This Is A Rap Video By Record Label “Leeman Brothaz” Advocating Individual Responsibility For The Crisis, Not Putting Blame All On Wall Street

According to Ted Papadopoulos, who’d been struggling with how to get people to listen when he said the financial crisis was caused not just by bankers but consumers, “The whole thing was an organic process. One day my good friend called me up and said, ‘You know what? You’ve been frustrated for so long, write a song about it.’ And I said, ‘done’.”

Rappin’ In Defense Of Wall Street [Fortune]

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29 Responses to “This Is A Rap Video By Record Label “Leeman Brothaz” Advocating Individual Responsibility For The Crisis, Not Putting Blame All On Wall Street”

  1. Elguest says:

    Agreed.  Taxpayers need to take personal responsibility for the mess we’ve gotten themselves into.

  2. Black-Scholes says:

    Loan Officer = Investment Banker? 

  3. Momentus says:

    That was awesome.

    –guy who didn’t go to college

  4. Guest says:

    According to Ted Papadopoulos … Stopped reading, right there

  5. guest says:

     Pit stains – plaid shirt @ 1:50

    Just sayin’

  6. Put_Option says:

    Consumer: I have 5k in the bank, poor credit rating, and make 30k a year. Can I get a 800k mortgage?

    Place like nationwide: Absolutely

    8-12 Months later…

    Place like nationwide: Shit. LTV was 80%+, interest coverage ratio was 0.25, default city! We lost solvency, but at least we got a ton of commissions. Lets pass this on to wall street.

    Wall street: Ok we will take this dog shit, polish it, and place these various mortgage backed securities. We will trade these OTC and use mark-to-market models to justify valuation.

    Place like nationwide: Ok. By the way, we thought only the worst loans would default, like 20%. That number is closer to 80% now.

    Wall street: No worries. We actually went to college and grad school, so up yours! We’ll be fine

    Random hedge fund/hnwi/asset manager/pm: Oh wait, these securities aren’t worth dick. Short time.

    Wall street: F WORD!

    Consumer: F WORD!

    Place like nationwide: F WORD!

    Random hedge fund/hnwi/asset manager/pm: My Sharpe is higher than your company common stock. Eat my shit.

  7. Guest says:


    fuck, I need a new keyboard.

  8. There It Is says:

     I wonder if Seal Team VI found hundreds of yet-to-be-sent “thank you” notes from OBL to investment bankers for their inadvertant help in Al Qaeda’s work to ruin global financial markets?

  9. Guest says:

    One of the few areas where I think both racial discrimination and government regulation would be merited is in the field of music, where I would fully support requiring a permit before anyone of primarily European descent could make music described as “hip-hop” or “rap”.

    Aspiring Rappers:  We’re calling ourselves “Leeman Brothaz”, and we’re making a rap song about–

    Government Regulator:  Hold it right there.  Have you filled out a form HonQ-E?

  10. Guest says:

    Bess, any relation?


  11. Bess Fan says:

    What ever happened to Jeffrey Chiang of UT-Austin MBA fame?  Would love to read a follow-up.

  12. Guest says:

    Too soon 

  13. I'm a Dude says:

    those are some nice looking briefcases. 

  14. Jr says:

    Is Ted related to Nick Papagiorgio?

  15. Blunt says:

     Heres the full version –