What Could Steve Cohen Possibly Have Meant When He Told CNBC “You Don’t Want To Talk To Me, I’m On The Way Down?”

Earlier today on Squawk on the Street, CNBC showed footage of Steve Cohen at Davos. “We caught up with the legendary investor at breakfast this morning,” it was teased. “He told us ‘You don’t want to talk to me, I’m on the way down.'” Now the kind of people who think a hedge fund manager would tell a cameraman the Feds are on his ass are wondering if he was hinting at something! Indeed, we’re thinking he was! Gather round, ’cause this is a huge scoop you’re not gonna wanna miss.

And that hint was: “Fuck off, CNBC. I’m having a conversation here.”

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36 Responses to “What Could Steve Cohen Possibly Have Meant When He Told CNBC “You Don’t Want To Talk To Me, I’m On The Way Down?””

  1. Hurtfeelings says:

    One way to view the size of Mr. Paulson’s $5 billion profit: It is nearly as much as the $6.4 billion that Forbes magazine last year estimated as the total net worth of Steven Cohen, the well-known head of $12 billion hedge-fund firm SAC Capital.

  2. Rock&Rho says:

    CNBC did not stick around for the full comment. He was actually saying, “I’m on my way down to Dominos, do you want anything”.

  3. Guest says:

    and then he backhanded the reporter in the face.

  4. Peter Davis says:

    Translated: “Once I set up another sucker trade for the public, I’ll be happy to go on your network and allow you to lick my ass and tell me how wonderful I am. Until then, however, I must respectfully request that you fuck off. P.S. Have a nice day.”

  5. Kevin Bundschuh says:

    he was clearly doing drugs. uppers don’t last forever.

  6. Baba says:

    Could he actually be going down, as in downhill skiing?
    This is Davos, for Crissake!

  7. on the way down says:


    You should have accompanied Stevie to his Davos cherry pop, and maybe next year, if nothing else, your well-heeled legion of fans can finance this (count me in). I’d bet the ranch that Stevie would be delighted to talk to you, even if he was on the way down…..

    Bess Fan

  8. Cartographer says:

    Well duh? Of course he is going down. The elevation difference between Davos and Stamford is drastic. If he decends too quickly, he’ll die on impact.

    -LEH Quant

  9. Cartographer says:

    Well duh? Of course he is going down. The elevation difference between Davos and Stamford is drastic. If he decends too quickly, he’ll die on impact.

    -LEH Quant

  10. The Russian says:

    Going down as in “Book him, Dano.”

  11. Guest says:

    I thought it was an oral sex reference.

    -AIG Quant

  12. Yahia says:

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  13. Tuk says:

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