Phil Falcone Faced With Serious Dilemma: Hockey Or Hooters?

Gang, something serious happened. One of our favorite hedge fund managers is in trouble and needs help. Phil Falcone has been put in a horrible position, that I hope no one else ever finds him/herself. It’s a pretty well-known fact that the Harbinger founder is a huge hockey fan. The Minnesotan grew up skating, played as an undergrad at Harvard and pro in Europe for a year before being sidelined with a leg injury. He’s owned a forty percent stake in the Minnesota Wild for some time and recently acquired the Dubuque Fighting Saints. Falcone’s love of ice never posed an issue on the work at his hedge fund– until now. And it’s bad. Here’s the rub:

Falcone apparently wants to be the owner of the new Hooters Casino Hotel in Vegas (according to the Post, he bought the casino’s $130 million senior loan, which puts him in a nice position when the place seeks bankruptcy protection). Fine, right? Wrong! The NHL doesn’t allow owners to operate places with sports books, which HCH does.

People close to Falcone say he’s seeking a solution that will allow him to own both entities by dropping Hooters’ sports book. He’s also talking to other investment houses about dumping his position in case he can’t keep the casino, sources said.

He’s probably also soliciting the opinions of colleagues, neighbors friends and strangers re: how the hell do you make a decision like this? How does one choose between your favorite sport and gigantic breasts? Even if you’ve never been in exactly the same situation as Phil, surely you can relate on some level. Help a brother out.

Hooter Shooter [NYP via BI]

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14 Responses to “Phil Falcone Faced With Serious Dilemma: Hockey Or Hooters?”

  1. Pfluger the Barbarian says:

    “Both en-tities” > hockey team.

    Go with the Hooters.

  2. Why not put it in Lisa’s name? Surely she would have some fresh ideas for the place.

  3. Slowerlower3rd says:

    Hooters. Hockey is for fags and Canadians. NTTIAWW being a fag.

  4. NakedShort says:


  5. Anonymous says:

    Such as bars in the guest room closets?

  6. Supraman says:

    Solution: Hooters girls on ice!!!

    If you like them now, you’ll love them when they’re cold.

  7. J. Epstein says:

    Please keep me up to breast on this issue.

  8. Guest says:

    Dilema? You are paid to write.

  9. TedSheckler says:

    Muscle Milk, its grrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!

  10. ct trader says:

    This hedgie rocks – Forbes is reporting Falcone drives a 67 Shelby Mustang GT500.

  11. Mrsnbigins says:

    I have been to the Hooters Book, and it is a little bigger than a coat check closet !
    Good riddance.

  12. Adrewl says:

    By hearing about Phil Falcone I'm bit much disappointed and I hope she will able to overcome her present situation very soon. Thanks

  13. Shane Jalen says:

    What is her present condition? I'm a big fan of her. Please let me know about her present condition. I'm eagerly waiting for knowing her present condition as well. Thanks dude