Bernie Madoff Under The Impression That Harvard Plans To Teach A Course Based On His Legitimate Years

Since February, Bernie Madoff has been on a little something called the Legitimate Years Tour. Yes, he may have pleaded guilty to a $50 billion crime that ruined countless people’s lives, not to mention resulted in the suicide of his own child, but why must that be all that is said of him, when it only represents a single entry on the old CV? He’s did a lot of other stuff too, and because everyone seems to have forgotten all that when his name comes up, much like they conveniently forget about how Mussolini made the trains run or time, or how Hitler built those wonderful autobahns, or how Ted Bundy made women feel special, he was forced to embark on the LYT to jog some memories. The first stop was a February an interview with New York, wherein he griped to Steve Fishman:

“Does anybody want to hear that I had a successful business and did all these wonderful things for the industry?” Bernie continued. “And got all these awards? And so did my family? I did all of this during the legitimate years. No. You don’t read any of that.”

Next stop: a chat with New Yorker reporter Jeffrey Toobin, who was reminded that Madoff “was worth a billion dollars before any of this nonsense started,” during which it was also suggested he should be getting credit for his later work (the legitimacy of which is still an open-ended question in his mind), if only for the fact that its complexities could only be understood by the most sophisticated of investors (him). And finally, as sit down with the Times, where Berns explained that he got such a raw deal because the judge, like all of his feeble-brained haters, doesn’t understand how “the industry” works.

And yet for all the work he’s put into educating you people on the History of Bernie’s World, in which the whole Ponzi thing is but a blip, you just still don’t get it. But you know what? That’s fine. Not a problem. Because Harvard does.

From an interview in the joint with Charlie Gasparino:

Madoff said that Harvard is interested in his input to develop a course in business ethics. Now he tells FOX Business that the school’s focus is in “building an Entrepreneurial course” not just on his career as a swindler (though that will certainly come up), but also his pre-phony hedge fund days, when Bernie Madoff was considered one of the best traders on Wall Street. The course, according to Madoff, will focus “around my experiences building my market making and Prop trading business and my role in NASDAQ and electronic trading. I have been approached by number of other business schools but have only committed to Harvard.”

Whether or not Harvard is aware of this isn’t important.

“The entire matter is not true,” a spokesman for the Harvard Business School told the FOX Business Network. “The business school is not working with Bernard Madoff on anything.”

They say that now. But they’ll come around. Sooner or later, they all come around.

Madoff: I’m A Victim, Too [FBN]

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18 Responses to “Bernie Madoff Under The Impression That Harvard Plans To Teach A Course Based On His Legitimate Years”

  1. Charlie Gasparino says:

    I'm sorry I was just reviewing my notes, he said "Hartford", not "Harvard"

  2. Orenthal.J says:

    Hells Yes! Why does everybody always have to focus on the negatives?

  3. Evil Banker says:

    Guys who wear sweat pants with tiny packages are generally a$$holes who run ponzi schemes…

    – Larry Summers

  4. F. Wilpon says:

    See! He was a good man.

  5. LTCM says:

    We wish they did the same for our legitimate years too.

  6. Guest says:

    Frankly Bernie we don't want to hear anything from you other than your death rattle – whatever thin veneer of success you managed to achieve in the past is overshadowed by your destruction of many people's lives – do everyone a favor and die – thanks for understanding

  7. Shawn says:

    Laying the groundwork now for your parole hearing in the year 2134 is the NKI.

  8. Guest says:

    I thought we were in exclusive negotiations!

    – Dean, McKagen School of Business
    Santa Monica Community College

  9. CDNguest says:

    Try University of Phoenix Online.

  10. Alexsay Vayner says:

    Remember, people; Impossible is Nothing!


  11. guest says:

    Bernie tks for the 48 pairs of john loeb shoes I bought for a very fair price on the auction…

  12. Boom! says:

    I knew Gas always wanted to do a guy in the can.

  13. Whatever says:

    The course is going to be called: Teach Me How to Bernie.

  14. HitlersBanker says:

    Explain business ethics and how they apply today.

  15. +1 says:

    you can't teach an old dog new tricks

  16. nlp says:

    "He's did"?

  17. John Donoso says:

    Bernie should have done more and more of those assholes, including more of those SEC conspirators, bu he is just lacking the talent of aggressiveness, and that is his weakness. They were all in it and knew of moit than Bernie, the fall guy. That a boy, Bernie!! Atta a boy!!

  18. john donoso says:

    On the other hand, the FBI simply says it does not have enough personnel to handle all the crooks involved then and now, also.