Has Bank Of America-Merrill Lynch Been Disrespecting Sallie Krawcheck?

John Carney says yes, by running around with Dan Sontag, her sworn enemy.

Bank of America executives have secretly met with long-time Merrill Lynch veteran Dan Sontag in hopes of tapping him to run the U.S. wealth management division, according to people briefed on the matter. Sontag has spoken with Bank of America chief Brian Moynihan, a person said. They discussed bringing Sontag into the role—although no decision has been made. Sallie Krawcheck, to whom Sontag would directly report, has not been part of these conversations. “Just talking to Sontag is a huge insult to Krawcheck. He hates her,” a person familiar with the situation said.


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19 Responses to “Has Bank Of America-Merrill Lynch Been Disrespecting Sallie Krawcheck?”

  1. GlencorePWM says:

    May be she can try Glencore PWM, I hear they loooove women there.

  2. charlie gasparino says:

    she’s hot

  3. Biff says:

    I ate too many eggs.

  4. gassy says:

    maybe she’s been blowing up the toilet bowl in her office….

  5. MikeF1024 says:

    If people who hate Sally can’t work for her, she is going to have a one-person department, and that’s assuming you count her as a whole person.

  6. Guest says:

    she is smoking hot

  7. Management Guru says:

    Total genius….solve the problem of advisors jumping ship with management rolling through a revolving door.

  8. tech says:

    Those junior league types never give me any play.

  9. hermanmunster says:

    Sallie is obviously on her way out…..

    Handwriting on the wall folks



    • Guest says:

      Shut up Sally, you’re making a fool of yourself on here….also, people who post comments in capital letters aren’t fit to shampoo my crotch

  11. Justathought says:

    Why do people make this about her gender as though she’s some hero? Maybe she’s not worthy of the jobs she’s obtained? She’s bounced around like a ping pong for years. Why doesn’t anyone wonder about that? She’s an attractive woman who happened to be in research. Why does that qualify her immediately for anything more than that?

  12. Lawrence says:

    Just bring Stanley O’Neal out of retirement to run a division at BofA — he did such a great job of crashing and burning a 100 year old firm. There’s a guy name Richard Fuld who wouldn’t mind getting in on the action either.

  13. Megumi says:

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