This Is A Bloomberg TV Interview With Mr. T, Discussing His Investment In Gold

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21 Responses to “This Is A Bloomberg TV Interview With Mr. T, Discussing His Investment In Gold”

  1. Ping Jiang says:

    Ok, Mr. T, you got me. I am going to get a marker of pure gold.

    – P. Jiang

  2. Anonymous says:

    If there ever was a sign of a market nearing a top this would be it

  3. Mathman Prophecy says:

    D. Tepper’s Afro > Mr. T’s Mohawk > Maxine Waters’ Wig

  4. Twww says:

    He makes as much sense as any other gold bug I’ve heard, as in not much.

  5. BloombergTV says:

    Pimm… what are the Bloomberg producers doing to you? First putting hot pieces of as like Gigi Stone on to detract from real news and now Mr. T… I think you need to move to the a real news network…

  6. Oh, it’s awfully close. The ron paul hipsters, gold vending machines, glenn beck, cash4gold, that it’s only popular now after a 10 year bull, etc. crap practically guarantees that. It’s not over but it’s definitely close (on the order of months if not one year).

    The only question is, since the market is so small, that, at peak, it’ll fluctuate 20-30% either way very rapidly, do you get out now or try to get out at $1600 or $2000 when things get a bit hairy and the spread is $100/oz? Just look at the last bull—a lot of traders got wiped out almost overnight due to leverage.

    If I was a narcissist, it wouldn’t pain me to think of all the coming common-man saps who will be buying at $1600+ and inevitably ride it down to $800.

    -guy who doesn’t give a shit that no one gives a shit about his opinion on this, but fuck off, I’m the NKI and i’m drunk anyway

  7. Fat Cat Bamboo says:

    haha I love this fucking country

  8. Covey01 says:

    Even after all these years, the man is still part of the A-Team. He might look like a full blown idiot, but his heart is in the right place!

  9. Guest says:

    You damn fool.

  10. Soolebop says:

    It takes a smart man to play dumb…

  11. Derivative Deviant says:

    If ever there was proof that Gold is for faggots that was it….

  12. MadJackMcMad says:

    It’s a real shame all you clever people didn’t listen to what he was actually saying.

    He was pushing an organisation called Gold Promise which BUYS gold from the public. Now if they were trying to sell gold then you could consider it a sign of a market top. How inconvenient.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Mr. T is a 24k American treasure.

  14. JoeQ says:

    Big question here is; are camouflage shirts and American flag pajama bottoms making a come-back?

    -Wal-mart shopper who could easily put this outfit on layaway if necessary.

  15. Jason Statham says:

    No, no no. They BUY gold at “distressed” prices from ignorant public and then turn around and sell it. Arbitrage, not speculation.

  16. Mathman Prophecy says:

    I was going to point that out as well, but I figured it would have resulted with some lay man directing me toward Zerohedge.

  17. Dead_Cat says:

    Maybe someone could persuade Chuck Norris to be the face of Cash4Gold and then we could have an awesome showdown of awesomeness to see who is the best extorter of poor people’s treasured family heirlooms.

    It would have to be unarmed combat though, otherwise Mr T would be unfairly disadvantaged, having learned to shoot with the A Team.

  18. Anonymousse says:


    He has it.

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