WSJ: Raj Rajaratnam Is Alleged Insider Trader, Confirmed Catty Bitch

And this bitch be talking shit.

In a lower Manhattan courtroom, prosecutors have played a series of secretly taped telephone conversations, made by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, in the insider-trading trial of Galleon Group founder Raj Rajaratnam. The tapes focus on hedge-fund managers and others passing along allegedly hot market tips. But in a Wall Street version of WikiLeaks, the tapes also have revealed what some of capitalism’s chieftains have been saying about their colleagues and associates behind their backs. It isn’t pretty…During a July 29, 2008, call, Messrs. Rajaratnam and Gupta deride Mr. Kumar’s aptitude for doing investment deals. “I’m getting a feeling that he’s trying to, just…be a mini-Rajat, right?” Mr. Rajaratnam says on the tape. “Without bringing anything new to the party, right?” “Yeah, yeah,” says Mr. Gupta, who previously oversaw Mr. Kumar as managing director at McKinsey. “Honestly, Rajat, I’m giving him a million dollars a year for doing literally nothing,” Mr. Rajaratnam tells Mr. Gupta on the July 2008 call.

Oh no he di’int!

Calling Miss Manners: Tapes In Galleon Show Snark [WSJ]

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18 Responses to “WSJ: Raj Rajaratnam Is Alleged Insider Trader, Confirmed Catty Bitch”

  1. guest says:

    “I’m giving him a million dollars a year for doing literally nothing except legitimate consulting work.”

  2. Louis Winthorpe III says:

    This seems eerily fimilar.

  3. Bernie says:

    Just keep overhead low and make up your own numbers and trades – don’t pay those curry-cookers.

  4. Curry Cooker says:

    Thats not what you said last night.

  5. Cheesy says:

    Curry is a hell of a drug.

  6. Supraman says:

    Re: Snark tag

    Please see an ATL article from today where he proposes expanded usage of “snark’.

    Let flame war commence.

  7. Anil Kumar, aka Bud Fox says:

    Kumar: Chart break-out on this one here…uh Whitewood-Young Industries…low P.E. Explosive earnings. 30% discount from book. Great cash flow. Coupla 5% holders. Strong management.

    Raj: It’s a dog, what else you got, sport, besides connections at the airport?

    – Guy who has nothing better to do than make Wall St. movie references.

  8. JR says:

    Mini-Raj is the polar opposite of Jumbo Shrimp.

  9. HFP says:

    UBS sucks