Donald Trump Refuses To Take Any Crap From China, Bill Cosby

As Donald Trump has stated previously, were he to run for President (and he says he doesn’t want to but might have to because “the world laughs at us and they won’t be laughing at us if I’m president”), the first issued he’d tackle is “this business” with China. The Don says he’s uniquely to do so because 1) he “buys a lot of products from China” and 2) he knows how to “knows how to say things,” unlike our diplomats. Trump has said he’d put a 25 percent tax on China’s products that come into the United States and this morning on the Today show, he laid out the vicious rhetoric he’d use to make sure everyone knew to take him seriously.

“I would tell China very nicely, ‘Fellows, you’re my friend, I like you very much — and I have made a lot of money with China.’ I would say ‘We are going to put a 25% tax on all your products coming in’ and that’s going to do a number of things. Number one, as soon as they believe it will happen they will behave so nicely because it would destroy their economy.”

As for anyone who doesn’t think Donald is deadly serious about maybe running, he’d like you to know that 1) “This is very serious- I always take things seriously but never like this” and 2) You can go fuck yourself, just like Bill Cosby.

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29 Responses to “Donald Trump Refuses To Take Any Crap From China, Bill Cosby”

  1. Worthless Comment says:

    joey joe joe jr shabadoo

  2. management say on pay says:

    I’ll vote for him just as soon as his daughter does porn….otherwise I’m voting with the Owl Party.

  3. A huge Trump fan says:

    I’ll know he’s serious when he outlaws Jello-O Brand Pudding…mmmmmm

    W. Cosby, MD

  4. guest says:

    “Yooooooooouuuuu cannot say filth flarin flarin flarin filth in front of people. And, get away with it”

    – Eddie Murpy as Bill Cosby

  5. Nosmo King says:

    Get ready for the most splendiferous pudding pop you have ever seen Trump.

  6. These magnets, they just came from nowhere. No one knows where they came from, how they work. And it’s telling the response that happens when you say this, just bring it up. Telling. Fucking magnets, how do they work? Are they even American?


  7. Indeed says:

    NBC executives say that if Donald Trump does run for president, they will shut down “The Apprentice.” Finally, a shutdown we could be proud of.

  8. Blanus says:

    Bill Cosby is Mongorian.

  9. Guest says:

    R Pryor: “So Donald, these people, do they laugh when you say the things you do?”
    DT: “Well…yes they do, I think so”
    R Pryor: “Good then, tell Bill Cosby to have a Coke and a smile and shut the f#ck up!”

  10. mre says:

    If Trump is becomes President then I assume Stephen Bollenbach will be Treasury Secretary.

    -Guy who remembers it was Bollenbach that cleaned up the mess that was Trump’s bankruptcy

  11. Theo Huxtable says:

    I kind of like Donald Trump.

  12. Big Fat Slob says:

    I’m seriously taking Trump’s seriousness serious. I’m serious.

  13. Christofurio says:

    “The mental hospital. What is it?”

    “It’s a big building with doctors in it, but that’s not important now.”

  14. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says:

    “The hatred was pouring out of his eyes.” Man this guy has a thin skin.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I am running for President up until I have to disclose my tax returns. Until then I am running for President.

    -Donald “I don’t belong on the Forbes List” Trump

    Ps: I really like ice cream.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Obligatory toupee reference

  17. Barack Obama says:

    I believe this new law against first ladies with slovene birth certificates will ensure a fiscally sound future for our nation.

  18. Barack Obama says:

    I believe this new law against first ladies with slovene birth certificates will ensure a fiscally sound future for our nation.

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