Stephen Schwarzman Is Pretty Sure Larry Summers Could Be The Next Horatio Sanz

Morning Money hears that at yesterday’s executive meeting, Blackstone chief Steve Schwarzman took a shot at former NEC Chair Larry Summers’ FT column calling for a number of actions to spur job growth, including expanding the payroll tax cut to employers. “I thought I was looking at a Saturday Night Live script,” Schwarzman said, according to our source. “Who was in charge the past two years?” [MM via BI]

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10 Responses to “Stephen Schwarzman Is Pretty Sure Larry Summers Could Be The Next Horatio Sanz”

  1. Also A Guest says:

    I don’t know about Horatio Sanz……, but until I see the two of them at the same time I’m not going to be convinced that he isn’t ACTUALLY Darrell Hammond

  2. Ooooooooh Yeah says:

    Nice face, douche.

    /KKR HR rep

  3. Anonymous says:

    Guy looks like my plumber.

  4. dungeoness says:

    needs more crabhands?

  5. Guest says:


  6. Guest says:

    Ok, seriously here.  We have Summers actually putting together an article that makes some strong arguments and the rebuttal  is one line not refuting anything in the article?  If there’s more substance here other than name calling then I’d like to see his argument.

    • Guest says:

      Yep, LS did. If SS had an actual rebuttal he wouldn’t have resorted to ad hominem attacks.

    • Guest says:

      While you make a good point, on Dealbreaker it would be better to comment about the chaotic nature of SS’s office.  WTF are all those pictures doing on the floor?  Charity auction?  Has he no assistant to clear that shit outta there?

      • Guest_CFA says:

        Seriously, and WTF is going on with that plant?  It looks like it’s growing out of his head and is going to attack.  As for all the stuff on the floor, maybe I shouldn’t be surprised that no one at BX is capable of putting a nail in the wall (aka manual labor).