Goldman Sachs President Gary Cohn Likes To Speak To Employees On A Grundle-To-Face Basis

Cohn, 6-foot-3 and 220 pounds, can be intimidating, two former colleagues said. He would sometimes hike up one leg, plant his foot on a trader’s desk, his thigh close to the employee’s face, and ask how markets were doing, they said. [Bloomberg, earlier]

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16 Responses to “Goldman Sachs President Gary Cohn Likes To Speak To Employees On A Grundle-To-Face Basis”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I would then tap his microphone and say “testes. testes. Is this thing on?”u00a0nnWe would laugh and laugh

  2. Hey Now says:

    I never forget a grundle!nn-Charles Gasparino; Bastion of Balls; Gate Keeper of Grundles; Fuck guru

  3. Anonymous says:

    “I’m short everything er…I mean…market’s lacking breadth…liquidity’s worse than average…small penis”nn-Freudian GS Trader

  4. Inonyourface says:

    this struck me as well on the readu00a0

  5. early hominid says:

    Lynn Tilton, in 5-inch heels Cavalli mini and fur-trimmed cape, can also be intimidating, according to former colleagues. u00a0After downing a cocktail of clay, salt and chlorophyll, she was known to sit directly across from traders, ankle over knee or with the soles of her feet pressed together behind her head, doing obscene things with a pair of ivory-handled Hashemite daggers while asking recondite questions about markets and “inner truth.” u00a0

  6. Anonymous says:

    I hear this is the real reason that Matt left the Squid. A thigh that close to your face is really intimidating.

  7. DRK says:

    then, especially after Cohn attended a Willie Nelson 4th of July concert, the smell of his swamp-ass would prompt the trader to reveal all his pig tradesn– Guy who helped design the unique GS risk management model

  8. Wahoo says:

    You know how I know you’re gay?

  9. Thigh's the Limit says:

    So, fella, how’s the market? u00a0Why dontcha come up to my office and show me all your exposed positions…

  10. Guy with a sweet 1998 'lude says:

    I’m looking for a VND/ARS exposure?u00a0 You have interest?nn-guy with his own gofer in line at Shake Shack

  11. Denny Deckshoes says:

    That guy is stealing my move.n- Harry Ballzonya, CFA

  12. Anonymous says:

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