John Paulson To Formally Thank Alan Greenspan For Being The Best Federal Reserve Chairman Of All Time

He’s does it all the time around the office but never in public, in front of other people.

To: NYU Stern Community

Subject: Interview with Dr. Allan Greenspan, Former Chairman of the Federal Reserve, by John A. Paulson, President of Paulson & Co. Inc

To mark the establishment of the Alan Greenspan Chair in Economics, Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan (BS ’48, MA ’50, PhD ’77, Honorary Doctorate of Commercial Science ’05) will be interviewed by John A. Paulson (BS ’78), the president of Paulson & Co. Inc. Drawing on Dr. Greenspan’s lifetime experience, the interview will provide a perspective on the future of finance and financial markets as well as the implications of recent regulatory action. Come hear an illuminating discussion between two NYU Stern alumni, who will share insights into the US and global markets. Q&A will follow their dialogue.

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12 Responses to “John Paulson To Formally Thank Alan Greenspan For Being The Best Federal Reserve Chairman Of All Time”

  1. ComfortablySmug says:

    See you bitches there

  2. Guest says:

    ‘your interest rates were awesome’ = tag ftw

  3. NakedShort says:

    Paulson WONT wear a shirt that says “I was short your data”.

    No balls.

  4. derp says:

    Did you ever know that you’re my hero? You’re everything I wish I could be. I can fly higher than an eagle, ’cause you are the wind beneath my wings.

  5. Barney Frank says:

    It moved

  6. trojan says:

    first i thought this interview was only a possibility for mid-twenty-somethings in finance with two years to spare, but then i thought again

  7. Jimmy says:

    I hope a bunch of Ron Paul supporters heckle the shit out of him.

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  10. crork says:

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