TCW Group Sues Former CIO Jeffrey Gundlach For Having Drugs, Pornos And 12 “Sexual Devices” In Office

The firm had some other issues with Gundlach, who was fired on December 4, as well (he’s being accused of conspiracy, unfair competition and theft of proprietary TCW information) but we figured this should discussed ASAP, as some of you may have some things you need to dispose of from your desk, in the event that your employer also frowns up this sort of thing. No word on a rebuttal from JG or his representation, but presumably he’ll have good reason for the Backdoor Sluts 9 DVD, the “videocassettes” (they’re vintage) and an itemized list of said “devices.” We need to know what does and doesn’t fly (vibrators, yes, ball gags, no, spreader and truss bar debatable?).

Oh, and FYI, Jeff started his own firm last month, DoubleLine LLC, where one would assume all of the above is a-okay (it would be hypocritical of him not to let it fly) so if you’re looking to jump ship, get in touch.
tcwlawsuit.pdf [PDF]

(hidden for your protection)
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187 Responses to “TCW Group Sues Former CIO Jeffrey Gundlach For Having Drugs, Pornos And 12 “Sexual Devices” In Office”

  1. Anal_yst says:

    So wait, they're saying that the guy wanted to start his own firm, a glorious firm, where senior executives (and maybe even some junior peons) would be free to get baked and J.O. to their heart (& wangs) content?

  2. guest says:

    so drugs, sex toys, dvds, and videocassettes (who owns a VCR these days?), and no one commented yet?

  3. guest says:

    is he hiring?

  4. guest says:

    Did he have Backdoor Sluts 9????

  5. BSD says:

    Poor Jeffey, that shit was Jimmy Cayne's. He had it in his guest office in the LA Bear Building, and when BSC got pwn'd he had to stash them somewhere so he asked Jeff to store them for a while.

  6. CoveredLong says:

    (Golf clap)

  7. guest says:

    major, undisputed WIN

  8. S. Holmes says:

    Some serious money here.

  9. Hopeful... says:

    12 sexual devices???
    I bid $5000 for someone that can come up with all 12 to the tune of "The 12 days of Christmas".
    I'll be waiting…

  10. guest says:

    What do you suppose was in Finneran's office?

  11. guest says:

    If he was having to keep all that recreational stuff at the office rather than the company letting him enjoy it at home, they were clearly working him too hard.

  12. Now on Buyside says:

    Isn't TCW owned by SocGen? I thought the French were down with this kinda stuff (the "devices" at least).

  13. guest says:

    I seriously doubt the charges because the dude has never marketed physical natural gas in Ohio.

  14. Zed says:

    Bring out the Gimp!

  15. guest says:

    Remember that scene in "Trading Places" where Dan Aykroyd tries to plant pills in Eddie Murphy's desk? Smells familiar.
    @10: used to work with Finneran. Just booze; too bombed to get off on anything else.

  16. guest says:

    Gundlach, Tiger and Nails were spotted at 72 Cummings Point – something about a new alternative investment vehicle…

  17. guest says:

    Check the paraphernalia again. Surely they are all Xmas gifts from brokers with their logos branded on the side. Not guilty.

  18. Now on Buyside says:

    @16- "He's got all the bad drugs here: yellow ones, red ones, cocaine grinder– HE's the angel dust dealer, not ME!"

  19. guest says:

    I used to have a sexual device called The Gundlach, but I think Dennis Kneale stole it.

  20. guest says:

    @10 ROR!

  21. guest says:

    There would be more comments but everyone is cleaning out their desk right now.

  22. Becky Boot Fan says:

    Sybian Group LLC would like you to have this buzzblock to increase your enjoyment this Holiday Season and put a smile on your face in the New Year.

  23. merkin capital partn says:

    Vintage? Obv he loves the bush. Wonder if anyone had over the belly button growth?

  24. Tax Chick says:

    Okay… I'm dense. Why the hell would you keep this crap in your office?! Was he really engaging in the implied acts (not the drugs, that I get) in the office? Eeeeow!

  25. guest says:

    Stupid idiots

  26. guest says:

    Notably absent from that list: feces.

  27. guest says:

    @4 no. But he did have "She Goes Cuckoo for Cocoa Studs."

  28. guest says:

    Tax Chick:
    You put that shit in your desk to stun the living shit out of the accountants who rummage through desks at night. I thought everyone knew that.

  29. guest says:

    Maybe the TCW investigators just thought they were pornographic movies. Some real feature titles could fool you, you know. To wit:
    –Movie Titles That Sound Like Porn Movies–
    1) The Bone Collector
    2) Toy Story
    3) Anywhere But Here
    4) Deep Impact
    5) Fire Down Below
    6) In & Out
    7) Backdraft
    8) Gone In 60 Seconds
    9) The Serpent And The Rainbow
    10) Any Which Way You Can
    11) Every Which Way But Loose
    12) Howard's End
    13) The Black Stallion
    14) Big Daddy
    15) Three Men and a Little Lady
    17) The Fast and the Furious
    18) Shaft
    19) Driven
    20) Blow
    21) Snatch
    22) Iron Monkey
    23) Woman On Top

  30. guest says:

    Don't forget the Harrison Ford film, "A Clean and Pleasant Stranger" and the Tom Hanks film "Shaving Ryan's Privates".

  31. guest says:

    Let's not get too carried away here. I bet that one of the found, alleged "sexual devices" was a plaid coffee thermos.

  32. santa says:

    @9: some more sexual than others, but anyway…
    12. Raj Raj neck fucks
    11. Fur-lined cock rings
    10. Anal twizzlers
    9. Ladies dancing
    8. Spitzer hookers
    7. Wall vaginas
    6. CG bracioles
    5. Five Noel girls
    4. Four golden scrots
    3. French hos
    2. Bess's boobies
    1. And a Ping Jiang pissing on me…

  33. guest says:

    @30 Willie Wonka's Chocolate Factory

  34. guest says:

    @33 beautiful

  35. Investorcluzo says:

    wait a damn minute! this guy took a private jet with his "team" to marfa, tx??? wtf, I understand vegas, but really, marfa – was he meeting his dealer? and they paid him $40 large last year. I am clearly doing something wrong.

  36. guest says:

    @36 he only made $40,000?

  37. Cliff Huxtable says:

    I have to return some videotapes.

  38. guest says:

    Marfa is kind of a big deal in the art world these days. And Randy Quaid hangs out there when he isn't allegedly stiffing people and businesses.

  39. guest says:

    12. Expo marker
    11. Expo marker
    10. Expo marker
    9. Expo marker
    8. Expo marker
    7. Expo marker
    6. Expo marker
    5. Expo marker
    4. Expo marker
    3. Expo marker
    2. Expo marker
    1. Expo marker

  40. guest says:

    Tsetse fly

  41. guest says:

    Subsequent Found Items Inventory
    TCW Executive Office Investigation
    Billy Mays mask
    Three-sleeved "Snuggy"
    Bottle of Roger Clemens brand "Testicle Oil"
    Egg beater
    Crusty white sock
    Half eaten meatball sandwich
    Copy of Dealbreaker comments re Dick Fuld penis size
    2 qt Albolene
    40 sqft plastic sheeting
    Clear Desk tarp
    Keyboard prophylactic
    Plaid coffee thermos
    Gator Grip socket set
    Mighty Putty
    Denise Austin exercise video
    Hand grip exerciser
    Scuffed Thighmaster
    Watermelon with larger hole drilled into it
    Stained sock puppet

  42. now on buysid says:

    @39 Why, in God's name? Just looked at the map of TX and it looks like basically not much more than a couple roads and a siding on the RR halfway btw Fort Worth and nowhere.

  43. guest says:

    In 1971, Donald Judd, the renowned minimalist artist, moved to Marfa from New York City. After renting summer houses for a couple of years he bought two large hangars, some smaller buildings and started to permanently install his art. While this started with his building in New York, the buildings in Marfa (now The Block, Judd Foundation) allowed him to install his works on a larger scale. In 1976 he bought the first of two ranches that would become his primary places of residence, continuing a long love affair with the desert landscape surrounding Marfa. Later, with assistance from the Dia Art Foundation in New York, Judd acquired decommissioned Fort D.A. Russell, and began transforming the fort's buildings into art spaces in 1979. Judd's vision was to house large collections of individual artists' work on permanent display, as a sort of anti-museum. Judd believed that the prevailing model of a museum, where art is shown for short periods of time, does not allow the viewer an understanding of the artist or their work as they intended.
    Since Judd's death in 1994, two foundations have been working to maintain his legacy: the Chinati Foundation and Judd Foundation. Every year The Chinati Foundation holds an Open House event where artists, collectors, and enthusiasts come from around the world to visit Marfa's art. Since 1997 Open House has been co-sponsored by both foundations and attracts thousands of visitors from around the world.
    The Chinati Foundation now occupies more than 10 buildings at the site and has on permanent exhibit work by Carl Andre, Ingólfur Arnarsson, John Chamberlain, Dan Flavin, Roni Horn, Ilya Kabakov, Richard Long, Claes Oldenberg, Coosje van Bruggen, John Wesley, and David Rabinowitch.
    In recent years, a new wave of artists has moved to Marfa to live and work. As a result, new gallery spaces have opened in the downtown area. Furthermore, The Lannan Foundation has established a writers-in-residency program, a Marfa theater group has formed, and a multi-functional art space called Ballroom Marfa has begun to show art films, host musical performances, and exhibit other art installations.

  44. guest says:

    @42 we've never discussed dick fuld's penis size. other than that good job.

  45. guest says:

    Was there a steel pipe in the drawer as well? If so, I'd count that as 13:
    "Man's penis removed from pipe"
    Apparently 7 firefighters had to be deployed for a "delicate operation" that involved a four-and-a-half inch grinder. Typical Brits, always going overboard with the technicalities. All they needed to do was to whip out a picture of Danielle Chiesi and that would have eased the man's dick right on out of there.

  46. guest says:

    Keep on fuckin' that chicken!

  47. Investorcluzo says:

    wait, I thought marfa was a restaurant in the village…

  48. guest says:

    @45..yes we have. If I recall correctly, a guest wrote an absurdist comment alleging that said appendage was used by Mr. Fuld to swing down to an office window and Ms. Levin responded by claiming that the guest who wrote the piece "completed" her. I tried to look for "Dick Fuld penis" in the search window above but my observant coworker's facial expression made me think twice about trying it more than once.

  49. guest says:

    One large dildo on the rocks.

  50. guest says:

    Mrs. Gundlach: Jeffrey, what's wrong? Honey? It's bigger than you expected? Smaller? What is it?
    Gundlach: It's a one year membership in the Fleshlight of the month club.
    Cousin Eddie: Jeff, that's the gift that keeps on giving the whole year.

  51. Cliff Huxtable says:

    I have to return some videotapes.

  52. Cliff Huxtable says:

    I have to return some videotapes.

  53. Cliff Huxtable says:

    I have to return some videotapes.

  54. Cliff Huxtable says:

    I have to return some videotapes.

  55. enjointhis says:

    Wow. The porn/drugs was a little salacious, but the factual allegations are over the top. If even 20% of the conspiracy allegations pan out, Mr. Gundlach and his crew are well, truly, and utterly fucked. The complaint should be Exhibit A in how NOT to run a conspiracy…
    They might be brilliant traders, but they were Keystone Kops here. Can't even set up a straw-man company properly – they used one of the co-conspirators as an organizing officer! ET-the-Judge slaps a TRO on the buffoons & smiles as they try to counter the allegations at the PI hearing … in, say, 15 months.
    — ET! (who's a lawyer IRL unassociated w/case, but quite familiar with these types of cases)

  56. guest says:

    @33 you forgot Drury's

  57. guest says:

    Maybe he should be nicer to people…then maybe people wouldn't want to fuck him.
    – Adam Davies

  58. guest says:

    @55 nice

  59. guest says:

    they had to have planted that stuff in his office.

  60. Blockbuster says:

    Please return Forest Hump to our 829 8th Avenue location ASAP.

  61. guest says:

    Ummm "DoubleLine" is the name of the new firm. Drug paraphernalia found in desk.

  62. guest says:

    His new firm is called "Doubleteam" not "doubleline. Get your facts straightThese are all just allegations at this point. I have not been convicted of anything

  63. guest says:

    @59 wrong, it's called DoublePenetration.

  64. NotNasser says:

    #33, FTW

  65. guest says:

    @ 19, I can't believe I did not see Trading Places once on the Christmas TV schedules, this flick should be played all day every day, boot "Miracle on 34th Street"!

  66. guest says:

    @ 19, I can’t believe I did not see Trading Places once on the Christmas TV schedules, this flick should be played all day every day, boot “Miracle on 34th Street”!

  67. guest says:

    Sexual device could simply be condoms.

  68. guest says:

    @64 doubtful

  69. ETF FOOL says:

    […] Back in January, when Jeffrey Gundlach was fired from TCW, his bosses sort of assumed that everyone would be happy to see the guy go. He was known to ask dining companions, “What’s it like having lunch with a genius” and he forced people to refer to him as “The Godfather” and “The Pope.” Sure, he had some good qualities (Gundlach collected the finest dildos from all over the world, had an entire library of porn in his office, including all the classics– A Trip Down Mammary Lane and the full Dr. Fellatio series, and was a stoner and a gifted drummer), but management just figured JG’s ego had grown too big to handle, and thought that everyone would be happy to say good riddance. Oh, how wrong they thought. TCW proved inept in its efforts to stanch the turmoil caused by Gundlach’s departure. On the rainy Monday morning after he was fired, TCW employees gathered in conference rooms for a companywide conference call. CEO Stern told his troops that the downpour was a sign of renewal, and that TCW would emerge as “a firm that has respect for everyone within the firm.”But Day, TCW’s founder and chairman, was less temperate in his remarks. He told the employees that he had been through this before — i.e., with Marks — and that there was no other choice. “It sort of reminds me a bit of General Washington crossing the Delaware,” he said. “The general was in the back of the boat. It would be like a soldier getting up, trying to rock the boat, expecting to sink the boat. His choices are very simple. You shoot the soldier. You throw him off the boat.” […]

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