Caption Contest Tuesday: You’re Going To Have To Come Up With Another Christmas Card Idea For Warren Buffett

Because Boston College business student Kira Vassar already got him to do the reindeer thing. You snooze you lose! Best get working on those matching elf outfits or adult-size baby Jesus getup. [DJ]

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38 Responses to “Caption Contest Tuesday: You’re Going To Have To Come Up With Another Christmas Card Idea For Warren Buffett”

  1. W. Buffet says:

    That’s not my nose that’s glowing red right now.

  2. tits says:

    Me like

  3. SkunkDaddy says:

    Kira: How long do I have to keep my hand on his colostomy bag? Does anybody else smell that? I think it is melting the veneers off my teeth.

    Buffet: I wish she would stop squeezing my colostomy bag.

  4. Can't be a student says:

    Why does she look so old?

  5. Mr. Market says:

    Warren: Me so horny
    Kira: Don’t you mean, antlery?
    Warren: What year is it?

  6. guest says:

    Kira with your teeth so bright, won’t you drive my sleigh tonight.

  7. Guest says:

    she looks late 20’s, ie of normal age for an mba candidate.

  8. Yarsan says:

    Whoa – I hope he had The Talk with Becky Quick. A pic showing up on the Interwebs is just the WORST way to find out your man is a cheating, lying sack’o’sh!t.

  9. HeyNow says:

    You know, young lady, I am so rich that I can actually make it rain deer!

  10. Ping Jiang says:

    Warren: I have a third antler down low, do you?

  11. WB: Come to VIP and get a Cherry Coke shower. I got money and oxygen tanks to blowww
    Kira: Yes daddy

    Jay Z: You are welcome for the Swagger Lessons Dub B.

  12. ubs sucks says:

    BC sucks.

  13. Romer says:

    Warren: nom nom nom….See’s candy…nom nom nom…Dairy queen soft ice cream….nom nom nom…..coke…..damnit, where’s my little blue pill?….nom nom nom….call Charlie on the phone, let’s pitch Pfizer one of my toxic preferred deals…nom nom nom…..

  14. Guest says:

    UBS sucks

  15. DKsLibido says:

    Warren Buffet is hung like a Cocker Spaniel.

  16. Short, But Long says:

    The ‘Sloppy Seconds’ Todd Combs has to look forward to.. go you, Todd Combs. Go you.

  17. Abe says:

    most of the people in my University of Phoenix MBA were straight out of undergrad

  18. Richard Cripples says:

    [on cellphone immediately after the picture] Charlie? Hey it’s Warren. No need to come down here, turns out “pulling a sled” isn’t what I thought it was… no, no, nothing close, we just put on some gay velvet antlers and took pictures… yeah I know, I think that’s actually called “pulling a train.” I know, I know, my bad, but I have bigger problems – I already took a “blue thunder” so I’m all dressed up with no place to go if you get my drift. Look, just come get me, we can call Lloyd and make him think we’ll let them pay us back early, that always makes me feel better.

  19. Dr. Rosenrose says:

    Both: Cheese!

  20. Abe says:

    Better than being hung like a Madoff

  21. Guest says:

    Lights on, reindeer style. She’s not half bad either.

    – Guy bored on his garden leave

  22. HH says:

    BC sucks a bit less than the dump where you dropped out from does.

  23. Tony "no-so" Nicely says:

    Oh and let me guess, she’s already taking over as CEO of Burlington Northern!

  24. quant says:

    Ugly! She looks really old as if she is 36+

  25. Boston Community College says:

    Warren never passes up an opportunity to get a picture with a hot Irish Catholic girl with no prospects.

  26. Anon says:

    what’s it like being a virgin?

  27. Yarsan says:

    Warren want Smoosh Smoosh!!!

  28. G87 says:

    Warren (thinking to himself): Hmmmm, let’s see here. I wonder how far down I can reach my hand before I get slammed with a lawsuit?
    Kira (also thinking to herself): I just finished my MBA, I’m standing next to one of the richest men in the world who’s hand keeps sliding down my back, and we’re both wearing velvet antlers… fml

  29. Naveen says:

    Warren: Let’s wear these to SantaCon
    Kira: SantaCon was this past weekend
    Warren: What month is it?

  30. Anonymous says:

    More to the point, what’s it like being a virgin with no prospects of that ever, ever changing?

  31. Eric says:

    Umm, no, Mr. Buffett, I haven’t ever wrestled naked in a pool of eggnog blizzards.

  32. UMass says:

    Late 20s? Dame is at least 35. Wonder what the mba is for, she’s prob already hit the glass ceiling. Apparently Staples middle management is the NKI.

  33. Frank Maims says:

    Very well done.

  34. guest says:

    Who’s Warren Buffett?

  35. Anonymous says:

    Buffet visited by angel at exit’s door..white light in the distance.

  36. DE Shaw Genius in Training says:

    You know – he sand “Hog Oiler in Paradise” and Choco-Blizzardville”. That guy.

  37. Tad says:

    Becky Quick will kill the bitch

  38. Tad says:

    Becky Quick will kill the bitch