Deutsche Börse Looks East, Because It Has Nowhere Else To Go

When your dreams of expansion have been rebuffed at just about every turn for a decade, it forces you to think outside the box. So goodbye, London, Paris and Amsterdam: Deutsche Börse is (trying) to go to Warsaw.
Seventy years after a very special moment in German-Polish relations, the owner of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is bidding for what locals affectionately refer to as the Giełda Papierów Wartościowych w Warszawie. The other other DB hopes to buy a majority stake in the bourse from its current majority owner, a widely-respected exchange operator called the Polish government.
Deutsche Börse thinks the Warsaw exchange is an “attractive investment.” Maybe it is. Maybe anything looks good after you’ve been humiliated in your attempt to buy the London Stock Exchange and bested by those Wall Street bastards in bidding for Euronext.

Jochen Biedermann, he who holds the unenviable job of “head of Eastern European business” at Deutsche Börse said he likes the cash and derivatives trading a Warsaw foothold would offer. He ominously adds, “We also have our own ideas about new products. And Lebensraum.
There remains, however, the chance that the Germans will once again be stymied. While the one that got away, the LSE, doesn’t plan on making an offer, Deutsche Börse’s bête noir, NYSE Euronext, and Nasdaq OMX have both been invited to make Poland an offer.
Deutsche Börse Makes Bid for Warsaw Stock Exchange [WSJ]

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  1. guest says:

    Greg, I am going to act as a nice fellow and promise to watch your Farmville crops, except I will purposefully forget to water the radishes.
    -Jeff Macke

  2. guest says:

    F, Marry, Kill
    Jon Shazar

  3. guest says:

    I think I just SHAZARTED.

  4. american bandersnatch says:

    Don’t you do it! Don’t! You… I got nowhere else to go! I got nowhere else to g… I got nothin’ else

  5. guest says:

    Greg, come see mommy for some hot chocolate.
    ~ M. Waters

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    Jon’s chanelling the ghost of EP on this post.

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    Shazums – the more words you use to tell your story, the more I am reminded of Greg. And that is a bad thing. Less is more.

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    “Son, people will always try and fuck you. Don’t waste your life planning for a fucking, just be alert when your pants are down.”

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    Greg would’ve never worked in a few tasteful Nazi digs. Jon can stay. Haters can suck it.

  10. Thoth says:

    @9 agreed, and his tags were much better than Greg could do.

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    So what happened to Greg? Was there even a welcome post for Jon from Bess or Lat?
    – 2

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    F, K EP (not necessarily in that oda)
    M GM (seems consistent, stable)

  13. guest says:

    Do you think the Poles recall the German Invasion with the same sense of nostalgia we have for the British Invasion? I’d like to think they do.

  14. Anal_yst says:

    1. Greg never learned how to use tags (despite everyone telling him to).
    2. EP’s writing style is not only verbose, but riddled with delicious allusion and crafty structure. Jon, nor Greg (haha) could come anywhere close.
    3. F/m/k…EP/Jon (regrettably)/Greg (over and over again)

  15. guest says:

    @14/Anal after a certain point GM stopped reading the comments & I can’t say I blame him.

  16. guest says:

    well their aquisition strategy has to beat the NYSEs which since Euronext has yet to aquire anything making a profit I mean NYFIX? hello dumb bar stewards….

  17. guest says:

    Agree 100%.

  18. BPstyler says:

    Yet another non-story as an excuse to mock dumb, inadequate Pollacks or some other Eastern Europeans. You guys win, you are the champs! Would be a more interesting story if you actually did some analysis on why the WSE is such an embarassing acquisition target other than that you think its name looks funny in its native language, of which you are so proudly ignorant.