Caption Contest Friday

[A participant in yesterday’s festivities, waiting downtown to give Lloyd a mustache ride. ]

Yesterday’s Wall Street Protest: A Good Time Was Had by All [Daily Intel]

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65 Responses to “Caption Contest Friday”

  1. Anonymous says:

    What a turd blossom.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ziggy piggy.. ziggy piggy.. ziggy piggy

  3. Anonymous says:

    I baught the hat with ma welfare check! YEAAAA!

  4. Guest says:

    Must be French.

  5. Trap Latrock says:

    “Does this tie go with this jacket? Nevermind… TOOOUUUCCCHHHDOOOWWWWNNNN!!!!”

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’m not deceitful or conniving
    Did you see the picture of me skydiving?

    Who am I?

  7. Anonymous says:

    on his way to the next happy hour?

  8. Anonymous says:

    on his way to the next SEC happy hour

  9. Anonymous says:

    I like welfare!

  10. Kenny Powers says:

    All hail Jimmy Cayne. That’s right you idiots, bow down to the Chronic Executive Officer.

  11. seriously? says:

    It was this big!!

    – George Michael

  12. Anonymous says:

    People who used to travel the country following The Dead now do the protest tour. WTO, G-7, now this. Stilts, drums, the whole thing.

  13. Anonymous says:

    @4 why, did he start running away shortly after the photo?

  14. Anonymous says:

    YEAH! What the picture doesn’t show is that Barney Frank is right in front of the man, on all fours. Just getting some street action, doggy style.

  15. dizzeerascal says:

    bess, how excited are you for LHS field hockey reunion?

    -only dude on the invite list

  16. Who’s got to hands and wants some bacon?

  17. Anonymous says:

    Lloyd’s nose is this big. Bigger than the pig’s.

  18. guest says:

    Area man impaled at protest.

  19. Anonymous says:

    “This hat looks like it should come with a bowl of soup… looks good on you though.”

  20. Anonymous says:

    Halloween already?

  21. Guestguestguest says:

    Demonstration participant Zachary Kouwe, 53, repeatedly tries to get fellow protesters to do the wave.

  22. creditquant says:

    Ha so this essentially was an AFL-CIO team building trip.

  23. Anonymous says:

    a picture of Steve Black heading off into retirement

  24. You do the hokey-pokey
    And you turn yourself around.
    That’s what its all about!

  25. guest says:

    Budakon finally reveals his identity.

  26. Anonymous says:

    is that the father of the lead singer of 4 non blondes? who knew he was so patriotic and skilled with a bedazzler

  27. guest says:

    Mustache Ride? I love you Bess!

  28. Anonymous says:

    Dale Earnhardt, deceased, made a rare appearance at the NYSE protest yesterday afternoon…

  29. ChaPlease says:

    I love unemployment checks! Except for I spent 2/3 of my check on this fucking hat

  30. PermaGuest says:

    Cliff Claven on acid.

  31. Anonymous says:

    I am the yokel Lexington Steele. What is too big to fail?

  32. Anonymous says:

    $5 says there’s a Motley Crue logo ironed onto the back of that sweeeet Jean Jacket.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Five . . .
    Five Dollar . . .
    Five Dollar Foot Long . . .

  34. I'm a Dude says:

    nice denim jacket Fred.

  35. Rahodeb says:

    @ 25, I get it. What ever happened to that guy? He was fun.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Us tea baggers have had it up to here with you government banker socialist fascists.

  37. Anonymous says:

    @33: any any any

  38. Anonymous says:

    I think we found the guy that shoplifts his shit from Fashion Bug.

  39. Anonymous says:

    “ok fellow protesters, now when Wall Street Bukaki’s us with semen-laden Benjamins from the windows and starts throwing haymakers because we barged into their lobbies – which by the way, was totally hardcore – just throw your hands up and take it.. that’ll learn em’ not to mess with the general public. Oh, be sure to voice your opinion on global finance too because these motherf*ckers need to be enlightened on THE TRUTH!!!” two seconds before Blankfein lays a John Thain sized load on his back

  40. Anonymous says:

    @36, jerkoff, these people are NOT teapartiers.

    Go suck a hog

  41. CoveredLong says:

    There, was it really that difficult to show me who your CEO was?


  42. Anonymous says:

    These people aren’t tea party people- they’re union members. You know, unions- can you remember when the US used to actually make something of value that people actually wanted to buy? Unlike the snake oil you and your ilk are peddling.

  43. Anonymous says:

    @40 – hit a nerve, dickweed?

  44. Anonymous says:

    “obviously, you’re not a golfer”

  45. Anonymous says:

    Canadian Tuxedo
    Canadian Bacon

    you don’t fool us with your Uncle Sam hat and tie, we see your true colors

  46. Louis Winthorpe III says:

    You might be a redneck if you own a home that is mobile and five cars that aren’t.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Mark Haines, Friday morning, 0400 hrs: “Where the fuck did I put that tie?”

  48. Jeff Foxworthy says:

    @46 *five cars that ain’t

    get it right

  49. Dale Jr. says:


  50. Anonymous says:

    Idiot probably can’t even balance his own checkbook.

  51. Anonymous says:

    @40 wait – the guy is white, wearing a jean jacket, and is obviously a huge patriot based on his hat. Looks like a teabagger to me – are we going to split hairs here?

  52. Anonymous says:

    Fuck you dumb fucking lazy ass protesting cunts. Don’t be fucking angry with us because we went to normal fucking non-community colleges and decided that if we have to spend the rest of our lives doing a shitty fucking job, it might as well be a shitty fucking job that pays a shit ton. You all had the same fucking opportunity that we did, except we took it, so you can take your fucking envy and fuck yourself in the ass with it. Cheerio.

    -John Paulson, HF Manager

  53. guest says:

    @47 FTW!!!!

    Very, Very Funny!!!!

    I walk by that dude every morning……

  54. [On Because we can-can-can (Fatboy Slim)]: Yes we can-can-can!
    [On Get Low (Lil Jon & Eastside)]: Skeet, Skeet, Skeet, Skeet…

  55. Louis Winthorpe III says:

    Charlie Kelly: I’m gonna rise up, I’m gonna kick a little ass, Gonna kick some ass in the USA, Gonna climb a mountain, Gonna sew a flag, Gonna fly on an Eagle, I’m gonna kick some butt, I’m gonna drive a big truck, I’m gonna rule this world, Gonna kick some ass, Gonna rise up, Kick a little ass, ROCK, FLAG AND EAGLE!

  56. @35/25. Crap I completely forgot about budakon. He was, indeed, fun.

  57. TGFBV says:

    The kick is good! CEO’s 3, Senators no score. We’ll be right back after this commercial message for d-bags are us.

  58. Mr. Awesome says:

    And so the union cat in the hat, sat and he sat.
    He sat on the street did the union cat in the hat
    he ate and sat and he got very very fat
    as he watched all the union pilgrims march along yelling for that VAT
    But in the end the union cat in the hat did what a union cat does
    he yelled out in anger and started a fuss
    he pushed and he pushed as the union cat in the hat does
    Now the union cat has no more money no healthcare
    No pension no more fuss.

  59. Josh says:

    My first time in New York, what’s with all the buildings? Too tall, maaan, too f… tall!

  60. Anonymous says:

    “I’m the CEO bitches !!! It’s all good now”

  61. Anonymous says:

    Chelsea Pride Parade

  62. I'm a Dude says:

    that was beautiful

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