Caption Contest Wednesday

[Sarah Jessica Parker fake trades at ICAP charity day.]

And for the bonus rounds…

(hidden for your protection)
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46 Responses to “Caption Contest Wednesday”

  1. OleAnusMcGaper says:

    Barbaro looking into grain and oats futures.

  2. guesticles says:

    oy, this girl is making my D soft

  3. SJP says:

    Russ Abrams, you pig!! You want me to to put what, where?

  4. The Unwashed Masses says:

    Bess, after the JC Davies FTMFW post, you can go home for the day. Or have a cocktail, whichever you prefer.



  5. Guesty Guest says:

    Tyra: “Id like to buy 500 shares of ME!”

    Magic: “This is the best Flintstones phone evah, yo!”

    Goldie: “I know! I know! They think I’m a celebrity still! Oh, yes…I’ll hold.”

  6. Good to see Zenyatta out of retirement.

  7. Guesty O'Toole says:

    DS – “I was going to use this chance as a job interview, but then someone told me that people with names that are flavors of Sherbet don’t make it in the financial services industry.”

  8. Pink Lada says:

    5 shares of botox with 10 viagras, to go!

  9. Guest says:


  10. LookyLou says:

    1. Is that.. is that my curtain you have wrapped around your neck?

    B. Guy in red tie makes me giggle

    III. Who let a gypsy into the newsroom?

    4: Is that Will Smith in a wig?

    z. Who dat?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Dammit. I got beat to the punch by two people already.

    (insert random Noel Sisters/Kentucky Derby joke here)

  12. Darryl says:

    Hey man gimme an eighth of that raw I know you got, not that stepped on garbage. Yea, it’s for me and Doc, put it on my tab, you know I’m good for it.

  13. FrankStallone says:

    “You’ve got to be kidding me, Beyonce already bought up ALL the alfalfa on the east coast!” – SJP

  14. guest says:

    Darryl shouldn’t be wasting his one phone call on a trade

  15. FrankStallone says:

    “Hey Magic, you still got access to the Lakers sauna room? I got some new girls that want to party!” — John Edwards

  16. LordHumongous says:

    Did the sweaty bald guy in the pink shirt just climb out from under the desk Jessica is sitting at? She must have quite the kraken down there.

  17. indridcold says:

    Broking -even a moron can do it.

  18. rster says:

    Horse trading

  19. Browntown says:

    Daryll: Coke (KO) is trading at 64.37?! I’ll buy a kilo!
    Tyra: No, This isn’t Naomi Campbell
    Goldie: Can you connect me with someone in 1990 when I was still relevant
    Magic: Short Sale my blood!
    SJP: No i’m not Jewish, but my nose is

  20. GGGuest says:

    i’m not sure what that first thing is but i’d hit it

  21. Shia Feva says:

    Is it bad I had a hard time telling which one is SJP, and Which one is Goldie? [snort]

    You ever notice Kate Hudson’s ears? They are like open car doors.

  22. R31600 says:

    Get me the Noel sisters on the line, STAT!

  23. Guest says:

    I heard Dee Snider went to Harvard Extension school.

  24. Mr. Market says:

    Now listen here player. The clock is running out and the only people making money passing are point guards, and I don’t see a number on your back. This trade is such a layup it could cure HIV.


  25. Guest says:

    ten gimlets on me.

  26. These guys are pro’s. It rolls right off their back.

  27. Inappropriate says:

    Magic: “I’ll take 100 shares of HIV, and 50 shares of AIDS class B preferreds.”

  28. Brutal, yet beautiful.

  29. RJ says:

    Is that Madoff standing next to Magic???

  30. Anonymous says:

    All of them: “Can you hear me now?”

  31. Guest says:

    SJP: Blue Horseface, loves Trannycot Steel

  32. Willllllburrrrrrr says:

    When I stomp my hoof once, it means buy…stomp it twice — sell.

  33. Helmet Trader says:

    Love the Asian guy taking pictures of Tyra’s junk.

  34. Calling Dr Francis says:

    SJP: yes, that’ll be 90 days worth of HGH for me and my friend Magic.

    Strawberry: Doc (gooden)? where you at?

  35. Guest says:

    it’s called ‘sorbet’

  36. Guest says:

    junk usually means dick, no?

  37. Guest says:


  38. Jacob Moore says:

    SJP: I look like 5 miles of worn-out road.

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