Steve Rattner: GM’s Problem Is That It Doesn’t Mind Its Own Biznass

steverattnerlarrysummersstaringcontest.pngWhy does General Motors take it up the tailpipe? You could probably come up with at least handful of reasons, but at a breakfast hosted by Fortune this morning, Steve Rattner wanted to highlight one in particular. Over bagels and lox, the retired Car Czar, who last month was finally able to get it off his chest that automaker’s PowerPoint presentations were for shit, said that the higher-ups took no responsibility for their action and spent most of their time smack talking the “competition.”

On Rattner’s conversation with former GM CEO Rick Wagoner when he told him he was fired: “The most curious part of it was that after three to four minutes of chit chat he asked ‘Well are you going to fire Ron Gettelfinger too?’…And I said, ‘Look I’m not in charge of firing Ron Gettelfinger’… One of the problems with GM is that they blame everyone but themselves for their problems…But the fact is, Ford is doing OK and there is no reason why GM had to be in this position.”

Also, don’t talk to him about socialism.

When Serwer asked if government control of the auto industry could be seen as “creeping socialism,” Rattner replied: “We were not volunteers in this war– we were drafted … Without funding, these companies would have liquidated; they would have shut their doors … The only possible source of capital was the US government.”

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13 Responses to “Steve Rattner: GM’s Problem Is That It Doesn’t Mind Its Own Biznass”

  1. guest says:

    oh yes she di’id.

  2. guest says:

    Ratter is giving Summers the “don’t even lie about stealing another one of those apples. I can see it RIGHT THERE!” stare-down

  3. guest says:

    Well it cant be the shitty cars they make. Ford suck too dont get me wrong just because Ford didnt take a bailout desnt mean there cars are any better.

  4. guest says:

    @3 thanks for clarifying a point that wasn’t actually made. Focus.

  5. pfluger says:

    Rattner: YOU LIE. Chap 11 is reorganization, ya dope.
    Anyway, no real man would drive a GMC or Chevy Truck anyway. And certainly not one of those hideous BMW SUVs.
    -guy who drives an F-150

  6. guest says:

    @5 – nice man step

  7. guest says:

    Ford transmissions made in St. Louis: Had 2 go out under warranty and a 3rd after.
    …Did Madoff work there before getting into the Ponzi business?

  8. guest says:

    dude in khakis got wood

  9. pfluger says:

    They made the mansteps for any NYC residents who wouldn’t otherwise be interested. No man step on most of them.

  10. Anal_yst says:

    I usually ignore simple typos and such, but your point was pretty nonsensical to begin with.
    GM needs to spinoff Cadillac, should (have) maximize(d) Saturn, and figure out what the f*ck they’re doing in Continental Europe, because they have, and have had, no.f*cking.clue.
    Ford, IMHO, is overvalued, but that’s another story.
    This isn’t rocket science for crying out loud.

  11. guest says:

    I can’t tell who is a bigger fag. Rattner; the way he sits…is there nothing between his legs that could possibly get in the way (probably sits to pee too)? The guy in the blue shirt…he’s holding his papers like a little school girl while playing pocket pool. Or Larry…with those sockless loafers; besides it can’t be good for his toe fungus;he should at least be wearing whit socks with his loafers.

  12. pfluger says:

    @ 11: Agreed. Rattner is definitely a sitzpinkler.

  13. guest says:

    this pic was a classic caption contest back in the day. just look at these tools.