You Can Add Another Group To The List Of “People” Goldman Sachs Deems “Second Class Citizens”

Goldman Sachs views a lot of “people” (using the term generously, and quite charitably) as second class citizens. Matt Taibbi, its clients, kittens, the list goes on. This isn’t a secret by any means, and even if you don’t have your own laminated copy from which to consult, it’d probably be a good assumption that anyone employees who would be off cavorting around instead of making it rain would be on it right? Which is why it’s sort of surprising to see someone attempting to throw the house policy back in Lloyd and Co’s faces, especially considering she’s a former employee who should know how this shit works.

The lawsuit, filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Manhattan, alleges that Charlotte Hanna, a former vice president at Goldman Sachs University, an internal training program, was discriminated against after having her first child in 2005 and was wrongfully terminated in 2009 while on maternity leave after having her second child. “Despite the firm’s touted, self-serving commitments toward working mothers, it is clear that Goldman Sachs views working mothers as second-class citizens who should be at home with their children rather than contributing in the workplace as a productive employee,” the lawsuit said.

Suit: Goldman ‘Mommy-Tracked’ Exec
[WSJ via DI]

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49 Responses to “You Can Add Another Group To The List Of “People” Goldman Sachs Deems “Second Class Citizens””

  1. HAM05 says:

    in their defense, pregnant women are completely useless at work

  2. Anonymous says:

    but having an endless stream of babies was always in the work plan. my most fertile years are my work years so why not have some suckers pay for my need to have babies.

    Just sayin’

    I’m Just sayin’

  3. Guest says:

    I think this is their way of telling her she was never going to make partner anyways, and to quit while she was ahead. Who the fuck cares.

  4. Anonymous says:

    There are occasions when firms make legitimate mistakes and good, deserving people get hurt – firms of integrity have a duty to rectify those situations. Then there are other situations, in which self-centered “employees” deign to put interests other than those of The Firm at the fore. These people, prone to excessive and unnecessary procreation, also tend to be highly litigious leeches to otherwise productive society, and tend to throw about libelous statements about Those Whose Integrity must Not Be Impugned.
    The actions and words of these degenerate ingrates should rightfully be relegated, unceremoniously, to the dustbins of history.


  5. Anonymous says:

    It is the damn GS, not a toll collecting booth job in central NJ.

  6. guest says:

    @1 you could shorten that sentence by two or three words without changing its meaning.

  7. HAM05 says:

    @6 i like what you did there

  8. Anonymous says:

    @6 motives/examine/thanks

  9. Anonymous says:

    +1 @1

    @6 SANDOS

    look it up

  10. Anonymous says:

    sorry that should have been @8…they are the one that need to sandos. Just so we’re clear.

  11. Anonymous says:

    there is only three certainties of pregnant woman at work – they get in late, leave early and spend half the day in the bathroom – what do you expect

  12. Anonymous says:

    I worked with pregnant woman when I was an intern. They had her working on a MAJOR project for 6 months – she had zero done. After she went on leave I had to take over her project. It was done in four days. The point – just pay these chicks to stay home.

  13. fewrew says:

    but most guys at gs spend all day whacking off and watching porn. Well the time they aren’t engaged in a circle jerk….

  14. Anonymous says:

    Is there a meme I’m missing to make comment 13 seem not fucking retarded (/rahm)? Third grade fucking retarded?

  15. client 9 says:

    #1 wins.

    no wait. #6 wins.

    no… definitely #1.

    ok, maybe #6.

  16. guest says:

    GS doesn’t just overlook pregnant women / working mothers

    unless you’re a chick that straps one on there, you will be shown the door sooner than later — with or without spawn … just look at the *very few* female MDs or PMDs and it’s obvious they’ll cut your heart out to get ahead, just like the guys

    so all you little boys reading DB while dreaming of the day you’ll rock GS’ world, think about sitting next to (or worse, reporting to) THAT

  17. creditquant says:

    @16 Abby Cohen comes to mind, but that’s about all the female execs I remember off the top of my head. There were couple at GSAM and PWM as well.

    You can make an economic argument for the whole issue as well – since GS doesn’t adjust the comp based on gender to account for the pregnancy/0 productivity cost, canning women is another way to recoup those costs …
    If I remember my undergrad days, bulk of the gender wage gap is attributed to women dropping out of workforce to have kids.

  18. guest says:

    @17 AJC is the public (grandmotherly) face of a GS female

    the few that actually rise in trading/production have bigger stones than most of the boys around them, but do you think anyone wants to write a story about it? hardly — esp the men they emasculate on the way up don’t want it told

    but, bigger question — what on earth makes you think GS doesn’t adjust comp based on gender?? AYFKM?? seriously? you think ‘leaving the workforce’ accounts for the wage gap??

    wow I just woke up in 1955

  19. creditquant says:

    @18 People working for GSU make about the same amount of money, male or female. For non-revenue generating positions (even GIR actually, on the lower level) the compensation has a fairly tight range.

    As far as the 1955 comment goes… my background is economics and generally the consensus from my classes and papers published is that bulk of the wage gap can be attributed to bailing to raise kids. Here’s a first hit off of google scholar:

    But there’s a ton of research out there on the topic.

  20. Anonymous says:

    @19 in your research, do you actually ask the women who leave the workforce “to have children” whether they would have stayed if their ability to be compensated or promoted was not hindered by that fact?

    because if GS (other big banks as well) were in any way a hospitable place for a working mother (in the higher-paying trading and sales roles) you would retain a far higher percentage … simply put, it’s not

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