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Investment Manager Who Drunkenly Launched His Porsche 35 Feet In The Air Is Hoping We Can Forget This Whole Thing

Earlier this month, we learned the extraordinary story of private equity guy Russell Stildolph and his flying Porsche, pictured at left. AltEnergy founder Stildoph’s 911 Carrera was airborne for 45 feet, possibly reaching a height of 35 feet, beore it struck the roof overhang and center support beam of an unsuspecting woman Norwalk woman’s home, before the car “fell backward and landed on its roof, facing away from the house.” Russell, whose blood alochol level was over .20 (the legal limit is under .08), said he didn’t recall anything from the evening except for the fact that he was only going 35 MPH. Today he was arraigned on charges of drunk driving, traveling “unreasonably fast,” failure to stop at a stop sign and failure to wear a seat belt, at which time his lawyer made several requests.

Stidolph, 35, of 19 Bluff Ave., appeared in state Superior Court in Norwalk with his lawyer, Eugene J. Riccio, who submitted paperwork requesting Stidolph be able to attend state supervised classes on the hazards of consuming alcohol and driving, and possibly receive treatment for alcohol addiction.

At the same time, Riccio applied for Stidolph be considered for accelerated rehabilitation, a special form of probation that allows persons who have no criminal convictions and who are not accused of a serious felony to have charges against them dismissed if they successfully complete a program assigned to them by the state. Stidolph will return to court on Feb. 23 to learn if he’s been found qualified for the alcohol education program and accelerated rehabilitation.

Norwalk Fund Manager Wants Charges Dismissed in Flying Porsche Incident [Norwalk Patch]

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49 Responses to “Investment Manager Who Drunkenly Launched His Porsche 35 Feet In The Air Is Hoping We Can Forget This Whole Thing”

  1. President of 24 says:

    Your secret is in safe hands with us, we have accident forgiveness.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Accelerated rehabilitation for a guy driving only 35mph who managed to get his car airborne for 45 feet and reach a height of 35 feet (allegedly) should be easy peasey.

    Gal who still doesn’t understand the physics involved in this accident and really hopes someone will explain it…preferably with pictures.

  3. MSNBC says:

    Hire this man!

  4. Irony says:

    I can appreciate the idea that a guy who got his 911 going fast enough to fly is seeking accelerated rehabilitation. Any chance it is available for his car as well?

  5. Shootinhoops says:

    What’s the issue here exactly?

    -Braylon Edwards

  6. There is no substitute. says:

    He should be forced to drive a Boxster as part of his sentence.

  7. Their is no substitute says:

    He should be forced to drive a Boxster as part of his sentence.

  8. ACP says:

    I wonder if they automatically deduced that he ran the stop sign because otherwise he wouldn’t have the acceleration to end up in the attic. Had he ponied up for the Turbo he probably would have one less charge against him, while still being able to test the structural fortitude of the second story siding.

  9. Guest says:

    So confusing. That ugly house hit his beautiful porsche, why are we prosecuting?

  10. Guest says:

    Just another drunk energy guy who thinks “Freebird” was written and performed just for him.

    -Guy Who Understands Energy Guys

  11. Sewing says:

    I say, good for this guy. He has just lived a cinema-like incident. And he lived to tell the tale. Drunkenly launching car at a house and flipping over – check! No longer on the list of things to do. Now, maybe his next step should be to stop drinkings and driving.

  12. Timmy says:

    Like a good neighbor, State Farm is therrrrrrrrrrrre!!!!

  13. Timmy says:

    Like a good neighbor, State Farm is therrrrrrrrrrrre!!!!

  14. Anonymous says:

    what exactly happens if Bess needs to take a sick/vacation day? also, is there a smiley face on the bottom of this page under the terms of service statement?

  15. HEY19 says:

    Whats the difference between a porsche and a horse?

  16. Guest says:

    … and the accused is still serenely driving his other Porsche around town. Look both ways – twice – before crossing Russ’ Runway

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  23. Max Mirni says:

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