Guy Explains Decision To Have ‘The Formula That Caused The Financial Crisis’ Tattooed To His Arm

It’s been hitting me pretty hard what happened just a few years ago. Then you see [Senator] Carl Levin and the Senate looking to bring criminal charges against Blankfein. There are some key learnings that came out of that period in history, and it felt like it was a really appropriate thing to eulogize on my body… to me this represents the recipe for human greed. It was severely misappropriated by traders, the way it was oversimplified and reduced it to a single gamma number – and they couldn’t stop using it even knowing the inherent fallibility in it. I’m going to come off like such a f———g socialist in this, but to me it perfectly embodies what went wrong. And in that way it was the closest thing I’ve seen to the economic paradigm that we’re in. [Easy Street]

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14 Responses to “Guy Explains Decision To Have ‘The Formula That Caused The Financial Crisis’ Tattooed To His Arm”

  1. Anonymous says:

    “I immediately regret this decision.” 

  2. TatArtist says:

    I have the formula for compound growth tattooed on my ass. Seems fitting.
    ~Maria B., well-known anchor 

  3. Momentus says:

    I think the tattoo is a great expression of this young man’s individuality and perceptiveness of the world.  I commend his cogent decision making abilities and thoughtful approach.

    –guy who isn’t different and still angry at his dad

  4. Gorilla says:

    Mine says, “Hey Ken, pick up the fucking phone”
    –D Fuld

  5. Spritzer says:

    He must be part of the “Goldman Sachs Gang”

    Eliot Spitzer

    • Leadbelly says:

      No they all have Ayn Rand on the left cheek and Blankfien on the left, while in minature, on the taint, lies Uncle Milty. 

      • leadbelly says:

        meant Rand on the right… damn it… I’m busy singing the blues and typin…. 

  6. Guest says:

     you know in ten years it’s just going to get all stretched out and wrinkle, and then manifest into some form of an Efficient Market Hypothesis….but you could just take the Bernanke approach to bad tattoos,  keep putting more and more on until the original value of the first tattoo is eroded by all the other tattoos, and then you’re just left with a sleeve or worthless tattoos, and your body (much like U.S. paper) can be sold to overpaid Chinese business men.

    -Just a thought 

  7. Elguest says:

    More info on this guy-

    1) He works at Citi
    2) He goes home and jacks off to Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps every night
    3) Fuck him

  8. Armpic Isgay says:

    No Homo! 

  9. Suzan says:

    He just read “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo?”


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