Is SAC Capital Slowly Accumulating ‘Huge’ Stake In Facebook?


Supposedly someone in Stamford** has “just acquired 8 million Facebook shares at $32.50 per share–a $260 million stake at a $76 billion valuation” and is “looking to buy as much as 50 million shares at $33 per share – a $1.65 billion stake at a $78 billion valuation.”

SAC Capital Rumored To Be Accumulating Huge Facebook Stake [SAI]

**According to the SAI story “it’s possible that SAC people are investing in Facebook, and not SAC funds.”

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9 Responses to “Is SAC Capital Slowly Accumulating ‘Huge’ Stake In Facebook?”

  1. Guest says:

    well that will feel like a smart move for about 3 seconds

  2. Dildo says:

    Hahaha… that valuation is a joke. Right?

  3. Zuck says:

    I hope that’s just a dolphin down there.

  4. Lbz360 says:

    Air>Facebook>Pets dot com

  5. Wow says: