  216. tarheel21 says:

    While it may be a tiny, insignificant world stuffed chock full of arrogant pricks and botoxed slab, within that theater one jackass stands above the rest: Mickey Saltman.

  217. tarheel21 says:

    mickey was a pricky with an icky-uncut-dicky.

  218. guest says:

    I don’t defend Skip’s point of view but I will defend him on the point made about him abandoning his family in Houston while he worked in NY. My daughter is friends with his and he was at MORE of her sports games than most dads that lived and worked in Houston.

  219. guest says:

    I don’t defend Skip’s point of view but I will defend him on the point made about him abandoning his family in Houston while he worked in NY. My daughter is friends with his and he was at MORE of her sports games than most dads that lived and worked in Houston.

  220. Globe says:

    I read the letter, and honestly, there are so many serious problems in the world right now–I agree with the guy who said that Skip should visit the local Vet Hospital if he needs to see some reality.
    A cancelled pep rally will not matter much to these kids in a few years once they are out in the real world and leave their school behind. Even the Leftist culture there will pale compared to that of any elite school in the US. If Skip thinks this Kinkaid leftism is bad, try the Ivy League!
    This whole thing has hurt Kinkaid unnecessarily, and Skip should move on.
    As for the spoiled brats critique, while the kids there are well to do, they also work very hard compared to their peers in public school. It is not unusual for the Kinkaid kids to have 30 hours or more of homework a week, whereas the Public School kids, might have 10 at most (especially if they are not honors track). So, cut some slack. While other kids are screwing around, Kinkaid kids are working hard to compete in new future global industries.

  221. guest says:

    Anyone who uses the spoiled brat critique is most likely just jealous anyways. I did not become successful in life simply by sitting around whining that I was not born into a multitude of wealth. Stop bitching and do something with your life.

  222. guest says:

    Why do I get the sense that many of the posters here live[d] off the fruits of Skip’s labor? Perhaps that’s why you have so much free time to post on DealBrkr between twitter posts? Keep ‘tweeting’, we’re waiting for your next update.
    As for TX’s succession;
    -most Fortune 500 co’s of any state and city (Houston) [check],
    -30% of the nation’s refining capacity [check],
    -best economy (as defined by a Sept edition The Economist) [check],
    -only state with an independent power grid [check],
    -only state that fought for and won its own independence [check],
    -only state that maintains its own military [check]…
    Maybe we’ll loan the upper 49 states some petroleum so you losers (led by your Obama) can repay the petro debt you’re amassing… or, maybe not.
    -TX Bnkr

  223. guest says:

    @226 what in god’s name are you talking about, nutbag? step away from the computer.

  224. Investorcluzo says:

    why are you still discussing this? it is so last month…just sayin’

  225. guest says:

    Hey 220, you leering in the shower again? Mommy warned you about that; wouldn’t want to send the wrong message to one so easily attracted to the young and defenseless (as indicated by his career choice and evidenced by his Napoleonic actions), and so afraid of his own attraction to those dressed in drag…..

  226. guest says:

    @114 – What do you mean, “you people”?

  227. guest says:

    @226 = confederate.

  228. guest says:

    Two point conversion for the win.

  229. guest says:

    Why is Mr. McGee so sure his child can go to St. John’s School in a heartbeat? Sounds pretty arrogant.

  230. guest says:

    As a parent of a current Kinkaid student and part of the silent majority, the McGee’s e-mail represents the views of many Kinkaid families. I personally hope it brings about some changes in the administration and direction of the school.

  231. guest says:

    “As for TX’s succession;”
    Welll then GO! You list lots of reasons why Texas is so great and why we would miss you, but you’re like the homely guy, who thinks he’s the life of the party, and who just won’t leave when it’s hinted he should move on. Just GO! Leave the rest of us alone! We really won’t miss you. We’re tired of your pathetic values – execution, torture, aggressive wars, the list goes on. Just GO!

  232. guest says:

    Hey 221…How did Skippy attend so many sports events. That would mean a lot of time in the air. He’d have to leave the office in the AM to attend an afternoon event, right? I bet if you compared her sports schedule to his expense reports you’ll find a tight corellation in “business trips” to Houston. Just a guess. Shouldn’t he have been either at his desk or with a client, earning the multiple millions Lehman was paying him. Just another crook.

  233. guest says:

    226’s therapy: it’s ok that you work in TX. You don’t have to work in NY if you’re a banker–they are some really important bankers that don’t! Really!
    Feel better now? That will be $200.

  234. guest says:

    The games were on weekends so he seemed to make it back home from wherever to be there and came to her games instead of hunting, watching tv, going to college football games, playing golf etc like most of the other silent majority. I give him credit for that.

  235. guest says:

    @226 Maybe we shouldn’t advertize Texas so much. All desperate clueless carpetbagger refugees who couldn’t control the politics of their own states will inundate Texas and change everything. ACORN already has a plan and the funds for it.
    Regarding Kinkaid, we parents need to be involved in the selection of this so-called outside “counselor”, who will render a decision that will determine the future of the school. If this is another attempt to pass the buck and avoid responsibility, it won’t wash. And on top it all, the BOD now is sending one of their own to bankrupt CALIFORNIA, of all places, “to get inspiration about what Kinkaid should do”! Now that takes the cake! Do we want Kliphornia Uber Alles metastasizing to Kinkaid? Everybody better pay attention to this one.

  236. guest says:

    #218 Nooo, we wouldn’t want you lofty souls picking up after Bush, you will be too busy picking cotton for below subsistence wages in your own impoverished banana state.

  237. guest says:

    #240 We carpetbaggers are proudly unable to grow cotton in our miserable weather up here. We ain’t growing bananas either. Or anything else. But we are perfectly able to lecture you evil Texans.
    Margie, is there any food left in the refrigerator? Boy, are we screwed.

  238. guest says:

    “#218 Nooo, we wouldn’t want you lofty souls picking up after Bush, you will be too busy picking cotton for below subsistence wages in your own impoverished banana state.”
    Well then GO! Leave! You have lots of reasons why Texas is great and why the rest of us should be just so happy to have you as one of the states, but guess what – we don’t share your feelings. You are close-minded child murderers. Filth from head to toe. Get out!

  239. guest says:

    Scum sucking pencil neck geek

  240. guest says:

    God! you people suck.

  241. guest says:

    @244 What do you mean, “you people?”

  242. guest says:

    Where all the white women at?

  243. guest says:

    Right on #246, now we’re complete. Call me, I know where all the white women at. Mmm-Mmm-Mmm!

  244. guest says:

    #242 – we close-minded, child murdering, filthy Texans are gonna tell you how it is. And you’re gonna listen – after all, we feed you, right? Beggars can’t be chosers. Now you “guess what” – we callously don’t care about your tearful “feelings”. As for your feeble brains – ugh, what brains? If you had any, you dumb liberal interloper, you would forget about us, you would stop meddling in our schools, and you would focus on getting out of our free food line. GET OUT! (I’m sure you’re wondering, how are the Texans feeding me? And how can I repay them? Send your check to Kinkaid School)

  245. guest says:

    Hmmm…Being from TX, but not a nutjob like 242, I’d just like to state that in no way is TX ‘the bread basket’ of the U.S. I hope 242’s not a Kinkaid grad, for god’s sakes.

  246. guest says:

    Oops. Meant 248.

  247. guest says:

    Yeah, 248, couldn’t have said it better myself, any contribution, however small, would be humbly appeciated. We at the Kinkaid are diverse community, we cherish our liberal friends and their money.

  248. guest says:

    249, this is hillarious! I knew I could count on some people to wonder along those very lines! I have to shut down my computer now, or I may fatally suffer from terminal mirth.

  249. guest says:

    I’ve sentenced boys younger than Andrew to the gas chamber. Didn’t want to do it. Felt I owed it to them.

  250. guest says:

    I am the parent of a current Kinkaid high school student. Kinkaid is an excellent school precisely because of people such as Micky Saltman and Don North. The school, as a whole, does not have a leftest agenda, but is rather trying to prepare our children for a world that is very different from the bubble in which they currently live. The teachers are caring, dedicated and actually pretty amazing. They truly care about the kids. I have no complaints about the curriculum. I know that my child is receiving a top notch education. I am also pleased that my child is not a gay basher and listens to and respects different opinions and values.

  251. TheFactMan says:

    Letter is very well written and spot-on reflects the views of many families in the US. Grow up, and realize the political correct approach to issues is weak…go Skip!

  252. EL Paco says:

    Is there a 2^10-1 limit?

  253. Novice says:

    @256/Paco, the correct response would have been whether the thread could be part of the Two to the Fightin’ Eighth Power Squadron.
    @255, as bandersnatch also shows there’s a diversity of opinion within the Kinkaid community. Aside from the fact that I think your view is both the more prevalent and the more truthful, I’m of the mind that the conservative voices need to begin simply by recognizing that there are other opinions. Too often they assume that either they speak for otherwise-cowed parents or that the other parents are apathetic and negligent. It’s faintly ridiculous to assume that Kinkaid is tyrannized by a small clique of teachers, or more broadly that the students of an SPC school need to be sheltered from gay faculty.
    I look forward to our game at Rice next year,

  254. guest says:

    Of course we all know Texas is not the bread basket of the US. Latin America is. China is our everything-else basket, international bankers are our money basket, and the US is the basket case. Thank you both, dems and repubs.

  255. guest says:

    You people suck. Get over yourselves.

  256. guest says:

    @259 What do YOU mean, “you people?”

  257. current kinkaid high schooler says:

    I go to Kinkaid. This morning as I read the front page article in the Houston Chronicle about Kinkaid and our “problems” I instantly became curious as to what these articles on the Internet say about my school. This whole controversy is entertaining to say the least. It’s uncovered multiple problems Kinkaid has had in the past with diversity (like allowing a lunch Bible study but not a Jewish study group. The bible study isn’t even allowed to congregate inside the school..they were pushed to the football field. Allowing an Indian Club but not a Jewish Club, etc.), yet all these articles I’ve found only talk about how Mr. McGee is a white supremacist trying to take down a psycho US History teacher (she is psycho. She’s my teacher. I fucking hate her only because of her relentless work load and how she demands respect from everyone like she’s the Advanced Placement US History teacher. She gets incredibly offended when people use “gay” as a synonym for “dumb” yet she’s not afraid to call her malfunctioning laptop “retarded.” I’m just glad she stepped down from her position as head of the Diversity Committee…everything’s screwed up.)
    In my opinion, Mr. McGee should go ahead and take his kids to St. John’s. No one would give a flying fuck, except for Kinkaid would feel they’re losing a valuable family (*ahem* bunch of money). The history teacher should be reprimanded. The principal is doing just fine, he’s done great things for Kinkaid. And he should leave the gay athletic coaches alone because what the hell have they done? They’re cool and work with the kids better than a lot of the heterosexual coaches.

  258. guest says:

    I know both Skip and Suzie, I went to Law School with both of them years ago. I had heard nothing of this until it appeared on the FRONT PAGE of The Houston Chronicle this morning-surely there are more important “news” items( there was a “tickler” in yesterday’s edition about the “doings” at Kincaid). I was expecting something of substance, not tabloid-like fodder, and was stunned that I knew the author of the “disturbing letter”. Skip and Suzie are parents concerned about their children,end of story. All of the “negativity” is obviously jealousy- hopefully you all put as much effort into raising your children as you do into cutting down others who do.

  259. new yorker says:

    Seems like Hugh McGee has worked his way to the top and many jealous onlookers are throwing shit at him because of it. Brilliant man WORTH $25 million/year to a powerful Wallstreet Bank. How many of you “sleaseballs” could get to that point in life? Jealously is rearing its ugly head.
    These people care enough about their children to take a stand (whether right or wrong), risking everything. Sounds like the BOD at the school has dropped the ball, allowing the “Headmaster” to take charge. What kind of “Board” would allow the main problem (headmaster who allowed school to go too far in one direction) to hire an outside firm and select a “task force”.
    Sounds like the Board of Directors are wimps! Have a summit and solve the problems! Isn’t that what you are there for?? Have the school vote on a new Board consisting of people who think like the families who support the school (and pay the salaries). Isn’t it a “private school”. Why is this on the front page of the newspaper?? “private school” – the majority of Houstonians don’t care what the people of that school are doing. wake up Chronicle. Find some news-worthy issues.

  260. guest says:

    263-Have you read the letter? I’m sympathetic to many of his points, but his letter is embarrassing. Whiny, histrionic, bullying. Not the sort of thing you would expect from an impressive guy. This is an investment banking TABLOID. That’s why it was covered here. If you’ve got a beef with the Houston Chronicle, then take it there. Plus, you’re signed on a NYer. Why on earth are you reading that rag?

  261. guest says:

    The post before mine referred to the Houston media so I took a look . Must be a slow news day in Houston for this story to make the front page.
    Bottom line, if McGee hadn’t risen above the crowd and struck an oustanding deal with Barclays, the story would have never existed. I read the letter. No matter what his views are and how the letter came across NO ONE would pay the guy that kind of money if the guy was not making BIG BUCKS for the company. He has brains, no doubt about it. Doesn’t make since that he would stick his neck out if there wasn’t a serious problem at the school. Sounds like there is more to the story than the media is reporting.

  262. guest says:

    265, so is your point that all people who are highly paid can’t make jackasses of themselves by virtue of the fact that they are highly paid? This is an incredibly circular argument. And I’m an alum with a bunch of friends still at the school. He’s making a mountain out of a molehill. That, my friend, coupled with the fact that you would expect more of him, is why it’s covered in a finance tabloid. And those of you who think jealously is driving this should read the Jeff Chiang/lying intern posts. This is love compared to that.

  263. guest says:

    McGee’s mistake was ever putting his thoughts in an email. Slamming the guy because he let off steam to his kid’s school is an over reaction by the public. It seems McGee’s letter to the Board of Directors was intended to be delt with privately. He certainly would have chosen different words had he known it would have been of interest to the world.

  264. guest says:

    If he wanted it to be private, then why did his friend, another parent, distribute it to everyone?

  265. guest says:

    Is “confederate” supposed to be an insult?
    @ 235;
    Really…Promise? Name 5 things that Texas needs from your beloved Union.
    @ 237;
    And ‘all’ the important bankers are in NYC? Check your league table stats captain… your firm was likely acquired by a bank holding co from the south or west. Ouch.

  266. Dr. Long Balls says:

    It’s times like these where I feel a fleeting, yet strong, sense of school pride…for St. John’s.
    Jesus. This dude is sick. Take your “silent majority” and your 25 million dollar/year deal with Barclays to the next Tea Party.
    I’m glad your son thinks you were staying up all night trying to save 11,000 people’s jobs. But more intelligent, less impressionable people really know what your were trying to save…your own arse.
    Here’s a good way of saving 11,000 jobs and one of the world’s oldest investment banks…DON’T INVEST IN HORSE SH@T.

  267. guest says:

    you people suck and blow at the same time.

  268. rebel says:

    I can’t wait to give Skippy a big kiss and pray that I get Elin’s $7M deal!
    Houston Housewife
    P.O. Box# 6969
    SJS Rebel Drive
    Claremont Drive

  269. rebel says:

    I can’t wait to give Skippy a big kiss and pray that I get Elin’s $7M deal!
    Houston Housewife
    P.O. Box# 6969
    SJS Rebel Drive
    Claremont Drive

  270. guest says:

    233 You must be an airhead!

  271. guest says:

    239 You are very astute!

  272. guest says:

    240 You better watch out! “Picking Cotton”??! The PC Police are coming after you!

  273. guest says:

    254 Well flip your kid a fish!

  274. guest says:

    262, 263, 265, 267 You are obviously bright and well educated, and have evaluated the issues quite accurately.
    266, I don’t believe your are an alumnus of Kinkaid. If you truly are, you must have failed Mrs. Alsup’s class.
    270, as your ability to express yourself is also very limited, I’m questioning that you indeed are a graduate of St John. Certainly when I was at Kinkaid, my SJS friends were much better spoken. Though I must hasten to say that if 261 is in fact a current Student at Kinkaid, I will wager that Mrs. Kinkaid is going to reach down and wash his mouth out with soap. While I am very sorry that you must endure such an inferior teacher, I must tell you if you are going to be successful as an adult, you must cleanse those 4 letter words from your vocabulary. Educated men (and women) can articulate their thoughts without using vulgar language. (Note 262,265,267) If you are a student at Kinkaid, run to your English teacher for help! You need to work on expressing your views without being so crude.
    268 Why don’t you ask his “friend” why he placed a private letter in the public domain? Then post the answer here. Inquiring minds want to know! Perhaps it could be that the friend has talents other than writing great letters? My postulation: the friend wanted to pen such a letter, but had not the courage. A great asset Mr. McGee possesses is that he can handle this, when most others could not.

  275. guest says:

    Golf clap for the good citizens of Houston, who just elected their first openly lesbian mayor, Annise Parker.

  276. guest says:

    Well said #262, but here’s my practical point of view – also relating to some of the previous comments.
    We all understand that the buck must stop in the headmaster’s office, after all he signed off on all the recommendations for hiring new teachers, and he may have delegated a bit too much, but the truth is his choices were very limited. It looks increasingly likely that just about every name that ever made it to Don’s desk was in the same mold – the type of teacher that is currently irritating so much so many of us. It’s increasingly difficult these days to find teachers who do not have a political axe to grind, and who have the self-control necessary to refrain from sharpening said axe in class. The Private School Accreditation Commission (or whatever they call themselves) also bears some responsibility for pushing the PC agenda – a very important point so many seem to miss. Whatever Don’s faults, whatever his mistakes, he has the skill and the experience to possibly lead Kinkaid out of the present embarrassment. I think HE LEARNED HIS LESSON. I think that he can help to clean up the mess, and that he will definitely pay more attention to the hiring policy (an absolute must). Upon serious consideration, firing all cardinal points as some suggested may be counterproductive, and likely result in KINKAID TAKING A HARD LEFT TURN in the vacuum left behind. Wouldn’t it be ironic, if the McGee letter were the cause for that? Saving the one cardinal point the compass points to may turn out to be the wiser (re: more practical)policy. There are also many great teachers who have demonstrated by their daily attitude that they do not deserve to be dragged into this. We must all – parents, BOD, teachers – be involved in devising a clear, unambiguous direction for the school, including taking a good hard look at the accreditation policy. If we do so, there’s no doubt we will succeed.

  277. guest says:

    Right on. What is the point of paying the high tuition fees to send my children to a private school, if their policies are dictated by the Private School Association, which is becoming nothing more than an arm of the politically corect NEA? As a member of the Association, Kinkaid can and must be represented by someone who can effectively articulate our position.

  278. guest says:

    Right on. What is the point of paying the high tuition fees to send my children to a private school, if their policies are dictated by the Private School Association, which is becoming nothing more than an arm of the politically corect NEA? As a member of the Association, Kinkaid can and must be represented by someone who can effectively articulate our position.

  279. guest says:

    Hoorah for Skip.

  280. […] of investment banking Hugh Skip McGee works at Barclays under the same title and in his free time writes tear-stained letters to his son’s school, demanding the administration allow the boys dress in drag for a pep rally […]

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  318. cod says:

    The head said something humiliating and threatening so must be fired??

  319. cod says:

    As a reminder, that head has never been added to babe's fb, only the kids of that head are added!!

  320. cod says:

    Coz no one wants war and when … was not sure of own feeling and it was not sure if someone really likes and loves… and if someone doesn't mind being younger than…, …lied to head!! It's all about confidence in someone and in oneself!! Now, dare not to tell that head the truth, for not causing hurt and anger, and … feels guilty for making the lie!! …doesn't know what that head will do if the truth is disclosed!! But really only has been platonic!! …swears!!

  321. shrimp's babe says:

    Noted the info about starting new business. However, get hurt very much coz heard that it was shrimp took initiative to sue babe for disturbing shrimp!!?? Why???? If this is just a rumor, what really happened to get babe's stuff disclosed?? Feel hurt and doubtful to the sincerity of shrimp, is shrimp just playing babe around!!?? If shrimp is just kidding babe, let babe know, babe doesn't want to continue but give up!!!!

  322. shrimpson says:

    The post posted yesterday in another webblog was deleted today, perhaps by the web host. So it is posted here again: Still keep in touch with that head, only online; really nothing physical. Still keep contact coz … is waiting for shrimp and coz heard recently that head has got depression after knowing shrimp's presence. So… feels guilty and sorry for that head and dare not to hurt that head right now. May shrimp pls endure and accept … continue contacting that head online for that head's health??

  323. shrimpson says:

    Dun know what the answer is!! Speed; if speed, what should be speedy?? Or successful; if so, does it mean yes to babe's request??

  324. shrimpson says:

    So any suggestion for the solution??

  325. shrimp's babe says:

    Thanks so much to shrimp for respecting … and accept …'s request!!

    Head still threatens shrimp now?? Did head do anything hurting shrimp and …. and/ or families?? If so, what did head do??

    In fact, … has already been trying to contact head less frequent and less direct for shrimp's sake. Perhaps head has smelt something get wrong.

    Blissful to hear that … is a big deal for shrimp or winning … is a big deal to shrimp!! … has a silly but important question i.e. what makes shrimp or why shrimp loves …??