Former SAC Capital Employees Charged With Insider Trading Discuss Specifics Of How To Destroy Evidence

From the complaint:

Full complaint and some initial thoughts:

* Favorite lines: “Fuckin..I…uh,” “Oh, it’s easy,” “you take two pairs of pliers,” and “threw that shit in the back of like random garbage trucks.”

* NORTH FACE FLEECE?!? Given that the Big Guy is partial to Patagonia, which is the brand that makes all SAC-issued fleeces,** this should’ve been a red flag this Freeman character couldn’t be trusted.

* If we were looking to cast two people in the parts of Freeman and Longueuil for a dramatic reading of the above, the proceeds of which would go toward a Leave Steve Alone or Cheer Up SAC fund (to be used at Beamer’s, the happiest place on earth), who would your picks be? Famous or otherwise.

Noah Freeman Complaint [PDF]

(hidden for your protection)
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122 Responses to “Former SAC Capital Employees Charged With Insider Trading Discuss Specifics Of How To Destroy Evidence”

  1. Guest says:

    Could have hidden the UBS drive in a more discrete place.

    – Ping J

  2. derp says:

    They left out the part where he goes on a 30 minute tangent about how comfortable and versatile his fleece North Face jacket is.

  3. trojan says:

    chopped & screwed. Longueuil been into the purple drank.

  4. trojan says:

    chopped & screwed. Longueuil been into the purple drank.

  5. trojan says:

    chopped & screwed. Longueuil been into the purple drank.

  6. trojan says:

    chopped & screwed. Longueuil been into the purple drank.

  7. trojan says:

    chopped & screwed. Longueuil been into the purple drank.

  8. The Observer says:

    I too am not the type of person that leaves a lot to chance.

    -A. Stanwyck

  9. Guywhoisboredwiththis says:

    Meh….nobody important.

    -E. Spitzer

  10. Pudding says:

    “wafer data”? They’re called cookies, dumbass!

    -former AIG quant

  11. Gentleman Trader says:

    north face is for fat housewifes in the midwest

  12. Guest says:

    Can we get some kind of expert to weigh in on whether the actions taken to destroy the “wafer” were not enough/just right/overkill with perhaps some suggestions for improvements?

    -Guy who does NOT insider trade

  13. This method would never work on STAR.

  14. Spanishmoon says:

    He could have just chopped up Wini and Freeman and put them in his Miele kitchen compactor. Excessive free radicals ruin your complexion and your judgment.

    Patrick Bateman, MD – UBS Capital Markets

  15. palladin says:

    plyers to rip up hard drive…$7.49
    northface jacket with deep pocket…$145
    getting your salad tossed by tranny hooker at Manhattan Correctional while awaiting bail…priceless

  16. L.Malvo says:

    Tell ’em, we have caught the sniper like a duck in a noose. Say it, duck in a noose. Say it, again, duck in noose.

  17. L.Malvo says:

    Tell ’em, we have caught the sniper like a duck in a noose. Say it, duck in a noose. Say it, again, duck in noose.

  18. Meatbone9 says:

    Back in good old 2009 you would just fake your own death and go camping for a bit.

  19. Meatbone9 says:

    Back in good old 2009 you would just fake your own death and go camping for a bit.

  20. Guest says:

    Longueiul– Steve Buscemi
    Freemen- Richard Dreyfus

  21. Guest says:

    Easy? How is prying it open @ 2AM & wandering the streets easier than just giving it to the Portuguese guy, and he throws it in the incinerator?


  22. Guest says:

    No brainer–

    Longueiul– Shia LaBoeuf– especially after his recent arrest for being called LaPoufter
    Freeman- Michael Douglas

  23. guest says:

    Noah Freeman … Jesse Eisenberg
    Donald Longueuil … Shia LaBeouf

  24. Guestart says:

    There would have been an easier way to rid the drives. Just load them up with porn and have them shipped to the SEC. They will never be seen again.

  25. Freshman says:

    Would the log float in a dark pool?

  26. Guest says:

    Randolph & Mortimer Duke

  27. Guest says:

    How do you get “consensually recorded” when you know the feds are going to use it as evidence against you to lock you up for the rest of your life?

  28. Guest says:


    Noah Freeman … Shia LaBeouf
    Donald Longueuil … Shia LaBeouf

    like LiLo style in “Parent Trap”

  29. DJ Scrambles says:

    I hear Pauly Shore when reading Longueuil’s part. Freeman probably needs to be someone more serious, Bess was right on with Christopher Walken.

    I think that duo has potential.

  30. Jason STATHAM. says:

    Freeman – Robert DeNiro
    Longueuil – Zach Galifianakis

    BOOM…goes the dynamite.

  31. Jason STATHAM. says:

    Freeman – Robert DeNiro
    Longueuil – Zach Galifianakis

    BOOM…goes the dynamite.

  32. Jason STATHAM. says:

    Freeman – Robert DeNiro
    Longueuil – Zach Galifianakis

    BOOM…goes the dynamite.

  33. Oliver Stone says:

    Longueuil- Jeremy Piven

    Freeman- Crispin Glover

    done, call me for address to send the Golden Globe

  34. Oliver Stone says:

    Longueuil- Jeremy Piven

    Freeman- Crispin Glover

    done, call me for address to send the Golden Globe

  35. Oliver Stone says:

    Longueuil- Jeremy Piven

    Freeman- Crispin Glover

    done, call me for address to send the Golden Globe

  36. Donk says:

    Matilda: “Did you find the files?” Hansel: “I don’t even know what they loo–What do they look like?” Matilda: “They’re in the computer.” Hansel: “They’re in the computer?” Matilda: “Yeah, they’re definitely in there. I don’t know how he labeled them.” Hansel: “I got it.” Matilda: “You gotta figure it out. We’re running out of time. You gotta find them and meet me at the show.” Hansel: “Roger. In the computer. It’s so simple.”

  37. Anonymous says:

    Longueuil – Will Ferrell
    Freeman – Mark Wahlberg

  38. Wylde Stallions says:

    Keaunu Reeves and the other guy from Bill and Ted

  39. Anonymous says:

    Longueuil – Bernard Madoff
    Freeman – Marc Madoff

  40. Anonymous says:

    Longueuil – Bernard Madoff
    Freeman – Marc Madoff

  41. Guest says:

    Long Eel – Nick Manning
    Free Man – Philip Seymour Hoffman

  42. Sneakers says:

    Freeman – Abe Vigoda
    Longueuil – Richard Lewis

  43. Sneakers says:

    Freeman – Abe Vigoda
    Longueuil – Richard Lewis

  44. Sneakers says:

    Freeman – Abe Vigoda
    Longueuil – Richard Lewis

  45. OnlyTardedOnce says:

    Freeman – Timmay
    Longueuil – That guy from Life Goes On

  46. Guest says:

    Freeman: Joe Pesci
    Longueuil: Patrick Stewart

  47. Guest says:

    Freeman: Owen Wilson
    Longueuil: Ben Stiller

  48. Tom says:

    Longueil: Steve Buscemi
    Freeman: Who cares, if you can get Buscemi

  49. Rustynail says:

    Nice suggestions on the casting. I’d advise the director and producer to go for the “brokeback mountain” and there you have it, an oscar winner!

    Wallstreet + romance + conspiracy + betrayal = FTW!


  50. Rusty says:

    Old article, but his just in:

    In research that has important findings for banks, businesses and security buffs everywhere, scientists have found that computer files stored on solid state drives are sometimes impossible to delete using traditional disk-erasure techniques.

    Even when the next-generation storage devices show that files have been deleted, as much as 75 percent of the data contained in them may still reside on the flash-based drives, according to the research, which is being presented this week at the Usenix FAST 11 conference in California.

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