Blind Item: Which East Hampton Visitor With $100 Million In His Savings Account Must Suffer The Indignity Of A $2.75 ATM Fee Like The Rest Of Us? (Update)

And has no time for pedestrian moves like throwing out the receipt or ripping it up after taking out some cash?

Follow-up question: what’d he/she spend the $400 on?

Update: Apparently Mr. Receipt was our all-time favorite brass-balled hedge fund manager, the lucky and lovable D. Tepp, who’s said to have joked after the withdrawal that he “hadn’t used an ATM since Lehman.”

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634 Responses to “Blind Item: Which East Hampton Visitor With $100 Million In His Savings Account Must Suffer The Indignity Of A $2.75 ATM Fee Like The Rest Of Us? (Update)”

  1. in love with pmco avatar says:

    a pound of lobster salad from schmidts market in southampton

    • Marthastulz says:

      It is Jim Chanos’ account the short seller who manages $7 billion…wake up people…done intentionally

  2. Guest says:

    Fucking $2.75 ATM fee???

    – Angry account holder no. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX9491

  3. Guest says:

    She didn’t take credit card!

    – Raj

  4. Anonymous says:

    10:14PM on a Sat night…Deff Colonel Spitzer in the study with a hooker


    wow…I don’t know if I should laugh or cry

  6. Ragnar says:

    Whatever the fuck they want 

  7. Swallow my goo says:


  8. Fuck you Corzine! says:

    One that spends $44m to buy a home and then tears it down all in the name of revenge?

  9. Guest says:

    Absolutely killing it.

  10. guest says:

    BELOW a unit? How embarrassing

    Mrs. LB

  11. National Treasure Guy Fan says:

    Bess’s inbox… God damn national treasure…

  12. Guest says:

    That’s beautiful.

  13. Hand Sanitizer says:

    We checked here at Scores and that looks like Jimmy F’s last 4 digits.

  14. Put_Option says:

    Must be one of the following….

    1) Trust Fund Baby
    2) Jay-Z
    3) Lazard MD
    4) UBS 1st year trade affirmations specialist 

  15. White Star Line says:

    Think “Titanic”

  16. Mr Obvious says:

    Obviously a photo shop job…………

  17. Anonymous says:

    That’s a savings account, not a checking account.  I know journalism standards ain’t what they used to be, but …

    • Guest says:


    • Guest says:

      Do you often take cash out of your savings account from an ATM?

      • Anonymous says:

        Whaa?  Dude.  It says “SAVINGS WITHDRAWAL” right on it.   But for the record, no I don’t.  But not coincidentally, I can’t afford a place in the Hamptons either.

        • Guest says:

          are you a retard or do you just play one on the internet? next to savings withdrawl it says nothing. next to atm withdrawl it says $400.

          • Anonymous says:

            You are misinterpreting it, but I don’t care enough to bother explaining it to you

          • Guest says:

            What the fuck are you talking about? It’s still an ATM regardless of what account you get money out of. And even if that did matter, it doesn’t actually say ‘ATM withdrawal’ anywhere on there.

          • Anonymous says:

            -former LEH sr risk manager

          • Asperger Stud says:

            You are a fucking retard. You can withdraw from your checking or savings account from ANY ATM.

            Jesus fucking christ…

          • Guest says:

            UBS IBD FIG analyst interview round 1:

            UBS HR: So now to the technical questions; at an ATM can one withdraw cash from a savings or checking account?

            Aspiring Analyst: Ha trick question!  Both; pssh obvs.

            UBS HR: When can you start?

          • Guest says:

            I know right!

            I mean Sweet Oven Roasted Butt Fucking Abraham Moses!

            Some people are truly retarded!

          • guest plus one says:

            Seldom before now have a truly worried about the faculties of a DB commenter… Kill yourself

          • Guest says:

            yes “I” truly worry about them as well

          • Wahoo says:

            John Haskell, you, and some other asshole that likes your post are really, truly, assholes. Burnt assholes. Kill yourselves.

      • Wahoo says:

        You don’t get out much, do you?

    • the journalist never says “checking” unless he edited after this post…

  18. The Donald says:

    Guess I better ‘fess up……

  19. Guest says:


    – UBS MD

  20. PasteSpecialFormats says:

    Now that it how one maxes out a debit card.

  21. Jackie Treehorn says:

    How do I get my Chase debit card limit raised to that number? 

  22. Lenny Dick-stra says:

    I did this to prove a point

  23. Guest says:

    It is strange, generally you keep 20k in checking and anything above that gets swept into savings. 

  24. Anonymous says:

    Spent it on happy ending at the local Korean rub and tug

  25. Asperger Stud says:

    Person X doesn’t have a Cap One account, hence the ATM fee.

  26. Guest says:

    Earning .04 percent on $100MM and not giving a sh*t is the nki

  27. Ad Dobe says:

    So gullible.

    – Adobe Photoshop user

  28. I'm a dude says:

    Bess my dear, maybe you’re not up to speed on retail banking fees, but when there is an “ATM Owner Fee” that means the account holder does NOT have an account at Capital One and his account is elsewhere.
    that is why our good president Obama has passed laws to abolish these excessive fees and  created the consumer protection agency so guys like this with $100mm in his account doesn’t get gouged a $2.75 ATM fee when he withdraws a few bux to pay for strippers and the like.

  29. Brian1284 says:

    Not a wall street guy but my guess is Stewart Rahr, any guy who puts a billion dollar bill on his business card prob loves to leave his receipts in the ATM.

  30. TreasSec says:

    It was Tim Geithner getting himself a little cash advance before the national treasury runs dry. 

  31. Butters says:

    Damnit, I told my bottom bitch to look for a Chase ATM. 

  32. Guest says:

    Its an advertising scheme, definitely Alec Baldwin’s account

  33. AAA+ says:

    ATM fee implies not a Capital One Account?

    Savings Withdrawal is the new killing it

  34. Lavenderunicycle says:

    A crappy Photoshop job. Too bad so few people can tell that.

  35. Mr. Hamptons says:

    Dinner at 1770 House:  $400    Accompanied by new JPM Summer intern:  Priceless 

  36. Stroke It says:

    Anyone else think Coutney Reagan would be a minx in the sack? Just something about her…..

  37. Guest says:

    Clearly Phil is tapping into his “tax liability” funds now. $117mm down to $99mm? Must have spent a chunk on a Hamptons rental.

  38. guest says:

    All I know is I’m now going to be spending my time just hanging around terminal #NFK879T, hoping someone’s a creature of habit and maybe wants to meet a new friend.

  39. Joan says:

    As the previous commanders have clearly established that account the withdrawal was made on was definitely not a CapOne checking account…
    Brokerage firms like Charles Schwab have savings and checking accounts that link to your trading account. As I discovered the hard way, if you have margin trading on that account, it will make the entire value of your portfolio available from your debitcard. It’s possible that the withdrawal was made from such a linked savings/checking account, and the remaining balance is actually the full portfolio’s value, slightly misrepresented by the descriptive options of an ATM receipt format.

    • Guest says:

      I wonder who Tepper’s broker is.

      • Anonymous says:

        Presumably *not* Merrill since that would link to Bank of America, and there’s a BAC branch on Newtown Lane in E. Hampton.

    • Bewildered & Depressed, LLC says:

      So, you’re telling us that financial geniuses aren’t really financial geniuses; just guys who don’t know how to manage the 2 of the 2 an 20?

    • Guest says:

      Upon this news, my husb is cutting up my debit card. Thanks alot Joan.

  40. DDD says:

    guy worked hard for it  

  41. Peter says:

    FDIC not insured…

  42. I'm a dude says:

    $100m is too much of a round number. seems that he transferred the money to use as his summer slush fund.

  43. Quant For Hire says:

    I don’t see the big deal.  $400 is not that much money.

  44. Dpowen2 says:

    K Daf snuck out of Libya and needed some bills for tha strippaz

  45. dumpus says:

    when there’s money involved, they don’t complain so much.  you don’t pay them to fuck you, you pay them to leave. 

    DSK, Fuck Guru

  46. Moron says:

    what the fuck would you keep 100 million in  capital 1 account? 

  47. Share House Baller says:

    To the russian girl at SL East on June 18th, 2011,
    If you are reading this, I’m sorry for fooling you

    – Guy who brought you home to an air mattress in a share house

  48. Will your hedge fund manager marry me? I’m recently single!

  49. The Obvious says:

    I don’t know if anyone mentioned this, but most banks reimburse the ATM charges if the customer is a high roller such as this guy.  Just another one of the perks of being rich.

    • The More Obvious says:

      Oh, and Capital One is not this guy’s bank but just the bank he went to in order get some quick pocket cash.  He probably keeps his money in a much more classy (offshore) bank account. ;-)

  50. says:

    Paid the damm 2.5 you cheap ass…that is why hes has 100 mil

  51. says:

    $400 only can buy u a dinner for 2 at nice resturant, they should take out at least 2k out. what a cheap ass

  52. guest says:

    ITS A MISPRINT!!! CAPITAL ONE doesnt even have 100 Million in ASSETS let alone a 100MM client.

    • Guest says:

      You don’t need a Capital One account to make a withdrawal from a Capital One ATM, dipshit.

  53. Shawn says:

    What’s in YOUR wallet?

  54. Dcbrainiac says:

    Think he could afford a better suit…

  55. Mrmollygood says:

    He looks like Kelsey Grammer. 

    • SA_Guy says:

      And Kelsey Grammer was Frasier
      And Frasier was funny
      Ergo, he should be funny

      – Guy who has watched too much Frasier.

  56. Joe Lewis says:

    “I put 100 million into this bitch
    And all I got were 16 twenties”
    – Joseph Lewis, Bear Stearns Investor

  57. Bcaesq says:

    took out 400 bucks at 10pm…. bet this dude needed cash for the bouncer because he couldn’t get into the club…  

  58. JoshDunk says:

    Its probably a marginable brokerage account with linked ATM withdrawals, and I’m sure they give you ATM refunds.  I have an account like that but it sure as hell doesn’t have 99 million in it!

  59. Buckturgidson001 says:

    What in the flip are you going to buy with a piddly 400 dollars in the Hamptons?

  60. Guest says:

    NO WAY that’s real….what IDIOT would keep $100MM in a Checking account. 1-If the bank fails, you lose it ALL (except for $500K), 2-Checking accounts are paying what .75% interest? 3-He could put it in the safest place in the market and still make more points than his checking account…..TOTAL LIE…..NO WAY it’s true

    *UNLESS*—only thing I can think of is they *JUST* deposited a bonus check for him and he’s not moved the money around yet. 

  61. Photo Shop says:

    Bess = free publicity whore.  Well done.

    I just photoshopped it and added a 1 for added emphasis.  Hope that gets me blown this wknd when I accidentally drop it.

  62. Al Fred says:

    I piss on 100M.

    Hey baby, check out my ATM receipt:

    Wanna fuck?

  63. Ladida says:

    I smell a hoax.  Can you spell P-H-O-T-O-S-H-O-P?   No one would be that stupid to keep $100M in a nearly zero interest paying commercial banking account.  At least no one who works on the street.   So no way is it Dave Tepper.

  64. Guest says:

    1) It’s definitely a hoax.  I mean, Capital One?

    2) Everyone pays ATM withdrawal fees, but with a minimum balance in a good private banking account they will reimburse your fees at the end of the month.

  65. Rappa says:

    I think Bess has been had.

  66. Guest says:

    Gonna be used on the wild women, the wild women…the rippin n’ the tearin, the rippin n’ the tearin.

  67. Silverbird_33 says:

    this guy despite being experienced hedge fund manager, he have been fooled to believe that banks can really be trusted with liquidity. Its a ponzi scheme. Banks are insolvent.

  68. I’m a photographer and know my way around Photoshop… let’s just say if it *is* altered, it’s excellent, excellent work. 

    I suspect it’s either real (that’s my vote) or a real picture of a fake receipt created by someone with a thermal printer and a lot of free time.

  69. Jaffy says:

    $400 at 10:15pm in the evening….2 eight balls of coke

  70. Brklikedog says:

    Howard Stern.

  71. Oso says:


  72. HHH THE GUEST says:

    banks  will be  getting  more and  more  of our  credit and debit  accounts

  73. Mibooze says:

    Couple of really good lap dances.  

  74. HarryBhallz says:

    I have a chubby that just wont go away.

  75. Guest_2 says:

    Just wanted to thank everyone for the laughs in the comments.  First time to this site and I will surely be back.

  76. Obione00 says:

    Bank error?  denial by account holder?  Somebody gonna be in trouble…YUP!

  77. Anon says:

    Bess, what’s the source for the receipt being Tepper’s?  Inbox?

  78. Gfy-73 says:

    you all know drug dealers and strippers don’t take cheaques right?
    and credit cards can be checked?
    hell he may even be transfering it into cash $400 at a time

    • Guest says:

      Where the fuck did you learn to spell, hombre ? It’s either cheque (British) or check (American). Cheaques mean fuck all.

      -cap’n obvious

  79. Brokebutgoodlooking says:

    If i found that reciept I would make copies.  Keep it on me so when I pick up a chick aka money hungry whore I would just write my number on the back.  Guarantee she calls in an hour.

  80. kk says:

    It will take 25,000 $400 withdrawls to get it all out

  81. David says:

    You meant 250,000 $400 withdrawals.  I contemplated doing that when Citi was traded at less than a dollar…

  82. eLiberator says:

    Perhaps the ATM is like one of those handheld calculators…..
    and will not rollover another 0, so is that the limit to how much
    an account will hold?
    I think we need a bigger odometer……LOL

  83. Anatol says:


  84. Compaq38 says:

    I guess that answers that “Whats in your Wallet”

  85. Tisancon says:

    Yebba! Grazyy. Nice joke!

  86. JoeB says:

    the kicker is he pays 15% tax because his income is considered a Capital Gain.

    Income for Hedge Fund Manager is 15%.

  87. Penntowers says:

    “what’d he/she spend the $400 on?”
    At 10:14pm. . . . ?

  88. Arl6 says:

    What’s that ATM fee .. never seen it .. ;-)

    (BTW. FInland rules)

  89. Jcrespo says:

    What kinda of idiot keeps 100M in a savings account probably earning less than 1 percent interest and well outside of FDIC insurance. This has all the signs of some tool that just came into money and feels the need to let the world know he has it. More power to him but as the old saying goes “”a fool and his money will soon part””

  90. guesticle says:

    Step 1) go to ATM and make a deposit of a $1000 cheque.
    Step 2) withdraw $400 and take a receipt
    Step 3) call your bank tell them something went wrong and the deposit should only be 1k

    voila, you have an official atm receipt showing a 100mio balance

    -guy who onced missed the decimal place in a 20k checque and had a bit of a hullabuloo with his bank

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