Thinking Of Running Some Sort Of Financial Scam? Consider Bringing Your Wife In On The Gig

Janette Stone

So you’re thinking of running a Ponzi scheme are you? Or perhaps a classic pump and dump? Before you dive right in and start stealing people’s money, there’s probably one thing you haven’t thought of, and it’s the key to your success– adding your wife as a member of the team. I know what you’re thinking– women, not good with numbers and stuff and definitely not good at crime. And that’s exactly the point: no one will ever see them coming. Won’t suspect a thing. The experts are backing me up on this one. Apparently it’s become something of a trend (because it’s genius). Reuters’ Matt Goldstein reports:

“The beauty of these husband and wife cases is that they take advantage of the basic sexism of Wall Street, which is that these women aren’t really smart enough to do this,” said Bill Singer, a securities attorney, who has defended a number of married couples in his day. “But that just isn’t true.”

Regulators, defense lawyers and criminologists suggest the uptick in securities fraud crimes by couples who love to scam may simply reflect the fact that more women work in Wall Street jobs where they get better access to confidential market-moving information. Or it may reflect the natural ability of married couples to better win the confidence of potential victims than a male swindler acting alone or with other men. “It is pretty easy to look at a guy and be suspicious of him for being too slick,” said Michael Benson, a professor at the University of Cincinnati School of Criminal Justice. “But if a guy has his wife involved, for some people I can imagine that would be very reassuring.”

It also works in the event you’re not so much slick but a bit rough around the edges. Not so refined. Have a goatee. Allow the words “We’re not out there pounding 1,000 shares up Uncle Joe’s ass” to exit your mouth while conversing with a reporter. The mere presence a woman can fix all that, and keep your scam going a lot longer than you’d be able to doing it alone, or with another dude. Jeff and Janette Stone (who sometimes goes by the name “Dillerstone) know what we’re talking about.

This really happened

The former Greenwich residents and proprietors of the now-defunct New York investment firm Crescent Fund are living in Tokyo, and owe US regulators around half a mill for their five-year penny stock scam. A scam that never would’ve gotten off the ground if it weren’t for Janette making the whole thing look kosher. (She was named CEO of the firm, while her husband, a former Lehman executive who’d previously spent a year in prison for a different penny stock scam, was named a “subcontractor.”) The couple is currently running a new maybe-scam called the Wakabayashi Fund, and if the authorities think they’re going to get jack from J&J, they’re sorely mistaken.

“They’ll have to beat it out of me,” said Jeffery Stone, a balding 46-year-old heavy-set man with a goatee. He said he had “no intention of ever paying” the U.S. regulators who secured a civil judgment against him and his wife in January 2009, referring to them with an expletive involving mothers. “We did nothing wrong,” said Stone, who oversees the operations of the Wakabayashi Fund out of the couple’s upscale Tokyo home. “We took profits and I would do it again, for crying out loud.”

As for their new venture, Stone had this to say:

He insists the Wakabayashi Fund is perfectly legitimate and not breaking any securities laws. And he resents people suggesting otherwise, or dredging up his past.

“We’re not underwriting securities. We’re not going out and handling private placements. We’re not out there pounding 1,000 shares up Uncle Joe’s ass,” said Stone, in his typically blunt way. “That’s not what we do.”

Sweethearts In Crime [Reuters]

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39 Responses to “Thinking Of Running Some Sort Of Financial Scam? Consider Bringing Your Wife In On The Gig”

  1. LeveredLong says:

    whoa whoa whoa people…big news. maybe someone has already brought this to ppl’s attn…but I just got an invite to the Morningstar annual conference. Who’s heading it you may ask? Yup…none other than Jeffrey Gundlach. Morningstar WIN!

  2. guest says:

    Goldstein reports that Jeff used “an expletive involving mothers,” plural. I’m stumped.

  3. OptionTrader says:

    True or false? Laying low on Jap soil hasn’t worked out for anyone in the past.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Bess, post the usnews bschool rankings. F*ck you Wharton.

  5. guest says:

    I’d throw one in her.

  6. Wanna Be Scamster says:

    My scam was called Pearl Harbor Partners. Japs loved it, SEC not so much. Why do you people hate Asians? We all friends now.

  7. Anonymous says:

    nice eyebrows

  8. Bess Levin says:

    @4 I am, and once I do, you can say whatever you want about wharton there. while you’re here, you stay focused on the matter at hand, namely “they’ll have to beat it out of me” and “We’re not going out and handling private placements. We’re not out there pounding 1,000 shares up Uncle Joe’s ass”

  9. Anonymous says:

    Anal_yst, any thoughts on how best to pound Uncle Joe’s ass?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Where’s my secretary? I need to do an equity trade with Uncle Joe, and know just where to park them.

    – WS Banker

  11. Wanna Be Scamster says:

    How about simply pounding Aunt Sally’s ass? Is that OK? She is a milf, and aproved by

  12. She looks very trustworthy in that photo. Her eyes say, “You can trust me.”

  13. Anonymous says:

    That picture may keep me up tonight. And not in a fun way.

  14. Anal_yst says:


    Reverse cowgirl, hands on the hips, facing a mirror.

    Also, could this broad look anymore like a f&cking turtle in that pic?

  15. Bess Levin says:

    @14 how about this one of Janette on the cover of a magazine called “Being A Broad”

  16. Anonymous says:

    that big black dong in the photo appears to be circumsized

  17. Anonymous says:

    She does look like a turtle, Mr. Anal_yst, and not the cool ninja kind either.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Snooki is in finance now?

  19. guest says:

    The turtlenecks say, “suburban mother of two,” but the wide-set eyes say “It’s OK to pump n dump.”

  20. CoveredLong says:

    She crever bload.


  21. Anonymous says:

    ok i’ll say it. i’d hit that.

  22. spamee says:

    Ha, these folks spam me on a daily basis with their crap — I was wondering what the deal was…

    From Subject Received Size
    Wakabayashi Fund LLC Funding Opportunity of Orient Computer 3/23/2010 35 KB
    Wakabayashi Fund LLC Funding / Sponsorship Opportunity of Concorde Group 3/16/2010 32 KB
    Wakabayashi Fund LLC Funding Opportunity of WWWeb.Net 3/29/2010 35 KB
    Wakabayashi Fund LLC Funding Opportunity of Atlas Capital Partners MIMS.OB 4:29 AM 34 KB

  23. Turtle head says:

    She looks part Jap and part white NJ house wife. Its a kickin combo!

    I swear I thought the photo was an ad for turkey neck surgery.

  24. StillNotNasser says:

    If you aren’t married, there’s always Mom.

  25. Anonymous says:

    You mean we’re not supposed to get our wives and children involved??????

    ~A. Fastow
    Khaki Pants, TN

  26. Anonymous says:

    @23 FTW

  27. Anonymous says:

    That looks like a Learning Annex cover.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, was that “Being-A-Broad.Com” magazine or “Being-A-Fraud.Com” magazine… or both?

  29. Anonymous says:

    Hey Ruth Madoff, played by Lily Tomlin in the Damages version, ya hear this?
    What about you?

  30. Garicarlos says:

    They just wrote me an email.. someone by the name of Shruti Khurana. I answered and then went to the web to look for this:: I should have look for this before answering. In any case, The Nigerian Scam has warned us all but these guys spent the money in a good site!..

  31. WFLLC says:

    I worked in few months there, in Wakabayashi Fund. Some things were very suspicious… For example, they say they provide fund raising services and ask 10KS per month, or 150.000S in stocks, for those services. But the matter is, they just send e-mails to different Funds and Hedge Funds, and simply wait for the reply…
    Other example, have a look to their tombstones, and check all the date. The title present business for 2010, but a big part of those deal were done with Crescent Fund, in 2004-5-6, etc… That`s not very clear….
    The business there is not clearly illegal, but definitely, not honest….

  32. Jimmyjohn says:

    Yes, for $10,000 per month they might be able to do something…. WOW, are you kidding me?? They have approached us with this idea. Obviously we said NO. Our client got $600M in funding for ZERO down. They are full of shit

  33. Name withheld says:

    Hmm.. Just got a call yesterday from the Wakabayashi fund:

    "Hi Hello, this message is for Mr. [name withheld]. My name is Michelle Barrillo(?) I am with the business development group of Wakabayashi funds. I am calling in regards to ascertaining whether your firm would be interested in raising capital at this juncture or institutional market awareness. If so, we would like to organize a convenient time to speak. you can also reach me at (914) 613-3237. Thank you and have a great day goodbye.

  34. Paul Pintor says:

    Hong Kong Alliance Fund DOES NOT have 20 years on Wall Street. Of course if Jeff Stone – Janette Dillerstone – Wakabayashi Fund are truly running this scheme from behind the scenes; they do have twenty years on Wall Street. That is what the website represents, so therefore the SEC has great interest in watching everything the company is involved in concerning the efforts.

    Dexter Daran, Shruti Khurana Soni are only puppets in the "Hot Seat" willing to live on promises as always. There are not any lenders willing to invest hard cash into a group or dark company whom cannot even fulfill being listed as a fully reporting company; of course unless the stock is a price reasonable enough to provide capitalization without destroying the company.

    Do the math – three million at the current bid? All Hong Kong Alliance Fund wants is the stock for the upfront retainer fee. Since not one of Jeff Stone's pump & dump schemes have ever received any funding; the company demands upfront fees. They all claim while representing the possibility of funding that the company will resonate very well the the pipe of institutional investors, however once they have the stock in hand… Jeff always claims none of the lenders have interest due to yield, stop sings and other reasons.

    Don't hold your breath here… unless something fraudulent take place, the stock is a piece of guano. Rather than dreaming, pick up the phone and start calling any of the arsenal of company which they claim to have provided funding. It is all fraud my friend. Term Sheets Facilitated; means some idiot presented some terms sheets that no company would ever act on… it just looks as if they got funding. It is all a email campaign whom all know these fraudulent individuals.

  35. Paul Pintor says:


    Before any public listed company on any stock exchange or private company globally signs up for what may seem great concerning your company obtaining funding, increase in share price or institutional market awareness; PERFORM DEEP DUE DILIGENCE FIRST AND FOREMOST !!!

    Although HONG KONG ALLIANCE FUND LIMITED / WAKABAYSHI FUND may lead your eyes to the catchy "Tombstones" which portray results of funding; None of the past clients have ever walked away with any funding.


    Based on the "Tombstones"… from the outside it appears that much success has taken place regarding funding. There are many nice charts provided by an individual whom has been paid for services. Catchy words such as "TERM SHEET FACILITATED". Other catchy words such as "MULTIPLE TERM SHEETS CONVEYED".

    All of the listed above; ha never provided what the client any success regarding funding. Once Jeff Stone which runs HONG KONG ALLIANCE FUND HAS THE PLUG OF STOCK ISSUED FOR SERVICES; THE CLIENT IS TREATED IN A WHOLE DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE.

    In the next blog posting, you will have a laundry list of links to help save your legal department time and money to come to a swift and quick decision as to why you should pass.

    Start calling the CEO's of past clients; Let them share their horrifying stories of how they were taken for the plug of stock.


  36. Jeff Stone says:

    Paul Pintor, it is quite horrible that you would hide behind these posts and illuminate the terrain surrounding yourself.

    Our firm terminated the relationship with you (as well as your wife) when we found out many of the nefarious activities you were involved in and continue to involve yourself in. Apparently, on a background check we have found out that you have been arrested 34 times. Your wife, Olivia Pedraza Pintor, was on probation due to a domestic violence issue involving a ménage a tois, that at halfway through, your wife had “second thoughts” and decided to physically and abusively beat the other woman. Further, when you needed a place to live because you and your wife became homeless, we allowed you to move into a residence of ours for over a year and a half, rent free, (which by the way, we had to legally go through the eviction process.) You purport that you are an “ordained minister” as well as a “SEC informant” which is outrageous as no man of God would behave in such a manner as you have. As an “ordained minister” you have solicited money from people after you have provided a prayer to desperate folks in times of crisis. Prayers should be an act of goodness and purity not of monetary value. You are a fanatic and a fraudulent individual that “throw rocks at a glass house.” Your speculative dribble on the internet with the intent to cast aspersions and attempt to extort money, in any possible way, from people who have been good to you is balderdash. You have a pattern of behavior, in this regard, that has existed prior to working with our firm. You did the same thing to your previous employer, trying to extort a home from him as well! You continue to purport that you and your wife are current FINRA registered brokers, which is another one of your fraudulent lies.

    Regarding Wakabayashi Fund LLC and any other entity that we assist, directly or indirectly, involved in…these are legitimate businesses with credible objectives to assist other businesses execute on their business plan. Our core competency is to help provide fundraising and market awareness services to public and private companies, with a cross border focus. We have real people here that are hardworking folks that diligently attempt to provide a credible work product for our clients. More often than not, we are successful. Sometimes, we are successful and sometimes we are not. But just because I have had personal regulatory infractions does not mean that we don’t work our asses off to provide real, quantifiable utility. I have refrained, for quite some time now, to involve myself in this kind of scholastically deficient “trailer trash” banter on these types of forums, but at this point, I feel it is incumbent to respond to your insidious base of ignorance. We have a real franchise and a real mechanism to help people with their business objectives. If there is anyone with a credible concern that we have done anything contrary to industry standard or in violation of regulatory rules, we will provide supporting documentation which will prove otherwise. Feel free to contact me: 914 613 3002.

    Paul, instead of trying to hurt people and turn something nice into something ugly, you should consider involving yourself in a more productive surrounding and work towards making you and your family an honest living instead of spending countless days, months, and years at attempting to extort money from other people as well as constant charitable donations from your neighbors along with strangers over the internet that believe that you are an “ordained minister” or “Man of God.” It is repulsive – your attempts to extract money from people who ask you for prayer.

    – Jeff Stone

  37. Paul Pintor says:



    Whenever Jeff Stone and his fraudulent constituents arrive on the scene, you can always expect fraud will surface. Call GARB and see for yourself how the results of signing a contractual agreement with Hong Kong Alliance Fund?

    Garb Oil & Power Corp. Announces Cancellation of Consulting Contract GlobeNewswire
    SALT LAKE CITY, Sept. 21, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Garb Oil & Power Corporation (USOTC: GARB) announces the cancellation, effective immediately, of the consulting contract for $36,000,000 signed July 1, 2012 with Hong Kong Alliance (HKA) Fund Ltd. The contract involved consulting on a variety of recycling areas from glass to ferrous and non-ferrous material, to MSW, wood, paper, electronic waste (Ewaste) and tires for the Asia Pacific Region, east of India. The cancellation is due to failures to deliver in certain obligations by Hong Kong Alliance Fund Ltd.

  38. Dexter Daran says:

    Dear Paul Pintor,

    As of September 7, 2012, I'm no longer employed at Wakabayashi Fund LLC.
    I would appreciate it if you can remove my name from all these.

    Thank you,

    Dexter Daran

  39. Okiguy says:

    They aren't in Tokyo they are in Okinawa running a overpriced pizza restaurant called Pizzakaya in American Village.