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Have Women Pay To Worship Your Harvard Business School-Educated Ass

Are you looking for “love”? Did you attend HBS? Did you do so with the idea in mind that once you graduated, women would be so infatuated with the notion that your cock once took leadership and organizational behavior that you’d be beating them off with a stick? Have things not exactly panned out that way? Take heart! is here to help. The new dating site matches males who have Harvard MBAs with discerning females who do not. The best part, if you’re a cheap bastard and/or really taken by yourself, is that all the men have to do is sign up, free of charge, and the chicks have to pay for the honor of possibly dating you. Here’s a featured member:

And some featured matches:

(hidden for your protection)
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97 Responses to “Have Women Pay To Worship Your Harvard Business School-Educated Ass”

  1. Dick Burgalar says:

    Drawn to charities that help children = Help tall, buxom and underage Lithuanian girls find GFE work.

  2. Bess,

    What is a hot yoga?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Bikram yoga

  4. Mr. Market says:

    Philip spelled his name wrong with an extra ‘p’ — clearly he is not the smart Harvard dude he thinks he is.

  5. anon says:

    That website is exceptional.

    She’s a Harvard extension school student who loves his “workaholic habits”/lavish gifts, what a catch!

    • FUCK! says:

      WTF Bess, I have to do those stupid “type the phrase” pop-ups to post?!? This isn’t ticketmaster. Am I holding my position in line to post? Are people using bots to post comments on dcksucks?

      anal_yst you only support this because it’s harder for people to ridicule you incessantly, otherwise the new posting system is a marginal annoyance at best.

      • Anonemouse says:

        Yeah – the fact that Anal_yst is the only person supporting the new comments system says something. Not sure what, but I think it says he’s someone I would see on www,

  6. Guest says:

    Favorite Book = The Alchemist?

    I was forced to ruin a perfectly good afternoon of my life reading that maudlin and mawkish piece of garbage. Nothing but contempt.

    Unless, of course, its merely a subtle ploy to bring in that sort of airheaded girl who mistakes that sort of thing for philosophy. Kind of like keeping a Leonard Cohen CD handy so she’ll yell “OMG, He is SOOOO deep!!!” In which case, bravo!

  7. Anonymous says:

    “maudlin and mawkish piece of garbage.”

    I love you your anger on this matter.

  8. Wow – so I shouldn’t admit that I Box Drop & Cry each time I hear Famous Blue Raincoat?

    -A Lover, A Fighter; A Tortured Soul

  9. Bonobos says:

    Guys – I am desperately searching for an on-line men’s slacks retailer. I prefer an evolved shopping experience and will pay no more than 80% of the tag price. Please help.

  10. Gozer says:

    Sagittarius – the most philosophical of all the signs

  11. Gozer says:

    Sagittarius – the most philosophical of all the signs

  12. Guest says:

    Anthony and Levy are not a real couple. That’s just some made-up text and a stock photo from

  13. Guest says:

    Anthony and Levy are not a real couple. That’s just some made-up text and a stock photo from

  14. Lamevilleresident says:


  15. Erawf says:

    I thought all Boston grad students used Craigslist? This seems to leave too much of a trail for some people’s tastes.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Does the Waffen-SS guy w too many “p”s in his name means the original (very cool) Steve McQueen “Thomas Crowne Affair” or the remake?

    Also, wtf w the desert island choices? “Friends, books and the girl of my dreams.”

  17. guest says:

    “…told a homeless guy outside the door that he was going to shoot him.”
    -other than that I have no concerns

  18. Anonymous says:

    It’s a veritable goldmine of douchiness.

  19. Anonymous says:

    anthony and levi’s (aka wangwingliu and pong) need to continue their ESL studies

  20. Guest says:

    I would have thought the women would have been more beautiful.

  21. plang says:

    considering this is for hbs grads its mainly a gay site right?

  22. Anonymous says:

    *no ‘s

  23. Anonymous says:

    should’ve been “other than that, the pizza is very good.”

  24. Anonymous says:

    You get a free bowl of soup with that hat?

  25. Jjk34 says:

    Maybe we could cut to the chase and all HBS grads can wear special shirts and rings signifying they were to Harvard? oh wait…

  26. CoveredLong says:

    As an HBS grad, all I can say is: Jesus. I wish I could say this is an outlier, but I’d be lying. Crimson are, more often than not, giant weirdos.

  27. CoveredLong says:

    As an HBS grad, all I can say is: Jesus. I wish I could say this is an outlier, but I’d be lying. Crimson are, more often than not, giant weirdos.

  28. Guestofguest says:

    I see douchey people.

  29. Guestofguest says:

    I see douchey people.

  30. SeanConnery says:

    Roger Moore? Really? Like, he couldn’t even go with Timothy Dalton?


  31. Guest says:

    How many of these hard working girls are paying for a HBS education?

  32. Guest says:

    How many of these hard working girls are paying for a HBS education?

  33. Anonymous says:

    More like…Doucheldorf.

    I also note that under Current occupation, it failed to note that he’s a founding partner of

  34. Keyser Söze says:

    Thought this was for HBS grads? The douchebag from Malaysia is a second year and met the girl 2 years ago. Is signing up part of the HBS app process now?

  35. Fez Morrison says:

    better get your kicks before the whole shit house goes up in flames…

  36. Joebiden says:

    you know who is a true piece of garbage? this guy venting his utter disdain for honey-mustard on yelp:

    “I’m frustrated. I came in here for the second time last week to get a turkey sandwich on a bagel. All the components were good (although again it did cost nearly $10), but while I ordered it with dijon mustard, when I got back to my office I discovered they had substituted honey mustard.

    Now it may seem like I am being a bit picky to be so unnerved by this. After all, it’s only one type of mustard for another, right? Wrong. Dijon mustard has a delicious sharp tang that complements the combination of bread, meat and vegetables extremely well. Honey mustard is barely mustard at all, and belongs in the odd family of sweet condiments that have their place but really just do not belong on my sandwich. For me, this was an egregious error that sullied all the other components of what I was eating.

    When I went back in and told them what happened, I was given a simple “sorry.” I’m not sure what I was expecting. A free sandwich? Perhaps. Obviously I could’ve just been some guy who came in off the street lying about the error they made looking for a handout. Nevertheless, I feel wronged, and that wrong has not been righted. Combine that with the fact that the food is a little overpriced to begin with, and I will likely not be coming back here.”

    • Anonymous says:

      Appreciate your appreciation of Yelp comments but that little story doesn’t come close to the pizza one.

  37. yourface@mynuts says:

    Wharton also tried to start a similar site but the men were too plagued by inferiority complexes to allow posting of bio’s

  38. Ultralong says:

    date harvards q ?

    Q what?

  39. Hipster Face Smash says:

    I’m confused…..these people do or do not want to be ridiculed?

  40. Peter Griffin says:

    “And Meg when I get through with you, you’re gonna be beating guys off with both hands! “

  41. Betaneutral says:

    I love the second couple. It casually drops his family business is Renault (though how it is the family business when he is Malaysian and R is basically owned by the French government escapes me) and she is a former Miss Universe who goes to community college. Shouldn’t she be more like wife #3 with that bio?

  42. Seaman Bodine says:

    How much to make sure the fag HBS GS trader fucks men in the Hampton dunes over labor day while I guzzle semen bodine?

  43. Guest says:

    This has the smell of DABA girls all over it.

  44. guy who has splinters says:

    beating off with a stick = splinters. ouch!

  45. Investorcluzuo says:

    who funded this nonsense? the world does not need another dating, social networking or music downloading website…just sayin’

  46. Big Cat says:

    I took it as a poorly written sentence that is trying to say he used to work at the family business and Renault.

  47. Sofiat84 says:


  48. Anonymous, As Always says:

    Now let’s see, if these folks could all sign up for, and meet at Fashion Meets Finance, you might just produce the first DoucheSuperNova and subsequent Black Hole of Douchedom in the history of the universe.

  49. Blowphillip says:

    wow this Phillip guy loves the cock!

  50. Chris Theoharris says:

    This is a pretty good idea, actually!

  51. Danker Banker says:

    I can’t believe they actually found people willing to put their profiles up. Also, is there a fee associated? who pays? I find it very difficult to believe a girl would pay for access.

    I do think online dating sites make sense, but something like this is just asking for douche bags on the Harvard side (no, the degree doesn’t exempt you), and gold diggers on the other.

  52. bespoke says:

    How do I advertise on this said “gold-digger” site?

    – Respected Manhattan Divorce Lawyer

  53. Wilhelm Von Jackenorf says:

    I have a picture of a guy who looks just like this in my new picture frame from Marshalls ($9.99). WOW What a coincidence.

  54. Celia says:

    No way he’s a makeup artist at Bloomingdales every 3rd Saturday.

  55. Guest says:

    “Nowshad and Malini met through mutual friends in Mumbai three years ago.”

    Why are they a featured couple? Sounds like they didn’t use the site at all.

  56. guess'd says:

    The website looks like it was made by a University of Phoenix grad (NTTAWWT).

  57. Guest says:

    3 of the 4 “featured couples” ( have been dating for 2 or 3 years, yet “DateHarvardSQ was founded in 2010″ (

    “Welcome to our dating site! Here are four happy couples. They didn’t meet on our site… Just, you know, wanted to mention them.”

  58. Anonymous says:

    Whoa! You can’t knock Leonard Cohen while knocking The Alchemist. Cohen has a really unique way of expressing himself and laying out thoughts and the fact he can do so with no voice whatsoever is amazing. And he’s a Canadian!

  59. Adnmoh1 says:

    so either some of these profiles are total bull crap or the site is a phishing site for example: Josh: “ceo of zeewise”|| linkedin says ceo is Jerry Bell CEO at ZeeWise and no name of josh in the company directory as i continue…ive seen good fake but this is just crap.

  60. Patrick Bateman says:

    At least they’re not part of that whole Yale thing…

  61. Guest says:

    i think his family company waso ne of 3 that he worked for, renault and lazard being the other 2. but the site is hilarious no matter how you read it.

  62. Guest says:

    what is DABA?

  63. Not Impressed says:

    Harvard my ass. They need to change this website’s name to

  64. Tyler says:

    I guess teaching you how to be an entrepreneur at HBS doesn’t include teaching you how to spell it properly?

  65. Keyser Söze says:

    That whole Yale thing?

  66. DJ LIBOR says:

    Well, for one I think he was a closet homosexual who does a lot of cocaine… That Yale thing.

  67. Guest says:

    I would like to see the Mustard Guy order a pizza at Sam’s.

  68. arg says:

    all the guys who posted profiles are friends from HBS 2010, and like to refer to themselves as “doodfest”

  69. kaiser L says:

    Philipp – stick to what you know. LBOs. Go back to finance, you should keep yourself corralled behind Excel.

  70. Lewis Winthorpe III says:

    There would never be a

    Just sayin’

  71. Keyser Söze says:

    doodfest – sounds like a gay frat party

  72. guest says:

    that’s right. This website has a bunch of featured couples that met before this website started. therefore this site is made by lying, dishonest HBS guys. I also think it’s very demeaning to the HBS girls who have both beauty and brains (there are quite a few). I think these single guys think the world revolves around them. It doesn’t. It also gives a bad rap to the HBS guys who are nice and smart and non-douchy.

  73. Denny Deckshoes says:

    Who can I write to request an exemption of the Harvard only rule?
    –Philil Markoff, BUSOM 2011

  74. Fakeemail says:

    Does this replace the old site to meet Harvard grads,

  75. fake says:

    I can’t believe all of you were taken in by this. The entire site is an obvious hoax and has nothing to do with anyone from HBS.

  76. gsfa03 says:

    @Fake…it’s not a hoax. Just graduated from HBS and know the founders. The profiles are real also…

  77. Anonymous says:


  78. Anonymous says:

    I also just graduated from HBS. I know some of these guys (actually, most of them are pretty good guys), but this is pretty embarrassing. Not only do I agree that it’s extremely douchey, but it makes us all look pretty bad.

  79. Anony2212 says:

    The cool people in HBS are so lame. They are only cool among themselves. Bunch of douches.

  80. I LOVE BESS says:

    how come we dont have a site like this?
    ~ Cornell MBA

  81. kaiser L says:

    Agreed. I know these guys, too, and while at times douchey, they are not particularly arrogant people. I wonder if they are surprised at this flogging they are getting…

  82. Rubinho says:

    in german is like that, two p’s at the end

  83. Dignuts2 says:

    Have a great day Bess~~~
    See you tonite……….

  84. Guest A Lot says:

    Dignuts is seeing Bess tonite????? Banging Bess is the new killing it, in soviet russia a great day has bess

  85. Nkqt says:

    is this post from an hbs girl that was rejected by the hbs male population?? sorry they feel there isn’t enough choice close at hand and are resorting to these drastic measures now…

  86. Anonymous says:

    I know these guys too, and although sometimes Douchey, they are not very arrogant people. I wonder if they are surprised that the whip, they …

    Motorcycle parts

  87. Anonymous says:

    In search of “love”? Attended BA? Did you do it with the idea in mind that once you have received, women are so infatuated with the idea that water once he took the leadership and organizational behavior that would be affected in a stick?

  88. Anonymous says:

    I told him he might have been a small more flexible in his owner.

    Motorcycle Auctions

  89. ... says:

    Gladiator, Thomas Crown Affair, and Blood Diamond……

    Narcissistic sociopath, $4,000 please, cash or charge?

  90. Jailbreak says:

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  92. Alliehaize says:

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