Nouriel Roubini Offers Natural Disaster Tips

(hidden for your protection)
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10 Responses to “Nouriel Roubini Offers Natural Disaster Tips”

  1. Guest says:

    Oh Nouriel is such a card!

  2. Oooh Yeah says:

    Nouriel is a fucking survivor. A god damn card carrying savage alpha.

  3. Wait, the people who can afford $10k gold bars are too dumb to have $1k cash? Really?

  4. Weekend Explorer says:

    The tag "his next tweets was: A2M- things do while waiting out the storm" was totally overlooked in this post. Really should have saved it for a more high traffic market hours post. Bess – you're a damn genius.

  5. wallycock says:

    No bread needed, Butcher the d-bag Nouriel for food!

  6. investorcluzo says:

    nouriel, what should I do with these plastic things they call "credit cards"?

  7. bloomberg says:

    Hero, this guy

    – 2 pieces of duct tape on my window saved my life

  8. guest says:

    Nouriel, what should I do with my rounds of SS109 and full ammo cans? Should I give these away before I trade my AU bars in for some Government cheese? Yes I'm stupid enough to keep some Fiat around but most of my stash is AU/AG, lots of food, ammo and many guns. Fuck you and all the big city ASSH**ES who think they run the world. SS109 and a Sig Sauer 556 are the NKI!

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