FOMC Minutes Out

FOMC members were split on balancing the potential need for more monetary stimulus against inflation fears, with most members viewing current inflation levels as temporary and driven by energy prices. The minutes sum up the debate on additional easing:

On the one hand, a few members noted that, depending on how economic conditions evolve, the Committee might have to consider providing additional monetary policy stimulus, especially if economic growth remained too slow to meaningfully reduce the unemployment rate in the medium run. On the other hand, a few members viewed the increase in inflation risks as suggesting that economic conditions might well evolve in a way that would warrant the Committee taking steps to begin removing policy accommodation sooner than currently anticipated.

The minutes do not discuss the Fed members’ views, if any, on Paul Krugman’s calls for additional fiscal stimulus and/or magic.

Fed Officials Divided on Further Stimulus [Bloomberg]

Minutes of the Federal Open Market Committee

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m looking for ink cartridges on the cheap if anyone knows a place.

    – B Bernanke

  2. Guest says:

    Quality Tag

  3. Guest says:

    Dear Matt: there’s a rule of thumb that it only takes 7 seconds to make a first impression. If we make that 7 articles, then my first impression of you is you’re quite good at this…I like you, I really like you. xoxo

  4. Anonymous says:

    Seems like a lot of hand jobs going on at the FOMC

  5. Matt,

    The quickest way to get your balls handed to you here is to be the “I post serious economic stuff” version of Bess. This is a tabloid, not the FT. 

    The threshold is: if you’re posting a 20,000 word essay that you wrote on the evolution of Brazilian debt, then fine, that’ll be tolerated, but, otherwise, just stick to sexual innuendo.

    Kouwe, Greggums, and EP

  6. Guest says:

    You should probably limit this type of stuff to about one sentence and save it for the Opening Bell and Write-offs.  That way we can easily ignore it.

  7. Gost says:

    If the Fed would just hire experts with one arm they wouldn’t have any of that “on the other hand” mumbo-jumbo.

  8. Kouwanus says:

    Keep up the good work, Greggums!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Balance:With; Juxtapose:Against

    other than that, I have no issues.

    -Conan the Grammarian