Serious Question Of The Day

“If Megan Fox were a Hollywood stock, should you buy, sell, or hold?” At least one thing to take into consideration is that she’s had Shia Labeouf’s tongue in her mouth. [NYM]

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16 Responses to “Serious Question Of The Day”

  1. guest says:

    wasting asset, sell puts, earn decay.

  2. Jimmy says:


  3. guest says:

    Kissing Megan Fox = kissing every set of genitals in Hollwyood.

  4. anon says:

    funny how commenters dont care about megan fox, hmmm what is the average commenter interested in at this place?

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’d only buy if she did a JV w/ Diane Passage.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Kouwe Fox

  7. Anonymous says:

    I would hold Fox, hold her deep, hold her long, hold her hard.

    The Phantom CNBC Lovver

  8. Eternal Bear says:

    Buyer – straight take and bid on the follow for size. No matter what, she’s a rocket. @7 well said, @2 good luck…you’re gonna need it guy.

  9. elliot spitzer says:

    I had her ass fucked when I was in DC. For 10K she did everything, I mean everything.

  10. rrr says:

    Dump it

  11. Anonymous says:

    Negative working capital, with Shia constantly around, I do not see this number getting any better anytime soon, especially that her only assets (looks) tend to decrease by the day. Short.

  12. Jonas says:

    Can’t act, isn’t smart, not funny, annoying voice. That is exactly what Hollywood wants.

    Buy it.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I’d sell some puts.

    I’m guessing ‘put it in her mouth/butt’ will sell at a nice premium.

  14. EvilBuzzard says:

    So if you could short her or Debrahlee, which would you chose?

    Debrahlee – lot’s of juicy assets, but quite possibly toxic. “Tits-on a Stick” sounds like a dessert you’d have found in Geoffrey Dahmer’s Frigidaire. When she went with Gloria Allred as an attorney, the clock read 14:59 (Time elapsed; not time remaining.)

    Meghan Fox – Dull, boring, predictable Hollywood twat. Limbers up for every script reading by making certain her knees can fit easily behind her ears. You’d have to use Tobasco Sauce or she’d be too boring to even eat out. If you offered her a penny for her thaoughts, it would suck because she couldn’t make change.

    I’m shorting Meghan on this one.

  15. Bitchtern says:

    I am a seller till there a sex-tape “leak” then I am a buyer. Classic sign of a bottom.

    @13 Would suggest a put-spread here.


  16. Davinci says:

    To comment from #12. In Hollywood the main factor to landing a gig is looks. So since Megan Fox is one hot piece of A*S i would buy.