Layoffs Watch ’10-’11: Capitalize On The Millions Of People Who’ve Always Wanted To See A Wall Streeter Scrub A Toilet

Earlier this week, Meredith Whitney forecast that Wall Street firms will cut 80,000 jobs in the next 18 months. Naturally we hope the Dollar Dominatrix is off in her prognostication but in the event she’s seeing the ball on this one, it’s important to think about what you might do in the event you are unfortunately axed. An equally desirable gig in the financial services industry might not immediately present itself. In the interim, you may need to do something to tide yourself over. Perhaps involving rubber gloves and that French maid outfit you’ve been dying to put to use. Take a page from this enterprising lady’s playabook.

Spotted last evening on 81st and Columbus.

(hidden for your protection)
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9 Responses to “Layoffs Watch ’10-’11: Capitalize On The Millions Of People Who’ve Always Wanted To See A Wall Streeter Scrub A Toilet”

  1. I'll bite says:

    Hooker turned HF wife. Who says nothing is possible?

  2. CoveredLong says:

    If she were a cleaning lady applying for a law position I could see her as:

    1) Trustworthy
    2) Efficient
    3) Reasonably Priced
    4) Friendly

    …it doesn’t quite work the other way around (especially 1,3).

  3. That “A League of Their Own” mullet never gets old.

  4. Guest says:

    I’d give her one good pump after we exchange concise greetings.

  5. Mr. Nobody says:

    1. Trustworty — No wonder you got fired as a lawyer.

  6. Guest says:

    These services she’s offering are more value added than those she’d provide in her professional life, for sure.

  7. #9 says:

    Looks like 289-1109, so likely 917 or 347 – who wants to call?

  8. LordHumongous says:

    You forgot 646

  9. mad russian says:

    ms witney has a good chest on her. i like to have relations with her ta tas and she can cleen my pipe

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