Enter The First Annual Dealbreaker NCAA Tournament Challenge Today (UPDATE)

UPDATE II: Second bracket is full. Go here to get in the third one.
UPDATE: Apparently we hit the limit on the first bracket so we’ve opened up a second you can sign up for here. NakedShort will reconcile the results and aggregate them at the end of the tournament. Password is the same (animalliar).

As you may have heard, March Madness kicks off tomorrow. Despite this being the most wonderful time of the year for many, there exists one financial services hack who wants to destroy it for everyone. He’s announced his plan to (anonymously) report any colleagues he catches filling out brackets and keeping tabs on their picks during business hours. Does he work at your company? Maybe! Should you take a stand regardless? Yes! How so? By entering as many pools as you possibly can, making it impossible for him to keep up with the amount of people and their various offenses he must rat out. To that end, we’d like to help do our part. Today we introduce the First Annual Dealbreaker NCAA Tournament Challenge. You don’t need a reason to sign up besides the right to say you won the DBNCAATC but as an aside, the winner will receive dinner for him/herself plus three colleagues and/or friends at Peter Luger’s, followed by an outing to UBS favorite Beamer’s, an embroidered Patagonia and an ‘I love Dealbreaker’ button.**

The pool will be managed by Dealbreaker Commenter and Friend NakedShort, who, along with myself, will answer any questions you might have, provide color if warranted (rip everyone’s brackets to shreds, call out the bottom 5 performers), etc. Sign up here now.* So it is abundantly clear, if you do not want participants to know your real name, MAKE SURE TO FILL OUT SOMETHING ELSE IN THE NAME FIELDS. For example, if your ID is Godswork, rather than writing Lloyd B, enter first name: Gods, last name: work. To that end, if you don’t want people to see your email address, from the bracket page, click ‘options’ and then ‘hide email.’ If you feel it necessary, create an entirely new email account specfically for this challenge. Finally, don’t use HisHoliness as your ID because Alan Greenspan’s already called dibs.

The pool password is: animalliar

Good luck!

Dealbreaker NCAA Tournament Challenge [CBS Sports]

*NakedShort says you have until Thursday morning (3/17) to fill out a bracket but you should just get on this ASAP.
**If your religious beliefs, significant other or sexual preference preclude you from enjoying Stamford’s premier strip club, we will come up with an alternative. Same goes for those outside of the tri-state area who don’t deem this worthy to fly in for.
***A dollar limit on the night will be imposed but rest assured I’ve calculated it very generously.
****Fine print we have to mention: For some legal reason, Rhode Island has to be excluded- sorry Rhode Island. Void wherever else prohibited.

(hidden for your protection)
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49 Responses to “Enter The First Annual Dealbreaker NCAA Tournament Challenge Today (UPDATE)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Winning the DBNCAATC is the NKI

  2. Anonymous says:

    Winning the DBNCAATC is the NKI

  3. Anonymous says:

    Winning the DBNCAATC is the NKI

  4. Anonymous says:

    Winning the DBNCAATC is the NKI

  5. Coops says:

    whats the password?

  6. him says:

    Pool password please.

  7. I Know, I'm An Idiot says:

    Am I missing the pool password in this post?

  8. PasteSpecialFormats says:

    Is the tip included?

    -L Dykstra

  9. Luger Beamer says:

    Luger’s and Beamer’s? How can you not fly in for this? I just flipped my porsche and launched it into a house in anticipation.

  10. #winning says:

    I have Charlie Sheen getting into a suite of 16 naked chicks, getting through an elite 8-ball and having a final foursome before they get him back to a clinic.

  11. I'm a Dude says:

    Can we get Erin Callan on stage if our religious beliefs preclude me from enjoying Beamers?

  12. Anonymous says:

    My bracket was completed by the finest quants Wells Fargo has to offer

  13. FIDELIO says:


  14. Mayor of Charlotte says:

    We would like to sponsor the NIT Bracket pool. The winner will fly as cargo on US Air to Charlotte via 3 connections, have a wonderful dinner at Steak & Ale followed by a trip to the Tilted Kilt until closing time at midnight. The password is BOONESFARM all one word in CAPS.

  15. NakedShort says:

    Let me know if there is any interest in a women’s tournament bracket. The winner has to pay me $500 for knowing that much about women’s college basketball.

  16. NakedShort says:

    Let me know if there is any interest in a women’s tournament bracket. The winner has to pay me $500 for knowing that much about women’s college basketball.

  17. Guest says:

    I’m in. I have no pretension that I’ll come close to winning, I just want to beat that asshole TGFD.

  18. Peter from Quahog says:


  19. Brian1284 says:

    This win will rival my bonus this year. Four figures isn’t what it used to be.

  20. Duke Of Quincy says:

    Suck it, Rhode Island!

  21. Bob says:

    You can join if you give us our cut.

    -The Rhode Island Mob

  22. Girl says:

    I’d like to enter but I don’t want to jinx the Hoya’s…will you still take me to Luger’s Bess? (I haven’t worn fleece since boarding school so you can feel free to send that to 2nd place)

    Love you lon time xx

  23. I am really hoping Chris Mullen and crew take the St. John’s Redmen all the way to the Final Four.

    -Guy Living in the past when red storms were allusions to godless Russian aggression.

  24. BRhOde Island says:

    Bummer. Anyone wanna hit the TGIFridays later? 1/2 price Miller till 7pm, bros!

    -Rhode Island Smith Barney financial advisor

  25. Coachk says:

    Duke all the way baby. Blue Devils rule!

  26. Chas says:

    Girls talking about sports, how cute

  27. NYRebel says:

    UNLV Rebels all day son!

  28. NYRebel says:

    UNLV Rebels all day son!

  29. FUNdamental says:

    i’m in, if only to dilute anal_yst’s chances of winning.

    Also is mark madoff in this year?

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  31. oem software says:

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