April 2010

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    Write-Offs: 04.26.10

    $$$ Goldman, CEO hit with lawsuit [Reuters] $$$ Goldman Sachs, Obama and Wall Street Reform [The New Yorker] $$$ Thomas Montag, the former head of sales and trading in the Americas at Goldman Sachs Group Inc., called a set of mortgage-linked investments sold by his firm “one shi**y deal,” according to an excerpt from internal […]

    / Apr 26, 2010 at 6:45 PM
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    Tomorrow, Pour One (White Castle Hamburger) Out For Goldman Sachs

    Ahead of tomorrow’s hearing, there have been a flurry of stories about Goldman Sachs everywhere you look, including this here site. But it was only Kate Kelly’s Wall Street Journal article that really hit home. For whatever you think about Goldman Sachs and its employees, they’re just people. Just men. Just financial services hacks who, […]

    / Apr 26, 2010 at 6:15 PM
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    Lloyd Blankfein: “April 16th Was One Of The Worst Days Of My Professional Life”

    He hasn’t been ready to talk about it until now but yes, you should know, April 16th was the day Lloyd saw Viniar for the first time in the new steam room during an AM soak. All innocence lost. Not even the on-site cupcakes could console him. And the day got only worse. Here’s what […]

    / Apr 26, 2010 at 5:31 PM
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    Goldman Employees Ready to Fight

    If you thought the SEC’s charges against Goldman Sachs would shake-up the tight-knit culture of the firm, think again. Apparently, they’ve only served to embolden bankers to work extra hard to do what they do best – make money. The new team spirit comes on the eve of what will most likely be a torrent […]

    / Apr 26, 2010 at 4:54 PM
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    Goldman Sachs: Behind Fabrice Tourre, For Now

    They seem to have all but made him the fall guy for this little matter with the SEC but do not be deceived, ladies– Goldman Sachs has got Fabrice Tourre’s back! The firm told Charlie Gasparino that Mr. Fantabulous would’ve been canned a while ago if they thought he’d done anything that could get them […]

    / Apr 26, 2010 at 3:20 PM
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    Fabrice Tourre Denies Fabulousness In Quest To Get Laid

    Many of you have likely done things you should be embarrassed about in the name of getting laid. Given. For the most part, though, that embarrassment (and second hand embarrassment) remains contained to a relatively small group of people. Your friends, onlookers at the bar, cab drivers and so on and so forth. It’s likely […]

    / Apr 26, 2010 at 2:28 PM
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    Shaq Once Bench-Pressed Florida Grocery Arbitrageur, But Did Not Take His Diamond Handcuffs

    Shaquille O’Neal may have hung out with, and even bench-pressed, accused Florida Ponzi man Nevin Shapiro, but he flatly denies Shapiro ever gave him a pair of diamond-studded handcuffs. Shapiro, who liked to hang out with pro athletes, was arrested last week on charges of running a $900 million Ponzi scheme. He promised investors annual […]

    / Apr 26, 2010 at 12:34 PM
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    Killing Time On Capitol Hill

    The following post is by Dealbreaker reader and commenter Infinite Guest. The e-mails from Goldman Sachs that Senator Carl Levin posted on his website Saturday, ahead of Tuesday’s hearing before the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, demonstrate, if anything, that late in 2007, as was widely reported in contemporary media, Lloyd Blankfein and others were rightly […]

    / Apr 26, 2010 at 12:00 PM
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    Just Putting It Out There: “CNBC Asia’s Amanda Drury To Join The Network’s US Team As An Anchor”

    The Druries will make their debut co-anchoring The Call while Melissa Francis is on maternity leave. “Amanda is one of the smartest and most talented business news anchors anywhere in the world and we are very excited that she is joining our U.S. team,” said Jeremy Pink, SVP Business News, CNBC. No doubt but we’ve […]

    / Apr 26, 2010 at 11:36 AM
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    Celebrity Shareholder Cribs: Prince Alwaleed’s Palace

    Have you often wondered to yourself, does Citi’s favorite investor max and relax (indoor) poolside after a long day of riding Vikram’s ass like Zorro? Does said indoor pool have a jungle theme going on around it that includes life size ceramic elephants, antelopes and giraffes? Would the Prince’s style be best described as late […]

    / Apr 26, 2010 at 10:34 AM
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    Judge to Decide Whether Barclays Got a Secret $11 Billion Windfall in Lehman Deal

    Lawyers from Jones Day, who are overseeing the estate of Lehman Brothers, will  begin arguments today in a closely-watched case that seeks more than $11 billion from Barclays, which lawyers for the estate said the British bank received after  purchasing Lehman’s assets shortly after it filed the largest bankruptcy in U.S. history. The Lehman estate […]

    / Apr 26, 2010 at 10:02 AM
  • News, Opening Bell

    Opening Bell: 04.26.10

    Treasury to Sell “Up To” 1.5 Billion Shares of Citigroup Stock (BW) The Treasury will give its agent, Morgan Stanley, “discretionary authority” to sell the amount, and expects to give clearance to sell additional shares thereafter, the department said in an e-mailed statement today. “We’re putting TARP out of its misery,” Treasury Secretary Timothy F. […]

    / Apr 26, 2010 at 9:00 AM
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    Write-Offs: 04.23.10

    $$$ Abacus might have had other benefits for Goldman [Reuters] $$$ Banker Saves Septuagenarian Trapped in Corn Silo [Daily Intel] $$$ Moore’s Bacon Richest Hedge Fund Manager In U.K. [FINalternatives] $$$ The GS Metaphor Reel [HP] $$$ Goldman SEC charges to spark cases against others [The Deal] $$$ Citi CallsThe Cops On The Schnitzel Truck […]

    / Apr 23, 2010 at 5:15 PM
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    Greenlight Capital Shames Wall Street Journal For Making Stuff Up

    Remember that story a few months back in the Wall Street Journal, about the hedge fund “idea dinner” that insinuated a bunch of managers got together to break bread while plotting to take down the Euro? David Einhorn and the Greenlight team do! They’ve been discussing it amongst themselves for a while, and today it […]

    / Apr 23, 2010 at 3:06 PM
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    One Case You Can Be Sure The SEC Was All Over

    The Securities and Exchange Commission announced that a federal district court in Nevada has entered a final judgment, by consent, against Marlin R. Brinsky of Santa Monica, California, in connection with an enforcement action filed in 2005 concerning a penny stock manipulation and accounting fraud. The final judgment against Brinsky, a certified public accountant, was […]

    / Apr 23, 2010 at 2:20 PM
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    Paulson Tells Investors He’ll Pick Up The Tab Any Potential Legal Fees Related To You-Know-What

    He’s got this one covered. Letter to investors via Absolute Return.

    / Apr 23, 2010 at 2:10 PM
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    Guess Who Gets a Discount on Their Next Goldman CDO

    “We’ve been working with Goldman Sachs since Blackstone was founded almost 25 years ago and I’ve been personally working with them for over 40 years, and we’ve never had any circumstance where there’s been any question about their ethical character or their behavior on any transaction we were involved with.” “We’re a major client of […]

    / Apr 23, 2010 at 1:58 PM
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    Member Of Team ABACUS Pens Book Called “How I Caused The Credit Crunch,” Based On His Time Spent Asking Important Question Like “Where Is The Brothel?”

    Tetsuya Ishikawa worked for six years as a credit banker at ABN AMRO, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. Last year he was fired from MS, and a couple years prior to that, he was listed as one of the salesman investors should contact if they wanted to get a piece of ABACUS. And since getting […]

    / Apr 23, 2010 at 1:35 PM

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