Challenge Extended

“Just putting it out there: another one of Stamford’s gifts to the world is Jimmy’s aka The Seaside Tavern. Jimmy’s has introduced Seaside’s challenge – 25 sliders, pitcher of beer, and fries. Some guy tried it the other night and only got through 18 (pics enclosed). I’m thinking there should be an RBS & UBS playoff to battle the King and his fleeced armada. Any takers?”

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43 Responses to “Challenge Extended”

  1. Guest says:

    dude really? I would crush this.

    -guy who usually cringes at restaurant eating challenges and finds this surprisingly easy

  2. Anonymous says:

    but in what amount of time? That’s the challenge here. Could you ‘crush this’ faster than say a UBS animal doing it in 10?

  3. Enefu says:


  4. Anonymous says:


  5. charles festerbottom says:

    don;t they make you show your “recently divorced” card at the door of that place? nntawwt

  6. Does the final row of burgers contain lettuce and tomato? That’s just cruel.

    -Guy That Refuses To Believe That Eating Stuff That Can Be Consumed Directly From Soil Is Necessarily A Good Thing

  7. Slow monday says:

    i say raise the stakes. get a good pot going for the winner, if anyone boots, they have to shave their head. any other creative prizes and/or punishments?

  8. OptionsTrader says:

    The only thing UBS folks are good at massively consuming are: sucking dick and snorting blow.

  9. Hipster Hate Crime says:

    Why is everyone so sleepy? Come on, people, its cocaine MONDAY!

  10. Charlie's intern says:

    I’d routinely do that followed by 15 reps of 250# on the incline bench before clubbing on the weekends.

  11. Seaside one-upper says:

    I once ate a tsunami at Surf Taco in Seaside in 7 mins. Got my picture on the wall of shame… Its coastal cuisine so it way more legit than seaside slider challenge.

    – guy whos not impressed

  12. Hipster Hate Crime says:

    Minetta’s Tavern > Seaside Tavern > CFA

  13. gamma says:

    can i have a go?


    Maria “knee pads” Bartiromo

  14. Only in Connecticut is it acceptable for an American History X extra to play megatouch while sporting diamond cutter nipples.

    The terrorists haven’t won?

  15. Big Cat says:

    “playing megatouch” is now my new phrase for beating it

  16. New JO&C says:


  17. “Box Drop” is my new phrase for skeeting.

  18. Guest says:

    Fuck yeah. I’m fired up.

  19. Pfluger the Barbarian says:

    I noticed that the bald dude with the pecs is not consuming the buns. After only 9.5 sliders eaten, several buns have been cast aside! And the beer appears to be a “light” variety!

  20. L-Train says:

    this is child’s play

    Larry Robbins

  21. Guest says:

    That guy looks like the love child of CG and Jeff Macke.

  22. Enefu says:

    I just ate a salad and had a bowl of chicken noodle soup as well – in case anyone is interested.

  23. Guestofguest says:


  24. Anonymous says:

    Good observation Mitch,

    I see he is also a two fisted eater. Is this joker “flexing” in the first picture?

  25. Bemalloy says:

    does he have downs syndrom?

  26. PasteSpecialFormats says:


  27. Anonymous says:

    Sure looks like it– either that or somehow holding himself up w the bar.

  28. The Situation has cancer?

  29. John Appleseed says:

    T/F that man is flexing for the camera and is an uber tool

  30. Charlie says:

    That guy is jacked! I hear that he ate 3/4 of it and no one lese has! Lets all meet at Seaside and take the challenge?? Alot of talk on here from some skinny little pencil neck geeks!

  31. Anonymous says:

    Being jacked-up is non-correlated with the ability to consume huge amounts of greasy food (see: Kobayashi.) Also what, pray tell, makes you think we’re pencil-neck geeks?

    -non-pencil-neck non-geek

  32. Guestofguest says:

    Ya ain’t right. But funny

  33. Big Cat says:

    How will we know which one is you?

  34. Anonymous says:

    He’ll be the one with the healthy orange glow and the pint of Muscle Milk, of course.

  35. Joeguy says:

    wow. Those look really good. This guy must looks like he’s in too good of shape to be eating that stuff.

  36. Charlie says:

    I will be the pencil necked geek who still has his tie on at happy hour laughing at the head traders stupid jokes! Ring a bell??????

  37. SPP says:

    and ready to go…

  38. Fidus says:

    this looks like something that idiot ____ _____ at RBS could win. his mouth full of crooked teeth would give him an advantage. he has a better chance of winning this than one of his high yield pitches!

  39. Bundy says:

    haha, _____ is a closet faggot. his wife probably knows that he likes men. what a joke.

  40. Spanky says:

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