“Well-Educated” Metro North Rider Vows To Never Patronize Train Again

If you took Metro North home last night, perhaps you witnessed an altercation between a fellow passenger and a train official? A conductor asked a rider, former BNP “graduate intern” Hermon Raju, to please refrain from audibly cursing, to which she responded with a variety of (rhetorical?) questions including, “Do you know what schools I’ve been to?” “Do you know how well-educated I am?” demanded someone “stop this train,” and once again made it clear, “I’m not a crazy person, I’m a very well educated person.” Raju also said she’d never give Metro North her money again and considering she rides it “to and from work and to my parents’ house,” the loss of revenue might seriously hurt the MTA.

UPDATE: According to a spokeswoman for BNP, Raju is no longer associated with the firm.

Educated Snob Berates Train Conductor For No Good Reason [Gawker]

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336 Responses to ““Well-Educated” Metro North Rider Vows To Never Patronize Train Again”

  1. Guest says:

    Well educated =/= well raised.

    • trojan says:

      “My dad totally owns a dealership”
      -H. Raju

      • Someone’s quoting Aqua Teen Hunger Force.


      • Trollollol says:

        It is hilarious that the typically-racist online community has united on the issue of “Classism.” Perhaps it’s because that struggle is universal. Classism was the original “culture war” before “the powers that be” discovered what a useful tool racism was to keep the simpletons on the bottom infighting, while those in power conducted business as usual. At least take comfort in the fact that you are bringing people together, H. Raju.

    • guest says:

      from facebook… she was not ready for this kind of notoriety. omg.

      330 E 39th St, Apt 9J
      New York, NY 10016

      • 19th&3rd says:

        Ahhh NY Tower… well educated but not the greatest guarantors apparently. Murray Hill is vile.

  2. Gusto says:

    what an idiot!!!!

  3. East Texas Gas Trader says:

    I take back my prior posts comment about the JPM employee and now believe that this person will ultimately work for Energy Transfer.

  4. Dr. Rosenrose says:

    It’s times like these that I regret overusing the word ‘cunt’, because it doesn’t have enough meaning now.  

    • Margaretb says:

      Is there any insult for males that reduces them to their gender and also get across that you hate and are disgusted by their gender?  Any crude word for genitalia that will alienate the whole gender?  Why not/

  5. Gusto says:

    Just checked her Linked in cached account – NYU boys and girls. Holly focken sheet!!! That rant was over a crappy NYU??? Amazing – I was expecting H/S/W caliber, not a tier 1 dropout NYU!!! Come to think of it – it makes sense – she is very insecure going to a school like that and working at a bank with more greek exposure than cyprus. She is out – almost for sure!

  6. NY Banker says:

    Her top-class education was at NYU in COMMUNICATION STUDIES!! You literally can’t make this stuff up LMAO.

    I found her LinkedIn profile too by a quick search –

  7. PasteSpecialFormats says:

    This is the kind of shit that gets the BarCar taken away again, so Raju (which I prefer to pronounce like the spaghetti sauce), shut your pie-hole.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I should add that while she doesn’t look too bad according to her linkedin profile, she sounds like she’s seen Wall Street II a few too many times…

    “Specialized ability to finance renewable energy projects”

  9. Guesticulation says:

    She was defending her space. She didn’t get her MBA/CFA to be lectured to by a normal person! She was defending her words.  She was standing up for herself. She was showing how shit runs downhill.  She is finance today.  Deal with it.

  10. You know it's true says:

    And that’s why New Yorkers are so loved by everyone…

    • STFU with the generalizations and quit flaunting you ignorance.

      -Guy who doesn’t live in NY but sure appreciates how awesome it is.

      • Guest says:

        Hate to break it to you, but he’s right.  People don’t like New Yorkers or NY for that matter.

        I live in NY but have no intention of  staying. 

        • Coors Light says:


        • Lord Humongous says:

          Leave the door open on your way out

        • Hoda says:

          Good riddance, the fewer of you, the better it’ll be for the rest of us!

        • 19th&3rd says:

          Most “New Yorkers” aren’t New Yorkers, but spoiled little douches from all over the country who come here to live out their mommy-and-daddy-backed Sex In The City / east coast Entourage fantasy life.

          • Selfrighteousstonethrower says:

            I’ve met plenty of very nice people from New York.  19th&3rd is just one of those people who give them a bad rep.

          • 19th&3rd says:

            more like lowermiddleclassupbringingmademedisdainfuloffamlysupportedtoolbagsfrombumfuckusa, guy.

          • Selfrighteousstonethrower says:

            I’ve met plenty of very nice people from New York.  19th&3rd is just one of those people who give them a bad rep.

  11. Pmcosucks says:

    I think that is PMCO

    • Anonymous says:

      Nuh uh. I am too important to ride a train.

      • disappointed says:

        Anybody else disappointed that PMCO doesn’t want to ride trains anymore :(

        • Anonymous says:

          Ooops. I left that comment early this morning and clearly wasn’t thinking. Let’s make it “i am too important to ride MetroNorth” Woo woo…all aboard.

          • disappointed says:

            Woo woo all aboard doesn’t make this easier PMCO, you’re setting yourself up here 

          • Anonymous says:

            Tip for future: if I say something that makes me seem stupid or unaware, assume it was a joke. Don’t you know how smart and funny I am? xoxo

  12. Non-Entity Hedge Fund Manager says:


  13. Azzy says:

    Stupid cunt.

  14. Guest says:

    I got the dumb-chills.  That was awesome. 

  15. Cornfield says:

    Yeah, but has she ever ran naked through a cornfield backwards?  

  16. Z. says:

    Just shows that being ”well educated” does not save you from being royally fucked. 

  17. Anonymous says:

    How do I establish short exposure to NYU?

  18. Guest says:

    Raju sounds Indian. She kinda looks it too. Never heard of an Indian chick named “Hermon” though.



  19. Guest says:

    I would still bang her.

    • guest says:

      With a protocol and ethics pamphlet.

    • Duh says:

      She does appear to have a pulse.

    • Sdsdsk says:

      unfortunately, i went out with her at nyu. well, the sex was good. but her dad always told me u are worth nothing unless you can be the MD at goldman. he was a director of corp. strategy at an BB. I felt like shit. now i am in the porn business, who dates white chicks who arent the smartest, but have respect for people of color. what a shame right for her, h  baby sorry for saying this, i know u google urself constantly, but good luck with everything, i told u u should be respect of others…

  20. guest says:

    Raju? Gesundheit.

  21. HowardDean says:


  22. Woot Ang says:

    There’s some gold in here:

    “MyDadIsAWeenie: anthony slash hermon, do you feel that nyu prepared you for your adult shizzle
    HermesR211: yes im better prepared than others 4 the world”

    “HermesR211: either staying with lauder working my way up to something badass but for sure getting my mba and jd”

  23. JK says:

    Money can’t buy you class. 

  24. Duke says:

    maybe if someone jammed her in the bathroom, the chlorine smell of the 1986 urinal cakes would sear some sense into her

  25. guest says:

    “On Wednesday, the Empire Center for New York State Policy released payroll data showing over 8,000 MTA employees made over $100,000, including overtime and extra pay, and an overall average pay raise of 2.4%”

    That conductor lady is laughing all the way to the bank.

  26. danker_banker says:

    Do you know how well-educated the Unabomber is bitch?

  27. Derpy McDerperson says:

    Go-Go Internet lynch-mob!

  28. Bear says:

    Very classy post, Bess! :) 

    • Guest says:

      Would love to know what you think isn’t classy about this post, considering all she basically did was quote the classless bitch in the video, without actually even commenting on what a bitch she is.

      • Guest2 says:

        obviously, the classy thing in this case is not to have a post on the topic.  There is more to the topic, but not for this audience :)

  29. Old One-Eye says:

    Excuse me, but her profile CLEARLY STATES that she has “a passion for pushing limits on expectations”, and that she was a CONGRESSIONAL INTERN.

    No der.

  30. Loose Weiner says:

    Raju is spelled backwards is Cunt.

    / Spelling Bee Quant 

  31. Harvard_baller says:

    Taking metro north to your parents house after graduating is the new killing it. 

  32. Charles Prego Gasparino says:

    Herman Ragu is a friend of mine.

  33. Rick James says:

    Insecurity’s a helluva drug.

  34. Guest says:

    her linkedin account has her HS listed as well: James I. O’Neill High School
    …public school huh? yeah great pedigree hun

  35. danker_banker says:

    Anyone know if there’s a groupon for Reputation Defender?

  36. Seaman Bodine says:

    The video is completely believable, but unfortunately the resume tips us off that it’s a joke.  Good one Bess.

  37. Me says:

    this is fantastic.  she’s slurring her words.  she’s definitely drunk.

  38. Bubbasparks says:

    what’s NFI? 

  39. Bubbasparks says:

    re: the SUNY Binghamton comment? 

  40. I was gonna write something nasty about this broad but getting ridiculed on DB is already doing heaps more damage. 

  41. What is most amusing about her LinkedIn profile is that it says she _was_ an intern, not that she_is_ employed at BNP Paribas or anyplace else. So actually, she is an unemployed drain on society and the conductor is a gainfully employed taxpayer.

    • Anonymous says:

      she was hired as an employee in 2009.

      • Bnp says:

        so I checked w/ my friends in HR @ BNP… he left more than a year ago….

        probably because she was too busy with all her important studies.

        and even better, she was a temp worker in compliance.  quite the baller indeed.

  42. Guest says:

    Somehow, UBS is to blame here.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Raju, I love dirty talk…please accept my Facebook friend request

    -Antonio Salchicha

  44. Daniel says:

    Bridge and Tunnel

  45. Deadmau5 says:

    Do you know who I am? I got a million dollars in the bank…

  46. Average Joe says:

    “Person in public space speaks down to others with tone of superiority and entitlement”

    Metro North railroad incident, or DB commentators?

  47. Anonymous says:

    Man Raju you’ve really let yourself go since “Bend it Like Beckham.”

    -K. Knightley

  48. Guest says:

    so I checked w/ my friends in HR @ BNP… he left more than a year

    probably because she was too busy with all her important

    and even better, she was a temp worker in compliance. 
    quite the baller indeed. 

  49. Andrew in SF says:

    This woman is terrible.  She is exactly how we “flat landers” view all coastal people though.

  50. Ugh says:

    Erm, check you information. She’s not a BNP employee.

  51. Koinesa says:

    Theory: Given Hermon Raju’s apparent lack of recent employment, and propensity only to attend various NYU schools, I have a thoery that the whole thing was staged in order to gain notoriety. Reason #1) the video is good overall quality and from a great angle. #2) the YouTube posting has mysteriously vanished after it went viral. #3) her background in marketing & PR. #4) No one who lives at home and has no job could possibly be this arrogant and self-satisfied…#5) Now she is “famous” !!!

    • Hermanhermann says:

      Maybe it’s a porn audition tape? ‘Raju on the Beach’? ‘Metro North Masala?’

  52. Rivoli157 says:

    this idiot has blown it big time- she is all over every theatre website and blog. She is the laughing stock backstage here at the theatre I work at on Broadway

  53. Rivoli157 says:

    ooh, one of the best comments i just heard upon viewing the youtube video, “well I am educated as well and I want to smack her entitled teeth right out of her mouth”

  54. “I’m very well educated’ has now become my default statement for every situation. 
    I chastised the fork that I accidentally stabbed myself with while I was doing dishes informing it how well educated I am.   

    I wrote a blog entry about her on my site, please feel free to check it out if you feel so inclined, I would LOVE the feedback.

  55. 11106a says:

    for the love of God…NYU?? really? I’m just glad people now know her by name…

  56. Ralph Malph says:

    She was on a quiet car and was not quiet.  Enough said- race has nothing to do with it. 

  57. guest of a guest says:
    Photos of Hermon.  Discuss

  58. bus jando hun says:

     People should
    mind their own business. Nobody knows how it all started and clearly this video does not show how the so called “calm conductor” approached this passenger. May be the
    conductor has some hand in the video and she is acting this way to earn some brownie points. In my opinion, all of you people back off and worry about you own lives and by the way, people argue about things all the time and you don’t have stick your nose in it. Go on with your own lives …

    • Guest says:

      Easy there, Hermon. Your 15 minutes are almost over.

    • Hondo says:

      Are you also a NYU-grad? How much is Hermon paying you for posting these messages? 
      Going to NYU, graduating with a mediocre degree and getting paid hourly to post messages on chat boards is the NKI

      • bus jando hun says:

        No, I am not a NYU graduate and no she did not pay me anything either. All I am saying is that everybody should mind there own business, people argue in public all the time. Waste your energy on your own lives and today is father’s day spend time with your dads.

    • chad says:

      easy lebron..

  59. guest of... says:

    Apparently, Hermon hired a bunch of her “well-educated” unemployed NYU friends to go on PR campaign and squash these comments by saying that she is misunderstood.  1 vs 1,000,000

  60. NYU witness says:

    I’m one of those guys that leverage his profile picture to get ass via FB.  I went to NYU as well but not her year or school; we had a lot of common friends so she readily accepted me (lots of mutual friends + hottie guy = friend request acceptance).  She’s not hot by any measure.  I’ve dated quite a lot of Indian girls in my life, and considering Ashwariya Rai/Bipasha Basu/Priyanka Chopra are 10’s on the Indian girl scale, Hermon’s more of a 3.  Maybe a 4 if she fixed her nose and got more fit.  I’m digressing, but in any case, I met her in person at her friend’s birthday party on the LES.  She has nice boobs (if you like the saggy ones -c’mon don’t be shy if you do like them a little), but when she hugged me in person, my god was she sweaty and not in great shape.  We went to her friend’s table and decided it wasn’t worth being trapped with her and her friends. I left the party 10 minutes later with my friend who I brought with me to the party so he could meet some of her friends.  But he was disgusted as well.  I felt like an idiot.  Ended up going to La Caverna to creep on NYU girls and just east village girls in general (generally easier since they’re laid-back, no pun intended).  Also disgusting in there; we left and went to midtown to get halal from THE cart.  All in all, pretty disappointing night, thought I’d get some ass that night from her or her friends.

    • Gasparinomino says:

      You know this is legit when you refer to the cart.  Nice to see some people who actually know the girl in person come out and speak.  By the way, very nicely done.  Do you have a blog I can follow?

    • Arnold says:

      NYU witness? How old are you? 12???????? Christ.

    • Selfrighteousstonethrower says:

      So, is her appearance the issue, or her behavior?  So, you wouldn’t have sex with her or her friends?  That is such a crushing condemnation. You may not be aware that your fixation on appearances makes you sound very shallow.  I think that the video says what we need to know about her.  I think that if you were proud of what you said here, you would post with your name and picture. And hey, being a “hottie”, maybe it would “get you some”.

      • NYU Witness says:

        Her BEHAVIOR.  I just wanted to bring up a story from my old NYU days.  It’s funny to me how you meet someone years ago, and a shock video comes out of nowhere with that same person as the star.  I didn’t care to know her.  I’m not trying to be saintly here by saying “I wanna get to know ya” (G-Unit feat Joe)” :P…I wanted what 99% of all dealbreaker bloggers (except you, since you’re obviously Hermon’s girlfriend) go after (hint:  ass – clarification:  girl-ass).

        I sure wish I met you that night, you sound fiesty…my type ;P

        • bailpapandreou says:

          nyu witness knows his shit…i’ve been to la caverna for the same reasons lol…would’ve been NICE if you got with that but itsok, she aint got no sex appppeal

  61. guest of a guest says:

    That is what I call a Career Limiting Move

  62. zam zam cola says:

    Since when Americans started believing in moral policing on trains. Are the train attendants appointed to preach morality on trains. Show the complete video from the time she started talkin.Without hearing each and every word what Hermon spoke on phone dont sit on judgement.

    • Patrick Bateman says:

      Fail.  This has nothing to do with morality but common sense and courtesy.  Don’t talk loudly on trains while on your cellphone, PERIOD.  Her parents should be ashamed of her actions.  Bad parenting.  

    • Guest says:

      Holy crap. Fuck off and disappear already.

    • Guest says:

      Do your parents know you’re on the computer?

    • Arnold says:

      If you are loud and rude on the train, they can (and will) throw your ass off!

    • Selfrighteousstonethrower says:

      Zam Zam, don’t tell me what to think!!!  Do you have any idea how educated I am?  Do you have any idea what kinds of schools I’ve attended?  I will curse on my cellphone and talk so loudly that someone has to summon the conductor, if I so please, you sad, little man!

  63. Mar jin Khal says:

    Gentle kindness respect please Sirs, for this upper class educated lady, as with many NYU grads, was applying her restaurant delivery skill sets in helping UBS quants celebrating their new suits from Stamford’s Jos A Bank. They ordered lamb curry and bhindi masala from Darban (152 E 46), and Hermon was designated Metro North Express regular delivery lady-m’am. (Greenwich and Darien don’t make deliveries to Stamford, where diversity and low tips are the rule.) At UBS, ex-Citadel / MD ordered his usual lamb curry– his mind flashing back to U Chicago school days, making love to lamb before slaughter, a la Fama,(Lamb premum genitur survival analysis correlation is .05 in U. of Chicago post-doc population– but I digress, and bore learned reader with fill..). Bottom Line: Hermon, who once dated Paul Wilmott’s cousin, showing him what her Indian fat tail Brownian Motion could do to his face, has nothing but contempt for DB commenters from GS, MS, and especially those low-tipping creeps from SAC. And she says that ever-so-cute PMCO needs to touch up her roots then go give a few UBS quants a mercy-f(loving)k…after Bess has her fill.

  64. Jen says:

    █ Hermon Kaur Raju
    █ 330 E 39th St, Apt 9J
    █ New York, NY 10016

  65. Observer says:

    Just a simple observation- some of the comments if made in public and recorded and posted on youtube would be considered a lot worse than the extremely f*** up actions of this young lady.

  66. Abdmsc says:

    Ok she was bad that night, too rude… but putting a video of that and runing here career is no good. Give her a break. It happened at 10 oclock in the night ,… may be she was drunk.. eveyone makes blunders when drunk but u cant punish her so hard. give her a break and let it go.

  67. A.D. says:

    That is an illegal use of the word “arbitrary”. – Grammar Police

  68. Thinktank1984 says:

    her mom’s a polluter to boot

    • Godfather says:

      I am very impressed that you were able to find this information. How were you able to find it? I was trying to find her parents info, because Hermon disconnected her home telephone. I would love to chat sometime and exchange search techniques. You can find me on YouTube at

  69. Satya M. says:

    Wow – this is insane and rude. Why…just why did she bring up that “school” dialogue?

    • Lucy Montrose says:

      Exactly what I was thinking. Dude, it’s NYU. I have just as good an education with my own bachelors’ degree from my own school.

      If I were going to brag about having gone to NYU, I’d brag about studying along a community of diverse, progressive, artistic intellectuals instead of having the misfortune to have to share four years of my life with a community I didn’t feel welcomed me and a school culture than didn’t stimulate my mind and imagination.

  70. Guest says:


    Just for a little background, that train line (Metro North New Haven) is also known as the “banker train.”  It’s the commuter line for uber-rich suburbanites. 

    I’ve had the unfortunate pleasure of riding this train for the last three years; it’s the entitlement program on wheels, where everyone is special and no one has to follow the rules.  I’ve seen some crazy aggressive behavior, including in your face abuse toward the conductors and others deemed “beneath” the masters of the universe who live in the ‘burbs.

    I’m glad someone caught Hermon’s performance on camera.  And love to the Metro North conductors for putting little Hermon in her place, hopefully the other “well-educated” jokers on the train will take note and shape up their act.

  71. Selfrighteousstonethrower says:   In the captions of her video here, Hermon insists that it was the conductor who was being profane.  While it does not speak well of her capacity for self examination, you have to admire her bullheaded tenacity in maintaining her version of the story. It’s sort of like watching someone beat themselves to death.  She sounds great in her description on her Linkedin page.  Wonder what kind of boss she was to those 50 cosmetic department employees.

    • Lucy Montrose says:

      The bits about “communication skills” are catnip to an employer. And one person’s bullheaded tenacity is another’s self-confidence. Which right before the financial collapse, we were constantly being told was a must if we wanted a successful career. No word on HOW we got that self-confidence, or any possible side effect. As usual…

      The part I find funny is, in this job market, how her bosses just took her at her word that her communication and management skills were great, and didn’t bother to verify or even use their intuition…

  72. streethockey says:

    i do not care that she is Indian. I care that she gave me something to talk about over cocktails Saturday afternoon.
    Keep up the good work, intern!

  73. Anonymous says:

    So, because she’s educated she’s entitled to disturb every other person in that car with her BIG MOUTH? Please be quiet. With modern cell technology you can actually speak quieter than your normal speaking voice and the person on the other end will be able to hear you clearly. I hate cell phones on public transit. After a long day, the last thing I want to hear is some loud talker and his/her inane conversation.

  74. Jay says:

    Where is a cell phone jammer when you need one?
    Too many “entitled 20-30 year olds” think the world revolves around them. When in buses or say a Barnes and Noble they don’t really care if they disturb anyone. I’ve experienced it many times. When asked to tone it down, they totally ignore it or mouth back. This woman got what she deserved, the viral video.Maybe she and others like her will wake up one day and realize there are others around and to be considerate. 

  75. Lucy Montrose says:

    I wish the person who took the video had gotten more of her behavior BEFORE the conductors approached her, to see what was it that got their attention in the first place. I actually find her waving her education and “class” in their face more outrageous than her tone and volume. I’m curious as to what she said that wasn’t picked up, was actually worse than what was…

    Any any rate, I see a lot of YouTube videos where the vlogger has just as loud and shrieking a voice, if not more so, than Raju here. In fact, the very first YT video I watched was the equally viral “Bus Uncle” video a few years back…

    I’m willing to bet that some of those conductors may in fact be just as educated as she is. What if some of them even have master’s degrees or more! But getting a job as a Metro conductor was all that was available… or was the only thing that had decent healthcare and benefits.
    That’s the boat a lot of us are in now… and her failure to appreciate that, to not see how much LUCK in the form of her superiors actually putting up with her and hiring her, played a role in her career so far; as well as apparently being LUCKY enough to not have a chronic disease that would narrow your job search to those employers offering good healthcare… THAT is what I find revolting.

  76. Homer says:

    Amazing that this miserable hubris filled cunt brought so much joy to the masses through her despicable antics . She will never get a job although it doesn’t mater. Her rich daddy will marry her off to some snob rich asshole.

    This happens in trains all the time, I guess you tube made the difference. Lucky she was not in a shit hole like Saudi Arabia or she would be honor killed by an asshole
    family member.

    She deserves this although I think the punishment was excessive. But made my day laughing at this arrogant whore of a cunt!!

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  197. Guest says:


    – Guest who just realized why the ski class was full of students with a bit of a tan!

  198. BigotryLives says:

    Wow, gotta love the internet… where one can post arbitrary racist comments that have nothing to do with the issue at hand and have 20+ others anonymously “Like” them. I was under the impression that the ENTIRE culture of finance was about making people below your social standing feel like absolute shit, regardless whether or not you are Indian. I’m pretty sure that maybe a few white people who work in the financial sector have done that in the past.

    Oh and by the way, just to emphasize the fact that you have no idea what you’re saying…. Indians can’t ski for sh*t.

  199. Guest says:

    wow 44 likes.The most I have seen at DB. Did not know Indians were a despised race at DB.   

  200. HFguy says:

    “Indians in finance are often really insecure”.. so true, Vickram, Anshu and Raghuram Rajan immediately spring to my mind

    “Their whole culture and caste system” .. so true bro, Martin L King immediately comes to my mind.. no wait .. that was not India but who cares

    “going skiing in fancy places” .. hmm. 

  201. IndoCanadian says:

    Is’nt it ironic that while everybody is calling
    her a racist (which she is), her nationality/origin is being speculated
    about.. If I listen to the video with my eyes closed, it is very
    disgusting as it is. It could be a person of any nationality, and those
    statements would still be disgusting and pretentious.

    Lets refrain from dragging nationality/color into this discussion and denounce the Act.

  202. guestttt says:

     really?  its not just indians; almost every ethnicity does that.  arguably the most ridiculous comment thus far.

  203. Guest says:

    Not all Indians believe in the caste system. Just Hinduism. There are millions of non-Hindu Indians (including Sikhs, Budhists, Christians, etc) and some Hindus who reject the caste system. “Ghadilives” statement that “their whole culture and caste system is about… shit” is just ignorant.

  204. Guest says:

    That’s racist

  205. Anonymous says:

    Examine your motives.

    But seriously, he’s probably an IT guy…

  206. Guest says:

    You can say “shit” here.  as well as “fuck” and whatever fancies your morally superior hide.

  207. Anonymous says:

    Some of my best friends are indians

    -Johnny Quest

  208. HypocrisyLives says:

    Oh and by the way, just to emphasize the fact that you have no idea what you’re saying….my racist generalization is totally cooler than yours bro. 

  209. Guest says:

    Examine your motives

  210. Bill Cutting says:

    This is America. This county was founded on on the principles of equality, thereofre we despise all races equally

  211. Proud Indian says:

    oh really? Thats why your president decides, that no good people walk here, so lets buy some intelligent guys from India as cheap labor for our empty colleges, (being empty because most of you are wasting and partying), and then make them work at cheap costs so that they can work all their lives to repay for the expensive education… Aww… so cool!

  212. I'm a dude says:

    yea and Raj Rajarananan too!

  213. IndoCanadian says:

    Wrong.. Raj Rajaratnam (that the correct name BTW) is a Sri Lankan. You probably should have said Rajat Gupta or Anil Kumar

  214. HFguy says:

    Please dont try to reply .. sarcasm is too difficult for your to understand … now head back to zerohedge

  215. General Custer says:

    not mine!

  216. Steve Bunche says:

    Impostor! If you were the real Quest, you would know you don’t spell your name with an “h.” I call B.S.!

  217. Wahoo says:

    Dot or Feather?

  218. Anonymous says:

    Wrong sort.

    -Lord Curzon

  219. Rwbinwpb says:

    Another ignoramus guest referring to Hinduism, with absolutely no knowledge of the religion, just keep your bigotry inside your arse.
    Looks like you have been fed the right dose of meds to be an ignorant bafoon …

  220. Anonymous says:

    Busted…I’m actually Tin Tin.  I have a bad case of sidekick envy

  221. I'm a dude says:

    yes, lets all be good politicians here and refrain from bringing those sort of things up on DB. we are too civil for that here.
    i see you are taking this all very personally.