Dartmouth Undergrad Has A Bone To Pick With Ray Dalio, ‘Faceless Hedge Funds,’ The Dartmouth Board, And Peers Who Flock To Wall Street To ‘Perpetuate Class-Based Systems Of Power And Dominance’

At a party in New Hampshire last week, one Dartmouth undergrad relayed a story to another about Bridgewater Associates. Apparently the former had chosen to abstain from the annual recruiting session that takes place over the summer for rising juniors and as a firm committed to probing the depths of any situation until they find the truth, Bridgewater wanted to know more. The hedge fund offered to pay the coed “$100 to write a statement explaining why she didn’t participate,” she told her friend, a proposition that sickened him.

The sheer arrogance and senselessness of this anecdote made me sick to my stomach, partly because, as planned, the exercise made her second guess her choice. But I had to admit there was a certain conceited logic to it — if this company can pay her $100 just to explain why she did not want to work for them, it’s easy to imagine how much cash she could rake in if she decided to pursue the job.

The exercise also got him thinking.

After I was done vomiting in my mouth, thinking of all the people who desperately need that hundred dollars, I began to think about the depth to which the recruiting culture has permeated our College. It has siphoned off some of our great minds into a dead-end field that sanitizes the intellect, offers almost nothing to human society, and conditions people to act in ways that are decidedly inhuman.

He continued.

The whispered promise of recruiting stunts many undergraduates’ intellectual development at square one, commodifying their academic experience, papering over all other possible life paths or making them simply financially infeasible in contrast. It attempts to render insignificant the essential elements of a liberal arts education. Dartmouth is not a vocational school for investment bankers, nor should it be. We came to this school to probe big questions about why the world is the way it is — not to conform to a withering ideal of wealth and virtual power that we have been manufactured to hold dear.

There are a few paradoxes about Dartmouth culture that I have always found deeply troubling, chief among them the cognitive dissonance between the brilliance of my peers and their complete lack of intellectual curiosity. Most of them are ambivalent at best, and at worst antagonistic, to the very concept of posing the hard questions about power, equality and history that we should be examining as undergraduates of a liberal arts college. They seem aware that doing so will not help them land a prestigious 16-hour-a-day job at some faceless hedge fund, where they’ll learn about manipulating capital instead of imagining a freer and more just world. To think about inequalities would be a distraction from their manufactured task of perpetuating, rather than questioning, class-based systems of power and dominance. Is this what it means to be ambitious in our culture? Should this be the goal of the valedictorians of Ivy League institutions? No matter how hard I try, I cannot think of more pathetic ambitions.

It’s glaringly obvious that there is an inherent connection between the tragedy of wasted minds at Dartmouth and the proliferation of corporate, consulting and “financial services” recruiting on our campus. And it’s a process that the College has a hand in, allowing or disallowing various corporate and financial entities access to its undergraduates. In supporting the recruiting culture, the College has undermined its credibility as one of the bastions of elite higher education and free thought. Compare the composition of our Board of Trustees with that of our peer institutions and the picture of the private equity, investment banking and the corporate stranglehold over the College’s affairs becomes more obvious.

While debating with friends about the merits of recruiting, one argument reappears without fail: “Dude, it’s so much money you can’t say no.” The excuse seems uncontestable. Who doesn’t want to make a pile of money to do basically menial work?

But is this system of labor ethical and concomitant with a broader view of a just society, especially when our College has a hand in foisting it upon us? Could we, as College President John Sloan Dickey said “make the world’s problems our own”?

Why has higher education bent away from its highest aims to pull its youth into what is essentially a vulgar and extortionate system of lending and predatory capitalism which is increasingly underwritten by what remains of the public’s coffers, as large banks and investment groups fail left and right? Dartmouth men and women can do better; Dartmouth should too.

If anyone here would like to take a break from manipulating capital to explain yourselves, he’s listening.

A Corporate Stranglehold [The Dartmouth]

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1,085 Responses to “Dartmouth Undergrad Has A Bone To Pick With Ray Dalio, ‘Faceless Hedge Funds,’ The Dartmouth Board, And Peers Who Flock To Wall Street To ‘Perpetuate Class-Based Systems Of Power And Dominance’”

  1. jason says:

    Will someone pay me for imagining a freer and more just world?

  2. Guest says:

    I'm not sure I understand the problem here.

    –UConn undergrad

  3. Doode says:

    All true, but clearly no mortgage or kids, college funds, nor retirement worries.

  4. VonSloneker says:

    "Why has higher education bent away from its highest aims to pull its youth into what is essentially a vulgar and extortionate system of lending and predatory capitalism which is increasingly underwritten by what remains of the public’s coffers, as large banks and investment groups fail left and right?"



    *That and drug and weapon research and development

  5. Anon1 says:

    Sounds like an Obama voter.

  6. NakedShort says:

    There's a harsh truth to face, instensedebate is now our comment program. No way I'm gonna make it without Disqus. All I do anymore is think of ways to find other websites that use Disqus, so maybe they'd give me some likes. Terrible thing, to live in fear. Brooks Hatlen knew it. Knew it all too well. All I want is to be back where things make sense. Where I won't have to be afraid all the time. Only one thing stops me. A promise I made to Bess.

  7. streetman says:

    Trust me, you and your peers are not as "brilliant" as you think you are. See you in 5 years, or at least after the deprogramming…

  8. skier says:

    somewhat ironic considering this guy was arrested for cocaine possession and witness tampering

  9. HAM05 says:


  10. Rupert says:

    Ah, to be young and arrogant again!

  11. Alt_EST says:

    I can both "manipulate capital" and "imagine a freer and more just world" at the same time.

    -FKA PasteSpecialFormats

  12. Kenny Powers says:

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing a ton of blow, getting felony charges for it and then going on idealistic rants about an industry that has already rejected you.

    Kenny Powers

  13. guest says:

    this kid sounds like a truth seeker, let's offer him 150k starting salary and i'm sure he'll be on board

    -r. dalio

  14. HFguy says:

    I see what you did there
    -K Marx

  15. Jackie Treehorn says:

    Can Bridgewater Associates up my Chase debit card limit? I sure could use the $100.

  16. Backdoor Bess says:

    I gave plasma on weekly basis for $40 just so I had drinking money and this Ivy Fuck is crying b/c they are getting paid to write a little letter?? Cry me a river you snob.

    ~ Guy too dumb to get into Ivy school but smart enough to know an asshole when I see one

  17. DingALing says:

    "After I was done vomiting in my mouth, thinking of all the people who desperately need that hundred dollars, I began to think about the depth to which the recruiting culture has permeated our College. It has siphoned off some of our great minds into a dead-end field that sanitizes the intellect, offers almost nothing to human society, and conditions people to act in ways that are decidedly inhuman."

    Welcome to Finance!

  18. Kent Dorfman says:

    I see a future at Social Work Graduate School.

  19. Deep Thinker says:

    Boy, this really makes me think…Can you actually be considered "throwing up" if it doesn't pass your lips?

  20. Prometheus says:

    BRAVO! Well said! While financial firms offer relatively large comp packages, most of the work is indeed remedial. The same can be said of corporate law firms who recruit recent grads. The key is to find a niche where you can pursue your ideals while simultaneously earning a good living. Straight out of school, it is difficult to do this. Once you've gotten some experience, you can use the work skills you've acquired as an analyst to make a contribution elsewhere. That's the argument anyway, but most find it difficult to leave the game because they become accustomed to the high comp lifestyle.

  21. Guest says:

    Wait, Dartmouth is an Ivy…?

  22. Guest says:

    A Harvard man would never vomit. What an asshole.

    – L. Summers

  23. Kenny Powers, CFA says:

    The amount of money I'm going to be making would hurt your parents' feelings.

  24. Yossarian says:

    Dumb whiny elitist ivy leaguer advocating for a type of "social justice" that would look a lot like USSR. Of course he'll say the problem with communism is that it wasn't done properly; and perhaps he'll believe that, mostly because he has yet to experience/understand human nature and incentives in the real world, outside of his sheltered poetry/anthropology-studying existence.

    The dipshit also fails to recognize the difference between a privately-funded institution like a hedge fund whose job is to preserve (and grow) their clients pool of savings (the same pool that likely pays for his prep school education and trust fund) and a Too-big-to-fail bank sucking off the taxpayer teat.

  25. Guest says:

    Urinating on socks, getting expelled from your frat, and getting slapped with felony charges is much preferable to working for a hedge fund…

  26. CFA4 says:

    this guy's thesaurus is his #1 slam-piece

  27. Guest says:

    "It attempts to render insignificant the essential elements of a liberal arts education. Dartmouth is not a vocational school for investment bankers, nor should it be. We came to this school to probe big questions about why the world is the way it is."

    Yeah bro cause your BFA in neoclassicism is really going to help you change the world. Hey at least you can earn minimum wage at American Apparel.

    – Over paid 23 year old

  28. D-Funnk says:

    What a jackass… I guess he doesn't realize that firms like Bridgewater and other asset managers and hedge funds provide the returns for institutional investors like GM, Ford and Pepsi to pay their pension benefits to all of the blue collar workers who have (or will in the future) retire. Isn't that society working together? Is it really a remedial job when it provides income security to hundreds of thousands of middle class retirees?

  29. geoffgeoffgeoff says:

    For such a smart kid, he seems to be overlooking the most important facet behind Dartmouth's interests – namely, ROI…for the University.

  30. duece bigalow says:

    The real world listened to the coed's concerns, ponderd them for a moment, stood up and slapped the sh*t out him

  31. Ray D. says:

    Would a red Chevy Avalanche sweeten the pot?

  32. Guest-o-Rama says:

    If I was paying Dartmouth tuition and found out my kid wrote some uber-lefty diatribe about how he wasn't going to school to learn to be financially productive, I would stop writing those checks so fast it would make his head spin. To the extent, I guess, that you can *stop* doing something so fast that it would make anyone's head spin, but that's just semantics. I think. I'll stop now.

  33. Average says:


  34. Guest says:

    He may be an idiot, but he's more or less correct about the way the world currently works. The main issue I have is that he hasn't figured out that this is the way the world has always worked. Respectable gentlemen from respectable families used to go to very respectable schools to study Greek and debate Platonic philosophy, so that they could go back to the estate and extract rents from the peasants. Welcome to the real world.

  35. PermaGuestII says:

    Well, he's certainly good at writing impressive sounding yet ultimately meaningless drivel. Sounds like he's got a future in Marketing.

    What, exactly, would he want all Dartmouth graduates to pursue as careers? Medicine? The clergy? Performance art?

  36. lazy says:

    Bess, can you please put all comments on a single page.

  37. Full View says:

    Crap! I was paid only a free burrito from Chipotle, to do naked calisthenics on Wall.

  38. bridgewaterassociate says:

    lol bridgewater pays shit. got an offer there and turned it down. attrition there is also horrendous

  39. streethockey says:

    so this kid whose parents shelled out 50k/year to send him to one of the most elite Colleges (really, dude? capital C?) must have been raised with an ethos of social justice. i am sure that while daddy was collecting rent from tenements and mom was selling million dollar mcmansions to hedge funders in New Canaan, they told him that College is a place to contemplate life away from the Evils of Wall Street.
    hypocrite. when he comes to my office asking for a job, see who laughs last (probably the chick who bagged the C-note for an essay, while his was free).

  40. Backdoor Bess says:

    Oh, to be young, naive and stupid again……………

    ~ Mid-life crisis guy

  41. Texashedge says:

    This fuckin guy

  42. agreatdaytothink says:

    Reading this made me sick to my stomach, after which I vomitted in my mouth.

    Imagine what $100 could do for someone? Imagine what that $250,000 could do for a lot of people, that your parents are shelling out for you to daydream about with just a little more Kum-By-Ya from your classmates, we can get this planet turned around.

  43. FKApmco says:

    They are so cute when they are young. And so insulting too. What makes him think that Wall Street types don't contribute to the greater good? I certainly do. My charity work is legendary.

  44. HF Associate says:

    16 hours a day? Is that counting the jitney ride on Fridays?

  45. #REF says:

    Darmouth is Ivy League? Who knew..

  46. Guest says:

    You had me at "vomiting"

  47. DingALing says:

    At least he's not into the whole Yale thing…

  48. Christopher says:

    This would make Daniel Webster proud. "It is a small school sir, and yet … there are those who love it. And, indeed, there shall be those who will in centuries yet to come use it as a substitute womb a place wherein they can hide from the nasty realities of the world outside the birth canal".

    And of course the blow is good too.

  49. Guest says:

    Damn commies…

  50. bahaha says:

    i smell old money.

  51. Guest26 says:

    I wonder how much Obama paid this douche to write his next State of the Union address.

  52. hairman says:

    Is Geithner's hair really not fixable?

  53. Gumshoe Gary says:

    Yes, but how is the author supposed to continue financing his boat shoe/cocaine habit without a finance gig?

  54. Jaded Finance says:

    By far the most adorable post I've ever read on Dealbreaker

  55. Guest says:

    Call me crazy, but I feel like this blog post could easily have been reduced to a link to the editorial. Do bloggers on this site usually not contribute original content, or is this like a version of the Huffington Post for things I don't care about?

  56. Gentleman Trader says:

    From his LinkedIn Page:

    "Activities and Societies: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Drug and Alcohol Abuse Peer Advisor; Deputy Editor, The Dartmouth Independent; Columnist, Dartmouth Free Press; Contributor, The Dartmouth Review."

    so "drug and alcohol abuse peer advisor" = Now…pledge, always remember, when chalking up 5 or more 8-balls at once, i recommend the '93 composite photo, it was SAE's largest class to date here at The College and, therefore, provides ample room for long, fat lines of colombian goodness.

  57. There is a lot of right-wing nut jobs on this post. Why don't you guys just admit your homoerotic fantasizes for boy scouts and red high heels.

    Every time I hear some negative comment about Obama on something that has nothing to do with Obama a Junior Broker at Charles Schwab gets it's wings.

  58. Adam Smith says:

    Fuck Dartmouth. From the comments section:

    "By D12 on Aug 2 | 10:33 am
    And how will you pay for YOUR kids' Ivy League educations???? No cash? No problem: federal loan programs funded by that nasty top 2% who pay 70% of the taxes in this society. Cool. Look, if I and others like me did not waste my time “manipulating capital”, you, my friend, would not enjoy the luxuries of armchair criticism and intellectual pomposity because there would be no one to donate the buildings, fellowships and other cushions you enjoy there in Hanover. Without the pursuit of self-interest and wealth-generation, it all grinds to a halt. Just ask the Soviet Union. Get yourself successfully through Econ 26 and (re)read Locke’s Wealth of Nations, then we’ll talk. "

  59. Erik says:

    Damn hippies

  60. Backdoor Bess says:

    Second on my list of 'worst shit of the week', right behind Dice Clay on Entourage.

  61. shallow answerer says:

    “Boy, this really makes me think…Can you actually be considered “throwing up” if it doesn’t pass your lips?”

    It’s called throwing up. Not throwing out.

  62. Full Story says:

    Some background on the author.

  63. Biil Gross says:

    If this kid hadn't wasted his time on a liberal arts education he could have learned to do something practical for our GDP, such as operating a band saw. Now China will get to rule our Country, Aww shucks! – Bill Gross

  64. Merchant Refugee says:

    so does this want a job or not? sounds like he's got the makings of a community activist.

  65. Typical words from a kid whose father considered him a disappointment.

  66. Anonymous says:

    Andrew, let’s hang out. Call me.
    -Aleksey Vayner

  67. Your Mom says:

    "Should this be the goal of the valedictorians of Ivy League institutions? No matter how hard I try, I cannot think of more pathetic ambitions."

    Just have to try a little harder Honey.

  68. GotBessFigured says:

    Bess, stop trying to pick up undergrads!

  69. guest says:

    Wither Dartmouth?

    "For the second year in a row, Williams College, a small, western-Massachusetts liberal arts school, has been named by Forbes as the best undergraduate institution in America. With total annual costs adding up to nearly $55,000, a Williams education is certainly not cheap, but the 2,000 undergraduates here have among the highest four-year graduation rates in the country, win loads of prestigious national awards like Rhodes and Marshall Scholarships, and are often rewarded with high-paying careers. In second place? Princeton University, which boasts nearly nonexistent student debt rates due to one of the most generous financial aid programs in the nation. Outside of Princeton and Harvard (#6), Ivy League schools fare relatively poorly, suggesting that their reputations might be a bit overblown. Yale (#14), Brown (#21) and Dartmouth (#30) crack the top 5%, but the other Ivies – Columbia (#42), Cornell (#51) University of Pennsylvania (#52) — do not.

    America's Top 10 Colleges
    1.  Williams
    2.  Princeton
    3. United States Military Academy
    4. Amherst College
    5. Stanford University
    6. Harvard University
    7. Haverford College
    8. University of Chicago
    9. MIT
    10. United States Air Force Academy

  70. contango says:

    obviously working for a non-profit and contemplating the far reaches of the universe would have a more profound inpact on th current economic environment than investing capital.

  71. Dartmouth Grad says:

    Is the only way to make money selling your soul to Wall Street?! It's possible to be financially well-off in other fields, and Lohse is merely lamenting Dartmouth's lack of support for undergrads seeking work in areas other than banking. Career Services brings hundreds of recruiters from Wall Street and so very few from anywhere else. I'm a Dartmouth graduate and i work in the renewable energy sector making plenty of money to support my family and give back to the college. I unfortunately didn't get much help finding this job from the college, though.

  72. Guest says:

    In the immortal words of The Big Leboski, “My advice to you is to do what your parents did; get a job, sir. The bums will always lose. Do you hear me, Lebowski?”

  73. Guest says:

    "Make the world's problems our own…"

    Really? So I guess doing coke lines on your fraternity's composite and pissing on other people's possessions is part of that process. Maybe you should stop acting like a hypocrite.

  74. Troll says:

    If 60% of students are on financial aid and if 60% of the college is also greek, doesn’t that mean that all students on financial aid are in fraternaties/sororities?

  75. Strolley McStoll says:

    Apparently he wasn't listening to the part about "you have the right to remain silent"….

  76. guest says:

    If this kid really had ambition to take down the elitist banking culture, he'd join a giant insurance company, load the boat on some naked CDS shorts on some subprime CDO's that he didn't read the prospectus on, and sit back and wait.

    -former AIG quant

  77. Darthmouth blows says:

    Darthmouth blows

  78. S LeBouf says:

    I could have turned that $100 into $2500!

    -S LeBouf

  79. deal_mkr says:

    these comments are why i love this site

    and man does this loshe guy sound like an uber douche or what?

  80. TonyS says:

    Affirmative Action C0ck SI_Icker

    -Tony Soprano

  81. thomas pink says:

    dear asshole,
    well written, but you've missed the point. people work to make money so they can do shit afterwards. dartmouth please add this to your brochure. your 'corporate stranglehold' trains the most competent minds on earth, and upon our release many of us will rain death on inequality. i will also buy your soul but that is beside the point. fuck the kids who become creatively sterile along the way. you don't want that kind of mind making decisions for anybody. darwin banked. nobody is going to let you and your ultimate frisbee pals make decisions about the world until you've earned it.
    p.s. next time an editor suggests you use "concomitant," don't.

  82. State School grad says:

    Why didnt this kid go to brown?

  83. MannyBlanco says:

    Uuuuhhh, the problem is that most grads leave college with not only new bills to pay, but also thousands of dollars in school loans and credit card debt, pretty much requiring them to find a job that pays well enough to pay back loans. That is why your school is encouraging those employers. How else will they get their money back? Unless you are already well off, you too will have a hard time doing what you love or what helps society when it's payback time…

  84. contango says:

    he's probably straddling dollar tree

  85. Let him spend a few years stocking the shelves at Home Depot with his Dartmouth degree. Eventually, he'll get it.

  86. Guest says:

    Tell u what go to med school get into debt for 500k. Then start a practice after you take another loan for malpractice insurance-and then after they slash whats left of fees for service on the "provider" side you can make less than an manicurist in Alabama – as you go into bankruptcy without sleep for 6 years.

  87. Guest says:

    (legacy or free ride)Tree huggers with no tuition to pay give great advice after a few drinks.

  88. Audissere says:

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  89. Guest says:

    i agree with the author that there is a divide between the ideals of a liberal arts institution that seeks to promote justice and change for the better and the reality of people taking on jobs in our capitalist system, especially high paying investment banking jobs.

    honestly, I don't know how many people are even aware of the fact that even when they think that these corporations are doing "good" by donating a pithing of money compared to what they make in profit (oftentimes directly or indirectly fucking over the people they are "helping")

    The answer is that we need to make other jobs pay better and make investment banking jobs pay crap; if investment bank jobs suddenly paid 40,000 dollars a year, I guarantee a large majority of people would not do it and instead pursue what they TRULY wanted to pursue as a career. People only do i-banking because it makes a ton of money; either those people are truly greedy or they just want to take the best offer, which is rational. It's sad that people will toss away their dreams and talents just to engage in a giant ponzi scheme we call the stock market to make a ton of money and toss away everything else in the process, including integrity, honor, morality, empathy, patriotism and our very soul. In the end, is all that money earned for a select minority going to help our society become more efficient, dynamic, just and equitable? nope.

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  95. tucktoro says:

    Just goes to show why an undergraduate degree is so much less valuable in todays world. They are so arrogant. You bitch about how evil student loans and berate the only companies that acutally recruit on campus and pay a real salary. What a moron. There are a billion people around the world who are as smart as you and WAAAAy more desperate to do that kind of work. Good luck holding that tide back with your pretty make the world a better place.
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