Financial Services Employee Refuses To Accept Double Standard That Men Can’t Spruce Up Their Appearance With Plastic Surgery Like Women

Looked in the mirror lately? If you’re a man of a certain age it’s quite possible you were repulsed by what you saw. Those bags under your eyes. Those wrinkles. Those 4 necks where only one should be. And dear god we’re not even going to touch on the breasts you’ve sprouted. The longer you look in the mirror the more disgusted you get. You start to wonder if maybe your bonus would’ve had a few extra zeros if it weren’t for that massive gut of yours. You want to do something drastic about it and fast but society says no, you must suck it up, unlike the lucky ladies who are free to get as much plastic surgery as they please. Well no longer. A small but burgeoning group of men, like Jim Wehrheim, founder of Wehrheim Financial Services, are standing up and demanding equal rights.

Jim Wehrheim, a 61-year old financial executive, says that although he works out regularly, has a healthy diet, and was generally satisfied with his appearance, he was bothered by “crow’s feet and a double chin.” His wife of two years, who is 19 years younger, was supportive of a surgical solution, he says. Pittsburgh plastic surgeon Leo McCafferty performed a face-lift in January. “Women have breast implants and face-lifts and Botox, so why shouldn’t it be OK for men?” says Mr. Wehrheim.

You don’t have to be afraid anymore.


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22 Responses to “Financial Services Employee Refuses To Accept Double Standard That Men Can’t Spruce Up Their Appearance With Plastic Surgery Like Women”

  1. Danke-Schoen says:

    Go for it!

    -Wayne Newton

  2. Texashedge says:

    This guy is on to something

    /owner, Dallas Cowboys

  3. PasteSpecialFormats says:


    Don’t forget your punch-card.  Buy nine, the tenth is free.

    -J. Rivers

  4. Ambulance chaser says:

    Make sure the “19 year younger wife” doesn’t make a side deal with the anesthesiologist. (And, yes, it is spelled correctly.)

  5. I guess I get what he’s going for with the facelift and the botox but why does he want breast implants? -NTTAWWT

  6. James Spader says:

    What is the point of this article? 

  7. Sarah Blakely says:

    Did someone mention Spanx? 

  8. RajRaj says:

    Leave my bitchtits alone!

  9. Rdzilla says:

    I’m a dude and have been doing this for years.


  10. AmericanBandersnatch says:

    This will be acceptable right after it’s OK for men to cry at work and get pedicures (BIll Ackman excepted of course)

  11. early hominid says:

    Zut alors! Such butchery!.  What one lacks in appearance can always be made up for by increased aggression. 

     – D. Straus-Kahn.  

  12. Anonymous says:

    We knew we were trend-setters.

    -M. Jackson

  13. Geezer Natgas Trader says:

    No one laughs at my faux-hawk haircut so why shouldn’t I get an ass-lift?

  14. Anonymous says:

    I just looked in the mirror and got lost in my own eyes

  15. Guest says:

    What about anal bleaching?  Still passe, or accepted practice