Unfounded, Possibly Baseless Rumor Of The Afternoon Re: Insider Trading Indictments

Let’s just hope/assume this is nothing more than wishful thinking on the part of someone who hates fleece and hedge funds and all things magic.

“There are some hard core rumors Steve in Stamford is going to be indicted. Rumor is spread by someone working in Manhattan’s Southern District office.”

(hidden for your protection)
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35 Responses to “Unfounded, Possibly Baseless Rumor Of The Afternoon Re: Insider Trading Indictments”

  1. PJ says:

    I have nothing to do with this.

    – P. Jiang

  2. guest says:

    Too early for indictment. More probing is sorely needed.

  3. East Texas Gas Trader says:

    What’s going on here? I’ve been busy looking up hot banker chicks over at WikiPoon.

  4. Non-Entity Hedge Fund Manager says:

    Ping Jiang is the New “In Soviet Russia” (NISR). If your comment has no intended purpose or value beyond the amusement of DB readers, you should explore the dormant section of your right brain before posting, or not post at all.

    – Guy whose comments are always original and insightful

  5. Guest - The Musical says:

    Be honest – how many people besides me were dumb enough to try to find that site after reading this ETGT’s post?

  6. LEH Quant says:

    This sounds like bullshit to me. How is SAC going to be indicted by SDNY? Steve’s personal and professional life is based in CT. Can someone say GONNA NEED FUCKING EXTRADITION??????

    -LEH Quant

  7. danker banker says:

    perp walk!!!

  8. Seaman Bodine says:

    Undisputed III

    Wesley Snipes as himself
    Steve Cohen as Ving Rhames

    memorable quotes:

    SC: ‘I’m going to get medieval on your ass’
    WS: ‘Fuck them squingili eatin’ motherfuckers’

  9. guest says:

    Are you Andy?

  10. BiffKneale says:

    Sometimes I like to just rip my pants off, grab my ankles, and walk backwards through a cornfield. The local farmers call it a perv-walk, but I call it making friends.

  11. Butch the Farm Dog says:

    THAT’s where I know you from!

  12. Guest says:

    Markets are in NYC. If he traded over any of the exchanges, that’s probably enough for jdx.

  13. Troglodyte says:

    You = retard.

  14. Lumberjack says:

    Forest. Trees. You. Missing.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for visiting our offices. Due to our year to date success, we have given our staff the rest of the month off. If this is of an urgent matter, please call our main line and leave a message. Your business is important to us, someone will return your call as soon as possible.
    Happy Holiday’s,
    S.A.C. Capital Advisors, LP

  16. Anonymous says:

    I call bullshit

  17. Guest says:

    Poor old Mark Madoff………

  18. Drunken_Primate says:

    Could have been a bit more embarrassing.

    -David Carradine

    (too soon?)

  19. anon says:

    Can anyone confirm whether Al Cowlings is standing by in a zamboni in greenwich?

  20. opportunist says:

    If your left leg is Thanksgiving, and your right leg is Christmas, can I visit you between the holidays?

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