This Is A Lively Discussion Between Jim Cramer And Erin Burnett About Their Underwear Preference

Cramer favors Jockey, 100% cotton (Erin thinks he should try a blend), while Uncle Jim suggests his colleague give Saran Wrap a shot.

[via TBP]
And not that anyone asked, but for his part, Mark Haines would like it to be known he goes commando at all times.

(hidden for your protection)
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27 Responses to “This Is A Lively Discussion Between Jim Cramer And Erin Burnett About Their Underwear Preference”

  1. Wazo says:

    Mark Haines goes commando at all times because he can’t find panties in his size.

  2. Guest says:

    *** Dims lights and unzips pants ***

    Ok, go on…….

  3. Disclaimer: James Cramer currently holds shares of Jockey, Inc.

  4. Old Jokester says:

    Saran Wrap?? You could clearly see Cramer’s nuts!

    -Guy Who Waited For His Turn To Tell One of the Oldest Jokes Around

  5. NO_IDEA!!!!!!!!! says:

    Liz Claman told everyone to take a teaser yank and then raised my flag seventeen times, and Cabruso & Cabrera are being heavy handed…they have no idea how bad it is down here [points to Bonobos’ stitched crotch]! They have NO IDEA! THEY HAVE NO IDEA!! I have talked to the heads of almost every single one of these titty bars in the last seventy two hours and they have no idea what it’s like down here! NONE! And Erin Burnett, while you’re sitting here all uncomfortable from the bed bug proof vagina wrap, you think you know what’s going on down here?? It’s been moving here, there, and everywhere for 54 years, people!! And it’s going down, but not for the dirt nap. OH NO, buddy. No sir-fucking-ree. So taste my nuts, or you know nothing.

  6. Vince says:

    You’re gonna love my nuts!

  7. "Ski" D. Marx says:

    “GS to $333.00/shr ” is what I recall Cramer called before the Financial Meltdown. I bet that left a “mark”.

    “Ski” D. Marx
    Shartz Capital Management, LLC

  8. Anonymous says:

    …picturing EB and Drury in saran wrap…

  9. Guest says:

    Deep thoughts, by Jim Cramer

    I found myself wondering what color her underpants might be. Her panties. Uh, odds are they are probably basic white, cotton, underpants. But I sort of think well maybe they’re silk panties, maybe it’s a thong. Maybe it’s something really cool that I don’t even know about

  10. Guest says:

    Short Cramer.

    Long Long LONG Erin.

  11. tits says:

    Why isn’t Cramer dead yet?

    Oh, and I’d like to give Erin’s boyish good looks some TLC!

  12. indridcold says:

    Lets cut through all the bullshit and get down to some real journalism here. We need to hear from EB’s crotch on this.

  13. Rho2Gamma says:

    I would like to wager that Jim and Erin wear matching lace panties.

  14. Guest says:

    Saran wrap? is that what squeezing the shorts means?

  15. Gozer says:

    The dynamics of the two on camera hint that they are fucking.

    I picture torrents of milky white sweat dripping off Cramer’s glistening dome as he grunts like Forrest Gump’s elementary school principal while he stuffs a motionless/expressionless/silent EB missionary style. . .

  16. Guest says:

    Erin isn’t as cute as she used to be. Let herself go.

  17. Anonymous says:

    What a horrible mental image…

  18. DueDiligence says:

    You can hear someone laugh off stage at 4:09.

  19. HardAbs05 says:

    First, I’d like to get you naked.
    And then I’m gonna take some Saran Wrap
    and I’m gonna wrap you up in it, head to toe.
    Then I’m gonna cut out two holes.
    One for your mouth, so you can breathe, obviously, and the other one…

  20. Gimps4Hire says:

    I once put saran wrap all over my body when Ms. B….errr the client demanded. I asked if i was supposed to keep the ball gag in, and i got whipped. It was fun, but i kinda felt like she was doing it b/c she could, not b/c she was into it. Then she took out the candles, thats when i knew she was for real. What i thought was her intention to just drip hot wax turned out to be her melting the saran wrap on to me. It was the best experience of my life.

  21. Chuck Sheen says:

    We don’t know what product blend Erin was talking about.

    We highly suggest to show it to us,her viewers, while she’s wearing it.

  22. L.Stone says:

    Erin seems a complicated woman to be a wife,as gf maybe okey as long as s.x is good.

  23. Shia Feva says:

    is EB dating anyone?
    does she like dorsia?

  24. Jimmy says:

    As heard in the NYSE bathroom on Sept 1st 2009,

    Erin: “Wow, I love this weather, finally my thighs aren’t sticking together.”

    True story.

  25. Guest says:

    so true my friend, i think she has cankles

  26. guest123 says:

    are JC & EB dating? sometimes they are flirtatious with each other. wouldn’t surprise me if they are.

  27. Were they uncomfortable or were they flirting? Tieuel Legacy!